I-League 2011-12 : Round-18 – Kingfisher East Bengal v Prayag United – LIVE!




Yuva Bharati Krirangan, Kolkata

31st January, 2012 – 2:00 PM IST



Kingfisher East Bengal: Gurpreet (GK) , Okpara , Harmanjot , Paite , Vashum , Mehtab , Sanju Pradhan (C) , Gurwinder , Penn Orji , Tolgey Ozbey , Saumik Dey

Prayag United SC: Mondal (GK) , Stephen , Bello Rassaq, Kayne Vincent , Josimar , James Singh , Rafique , Mondal (C) , Sukhen Dey , Jayanta Sen , Sankar

A quick check at the I-League table will for sure indicate how crucial this match up between Kingfisher East Bengal and Prayag United SC is. KEB are behind three points behind league leaders Dempo. On the other hand Prayag though in sixth place can come just two points closer to their rivals if they manage to pull this one off. One Bad news for Prayag is that Yusuf Yakubu is not in the line up but the ‘good news‘ is that Kayne Vincent , Bellow Rasaq and Josimar are all starting !

0′ : Here we go ! East Bengal playing from right to left in their traditional Red & Gold whereas Prayag in their distinctive purple shades.

2′ : Early touch of the ball for both set of strikers Tolgey and Josimar as couple of tackles from both sides disrupts the play.

5′ : Penn Orji now has come deep as there is this patient play by East Bengal into their own half , slowly building up an attack as Sanju Pradhan switches play from the wings.

7′ : Sukhen Dey on the left flank shows some good movement and skill to set up a good ball for Josimar

10′ : Its a committed challenge by Bello Razzaq on Vashum just outside the D area earns a yellow card and importantly a free kick from a dangerous position.

14′ : That’s a nice turn and run move by Mohammmed Rafique. Prayag United are very much into this game though East Bengal have the lion share of possession

17′ : Cross comes in looking for Ozbey but good collection from Abhijit Mondal.

19′ : Sloppy play by Jayanta Sen and Penn Orji latches on to it , passes it swiftly Tolgey who was on the run but is not able to carry it well and Jayanta Sen falls back to cut the move.

22′ : And that was another half an opportunity for the Ozbey and Vashum duo but Prayag United defenders were hovering around the strikers and managed to stop the attack.

25′ : Lack of quality from both teams is resulting the game to be a complete midfield battle here at The YBK. Trevor Morgan now gets off his bench !

27′ : Tolgeeeyy Ooozzbeeeeeeeeeeeey Oh that was a remarkable header saved acrobatically by Abhijit Mondal.

30′ : Kingfisher East Bengal  0  –  0  Prayag United SC

32′ : Cheeky run there by the Australian Striker and Tolgey Ozbey curls and shoots that one just inches wide of the post !

35′ : Prayag have looked to be forced into a defensive mode as East Bengal look more and more desperate to break the  deadlock ! KEB need those goals and importantly those three points !!

37′ : Little bit of a scrappy play from both sides again as the final ball goes lacking. Diagonal balls and long balls though have now been replaced with short passes as we move on towards the end of first half.

40′ : Mehtab Hossain dispossess Kayne Vincent as he makes a move for a run near the D area

44′ : Plenty of endevour by East Bengal but no goals to show on the board. Moreover the number of attempts on goal count is mere too !

HALF TIME : Kingfisher East Bengal  0  –  0  Prayag United SC

Slightly disappointing first half from both sides as a nervous and edgy play from East Bengal is not what the fans would like to see. Trevor Morgan’s side can come level with the Goans at the top of the table only and only if they manage to garner all three points at stake here! Second half about to begin…

45′ : No changes from either side as Penn Orji’s cross from thr right wing is collected by Abhijit Mondal who has been exceptional in the first half

47′ : Man down Jayanta Sen suffering from cramps there. Its been just two minutes into this half and already signs of fatigue. Its going to be a test of endurance for all players with such an after noon kick off !

50′ : Sarnkar Oraon comes into picture as he is been caught off side by the Bengal defense.

52′ : SUB Prayag Utd – IN Crispin Chhetri ,  OUT Sukhen Dey

55′ : First bit of incisive play from East Bengal as Penn Orji beat the off side trap to collect the ball inside the D area but was not able to take advantage of it

57′ : Now East Bengal move forward with some confidence as Vashum and Mehtab combine well to fees the strikers.

58′ : SUB KEB IN – Robin Sigh ,  OUT – Vashum

60′ : Good skill there by Sanju Pradhan as he flicked that one on to Penn Orji who attempted a weak shot on goal.

62′ : Shot comes in from distance . Abhijit Mondal collects it well on the bounce. Sanju Pradhan it was.

65′ : Oh and a good save by Gurpreet . James Singh with the shot from some 30 yards. Where did that come from ?

67′ : Justine Stephen for Prayag on the corner should have hit the target there as James Singh takes a wonderful corner kick which curled away from the onlooking Bengal defense.

70′ : Kingfisher East Bengal  0  –  0  Prayag United

72′ : The match is now in full swing as both teams have had good share of attacking football in the last ten minutes but still the final ball and the killer attempt on goal still lacks as we enter a crucial period

74′ : Kayne Vincent who has been  mediocre till now makes a good run but is blocked by Gurwinder Singh

75′ : SUB KEB IN – Edmilson ,  OUT – Penn Orji

77′ : Its East Bengal’s build up play versus Prayag United’s counter attacks on display now.

79′ : Long ball to Robin Singh in the D area , he climbs well to bring it down on chest but the back pass is miscued and Prayag manage to clear the danger

81′ :  End to end stuff here as Crispin Chhetri and Sanju Pradhan attempt a shot on goal. Crispin’s shot was high and wide to be frank.

84′ : Long diagonal ball to Robin Singh who shrugs off Deepak Mondal and thus earns a foul

86′ : Okpara to Sanju Pradhan who tries to find a through ball but is well cut off by the Prayag defense

88′ : Scrappy and frantic play sets in now as neither team is getting to hold the ball for a long enough time as precious little time remains now to score the winner

90′ : Tolgey Ozbey goes down in the box , NO PENALTY says the ref as Joshimar runs on the counter attack from the half way line and a shot coming in near from the box results in a good save from Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

90′ + 1 : Corner for East Bengal. Last real opportunity. Even Gurpreet comes forward.

90′ + 2 : GOOOOAAAAAALLL !!! Kayne Vincent runs the whole of the pitch as Gurpreet had come up for the corner and Vincent shoots that one in for a memorable goal for Prayag United as a dramatic end to this match beckons.

Kingfisher East Bengal  0  –  1  Prayag United

90′ + 3 : And that’s it. Final Whistle !!!

FULL TIME : Kingfisher East Bengal  0  –  1  Prayag United

Prayag United  jump to third spot in the I-League with this win and its catastrophe for Kingfisher East Bengal as three points lost at home now means Bengal are virtually six points off the top if Dempo win tomorrow at Baleweadi against Mumbai FC !


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