I-League 2011-12 : Round-18 – Mumbai FC v Dempo SC – LIVE!




Balewadi Complex, Pune

1st February, 2012 – 3:30 PM IST



Mumbai FC : Sanjiban Ghosh , Kingsley Chioma , Dhanachandran Singh , Nicholas Rodrigues , Abhishek  Yadav , Cavin Lobo , Ebi Sukore , Malaswm Kima , Haroon Fakhruddin , Keegan Pereira , Ajamaludeen

Dempo SC : Subhashish Roy Chowdhary , Debabrata Roy , Climax Lawrence , Ranti Martins , Koko , Denzil , Anthony Pereira , Clifford Miranda , Sameer Naik , Jaquim Abranches , Rowilson Rodrigues , Mahesh Gawli

So Welcome to the live updates as Mumbai Football Club take on league leaders Dempo SC here at Balewadi Pune. Dempo can stamp authority on the league table if they collect all three points at stake here which will mean a lead by six points at the top clear of the chasing pack led by Kingfisher East Bengal.

0′ : Kick Off – Mumbai in their traditional yellow-blue start from right to left as Dempo are in their away colours – all whites

2′ : Back to back corners for Mumbai but both go in vain. Nicholas Rodrigues the taker as Sanjiban Ghosh shouts loud from behind to help his backline from distance

5′ : Oh and a wonderful lay off for Nicholas inside the Dempo D area. Lack of creativity shown by Rodrigues as he shoots it over. Should have at-least forced a save from Subhashish Roy Chowdhary

9′ : Bit of confusion between Mahesh Gawli and Rowilson at the back.

11′ : That was nasty by ABhishek Yadav . Jumped on Koko’s knee literally. Koko and co cam out shouting at the Mumbai FC skipper.

14′ : Good composure shown by Haroon there upfront for Mumbai. He turned and moved swiftly. Then passed it on to Nicholas on the overlap who crossed it in back for Haroon.

17′ : Two corners in the last few minutes for Dempo as they manage to get their act together. Meanwhile shouts of handball from the Mumbai bench as Denzil looked the culprit there. Ref Pratap Singh runs towards the Khalid Jamil to calm things down.

20′ : Cavin Lobo and MalaswmKima combining well in the midfield for the Mumbai side. On the other hand Sameer Naik looks for Climax Lawrence as the Goans surge forward.

21′ : PENALTY for Dempo as Clifford Miranda is brought down by Ajamaludheen

22′ : GOOAAL ! Ranti Martins coverts . Finally !!

Mumbai FC  0  –  1  Dempo SC

25′ : As we move on now Mumbai look very much keen top get the equalizer straight up.Kingsley Chioma is furious at the Ref. Dempo’s Ranti Martins leaned on him to get a foul. ANd Ref Pratap Singh obliged with a whistle. Shocking one that. Whats up Ref ?

30′ : Mumbai FC  0  –  1  Dempo SC

32′ : Keegan Pereira now Ebi Sukore who passes it on to Cavin Lobo. Good build up play here by Mumbai. But they lack the killer pass in the final third.

35′ : Haroon Fakhruddin has troubled Sameer Naik and Rowilson on more than one occasion now. Dont be surprised if he gets past the Dempo defense and scores a solo goal. Meanwhile ABhishek Yadav has opted to play in defense to stop the Goan attack

39′ : Super flick there by Ebi Sukore. Mumbai are very much into  this game

42′ : And Abhishek Yadav manages to earn a corner for Dempo as he headed back the ball without taking the keeper Sanjiban Ghosh into confidence

45′ : Clifford Miranda switches wings as Dempo continue playing strong football within a 4-4-2 format

45’+3 : Mumbai has been playing in a 4-5-1 format with sweeper Dhanachandra Singh and Abhishek Yadav as free for all defender. Wonder how MFC would hold a back line. Not a surprise though with zero off side catches ! Its half time here at Balewadi.

HALF TIME : Mumbai FC  0  –  1  Dempo SC

Mumbai have been playing well here at Balewadi. Haroon Fakhruddin has been their hope lone upfront. MFC are just three points off the relegation zone. Every point is precious for Mumbai. Dempo on the other hand should up their play as a solitary goal lead is never enough. A decisive six points gap is what Custodio Almeida would have asked of his boys and they look to be on course for sure. Second half to begin soon…

46′ : Good attempt there by Koko as he tried to go past three MFC defenders. The shot though was sadly not on target.

50′ : A weak bicycle kick by Ebi Sukore on Ajmal’s long throw gets the sparse crowd here at Balewadi a bit excited !

53′ : Mumbai are looking ar more energetic than Dempo in this half.

55′ : Fantastic diving header attempt by Clifford Miranda off Koko’s cross goes vain.

57′ : Ranti Martins missed a sitter there. What a waste. Mahesh Gawli shouts hard and loud in disbelief !

60′ : The Goan trio of CLifford , Mahesh and Sameer have great intercommunication skills which also showcases on the field off and on the ball.

63′ : Khalid Jamil can be heard shouting on Cavin Lobo to come in the field of play rather than moving out deep. The game has now turned out into a complete midfield battle as both teams are cancelling each other out in the middle.

67′ : Koko gives a near perfect through pass to Ranti who runs slightly wide. Mumbai’s Abhishey Yadav has been clearing the ball high and wide on N number of occasions now. Some sort of strategy huh?

70′ : MFC 0  –  1  Dempo : Harroooon and he hits it wide. Golden opportunity for the MFC lad 

73′ : MFC SUB IN – Shahnawaz ,  OUT – MalaswmKima . Meanwhile YC for Cavin Lobo

75′ : Back to back attempts on goal by Denzil and Climax Lawrence. Both low shots , were on target . blocked by the Mumbai defenders. Ball is out for the corner though.

77′ : Dempo SUB IN – Joaquim Abranches , OUT – Clifford Miranda

79′ : MFC SUB IN – Dane Pereira , OUT – Cavin Lobo

81′ : Dempo look to have switched onto an attacking mode now. Mauricio Afonso is off the bench. Dempo’s back four have looked solid uptill now. Can they hold off the counter attacks from Mumbai now 

83′ : Dempo SUB IN – Peter Carvalho , OUT – Climax Lawrence

85′ :  Nervous moments here for Dempo as Mumbai look to press hard with Dane and Ebi Sukore upfront. Haroon as been threatening throughout but Mahesh Gawli led defense have kept him at bay.

87′ : SUB MFC IN – Mauel D’Souza , OUT – Ajamaludheen

89′ : Back to back corners for Dempo as the Goans have managed to keep the ball in Mumbai’s half for the last few minutes.

90′ + 1 : Abhishek Yadav has moved upfront as a striker now , looking for that header on Dhanachandra’s long throw. 

90′ + 4 : Lots of shouting going on from the Mumbai bench as they search for that equalizer. Whereas Dempo are showing amazing calm and swiftness in their play here in the dying minutes

90′ + 5′ : And that’s a great run by Denzil beats the Mumbai defense and unselfishly passes onto Martins who scores . GOOAAAAL ! Thats GAME SET MATCH and probably CHAMPIONSHIP too for Dempo !?!!?!

Mumbai FC  0  –  2  Dempo SC

FULL TIME : Mumbai FC  0  –  2  Dempo SC

It’s not been a great outing by Dempo though they secure all three points. That’s the sign Champions have. And Dempo Sports Club sure have it in them to be I-League Champions for this season as they reach the 40 points mark in the league table , six points clear of second placed Kingfisher East Bengal.



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