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Some fresh trouble has come up regarding Premier League Soccer due to IFA’s inability to register the franchisees under any footballing governing body. They were not registered under AIFF or IFA but strangely they were issued TMS (Transfer Matching System) passwords and IDs which are used to login to FIFA’s TMS site. TMS accounts are also needed to utilise foreign players. Since unregistered clubs have been issued IMS, FIFA has indefinitely suspended the TMS IDs and passwords now, disabling the franchisees from fielding teams. Click here to read more about TMS.

AIFF has planned to honour recently retired stalwarts Mahesh Gawli and Climax Lawrence in an event to be organized on 14th February.

United Sikkim’s I-League Division Two campaign received a jolt when Baichung Bhutia was indefinitely suspended by AIFF till he appears before the disciplinary committee. Baichung’s name was mentioned in referee’s report in a controversial 3-3 draw between USFC and Green Valley Club.

I-League Second Division Final round will be held in two stages this year. The first stage will take place in Siliguri between 5th-25th March while the second stage will take place in Gangtok between 29th March and 17th April.

Click here to read an article on Subrata Bhattacharya

Click here to read an interview of Raman Vijayan. Vijayan, one of the only two Indian players to be top scorer in I-League/NFL is currently coach of KGF Academy, which was football wing of BEML formerly.

AIFF media has come out with profile of Arnab Mandal, one of the best defenders in India right now. 

  • Gangsa

    Sad for Baichung. Was it intentional?

    PLS is faltu without Indian national players in it. When Indian cricketers get crores playing in IPL why cant our footballers get that? Is AIFF deaf?

    Thanks Mr Somnath . The 1st thing i do after reaching is going theough this site for Indian football news.

  • Gangsa

    after reaching office i mean!