I-League 2011-12 : Round-18 – Air India v Churchill Brothers – LIVE!





Balewadi Complex, Pune

2nd February, 2012 – 6:00 PM IST




Air India : Pawan Kumar , Collin Abranches , Lamine Tamba , Emmanuel Annoske , Bijoy Basfore , Manandeep , KaliAlaudeen (C) , Pratik Chaudhari , Sandeep Sanga , Sandesh Gadkari , Rahul Bheke

Churchill Brothers : Arindam Bhattacharya , Antun Kovacic , Naveen Sudhakaran , Beto (C) , Mohammed Rafi , Denzil Franco , Steven Dias , Lenny Rodriguez , Raju Yumnam , Jerry , Zirsangha ,  Bineesh Balan

0′ : Kick-Off –
‘Home’ team Air India playing from left to right in thier traditional All Reds whereas the Churchill Bros are in All Whites

3′ : Binesh Balan is playing the sole striker upfront for the Goan team supported by Mohamammed Rafi and Jerry Zirsangha.

7′ : Santosh Kashyap’s Air India has adopted the typical 4-4-2 formation with local lad Sandesh Gadkari as the goal poacher

10′ : Beto is lining up for a free kick outside the box. And what a beautiful curler that one from the Brazilian. Forced a fantastic low diving save from Pawan Kumar.

12′ : And we have the commentators curse on Pawan Kumar as he spilled that bouncing header from Beenesh Balan but Lamine Tamba was alert enough to avert any danger

15′ : SUB AI IN – Manjit Singh , OUT – Rahul Bheke

18′ : Anton Kovacic out of place there but Manandeep Singh is not able to take advantage of that as he passes the ball onto Sandesh Gadkari who inturn finds Sandeep Sangha as he attempts a weak shot off the target

21′ : Beto moves up now and Mohammed Rafi and Bineesh Balan exchange positions too.  Manuel Gomes is off the bench now as the Goans look set to launch attacks on the Airmen

25′ : Churchill are playing in a 4-1-3-2 formation as Beto finds another shot on target. Arindham Bhattacharya can be heard shouting the typical Goalkeeper call “face the ball’ as his counterpart Pawan Kumar takes the spot kick !

28′ : Raju Yumnam to Mohammed Rafi and he lashes it on first time. Sadly off target though.

30′ : Air India  0  –  0  Churchill Brothers

32′ : Churchill Brothers are building up slowly but surely to striker here with some swift and sublime passing from the left wing to the right.

33′ : GOOOAAALLL ! Just as we say it . Beto scored. Scramble inside the box and the ball lands into Roberto Silva’s feet. Nothing more to describe then !

Air India  0  –  1  Churchill Brothers

36′ : Yellow Card – Pratik Chowdhari for a foul tackle on Mohd Rafi

39′ : A good cross in by Bijoy Basfore and Manandeep and Sandesh Gadkari collide while on the jump for the header. Pretty much sums up Air India’s story so far.

42′ : Wonderful back flick by Emmanuel Annosike but Collin Abranches is not quick enough to take advantage of that on the wings. Indian footballers on the wings have never been fast enough , have they ?

44′ : Manjit Singh and Bijoy Basfore display good passing skills in between them as AIr India move ahead in search of the equalizer

45’+2 : Lenny Rodrigues times the through ball to Mohammed Rafi to perfection but Lamine Tamba is agile enough to slide and displace Rafi off it. And we now have the half time whistle too.

HALF TIME :  Air India  0  –  1  Churchill Brothers

The search for the REAL challenger to Dempo SC’s I-League title chase will heat if Churchill Brothers gather all three points here at Balewadi today. Then with 33 points and a game in hand the Red Goans will surely emerge as the leaders amongst a pack of teams chasing Dempo. Air India on the other hand are tricky customers. Just when you feel  that the Airmen can be shrugged off easily , Santosh Kashyap’s men can leap ahead or take off points of their opponents . Second half to begin soon.

46′ : Back to back diving saves from Arindam Bhattacharya. Sandeep Sanga hit that low searching shot from some 40 yards. Arindam was at full stretch.

49′ : Another dangerous cross in from Sandesh Gadkari as he moved to the left flank but the bal falls in no mans land. The Airmen are on song here !

54′ : Steven Dias on the overlap receives the ball from Beto . Steven hold shields and passes it back to Beto. Should have crossed it in, Steven, with his  trademark right footer.

57′ : Churchill  have soaked in all the unfruitful pressure applied by the Airmen. Strikers Sandesh and Manandeep along with Manjit and Sandeep have been threatening but not threatening enough.

59′ : Steven to Mohammed Rafi who attempts a bicycle kick inside the D looks for Jerry Zirsangha but the Air India defense is pretty much active and manage to clear the ball.

61′ : Yellow Card – Mohammed Rafi for a tackle on Emanuel Annosike as Rafi had come deep into his own half help in defense.

64′ : SUB AI IN – Muhammed Shafi , OUT – Pratik Chowdhari

66′ : SUB Churchill Brothers IN – Xavier Kumar , OUT – Steven Dias

68′ : Searching ball in by Bijoy Basfore from the right wing across the D area goes past the Dempo’s defensive line and Sandesh Gadkari too !!

70′ : Air India  0  –  0  Churchill Brothers

72′ : Good attempt on goal by Muhammed Shafi as he ran wide and hit that one in with an acute angle. Arindam Bhattacharya collects it firmly.

75′ : Worth an attempt there by Manandeep from distance. Ball dipped at the right time but hit the upside netting. A deflection according to the Ref. Goes for a corner

77′ : End to end stuff here. Power shot by Lenny Rodrigues just off the target. Crucial period this.

81′ : Both defenses have moved up now. A counter attacking goal is on the cards. Wonderful entertaining football this for the neutrals !

83′ : Fast paced move by Dempo as Beto passes on the run to Mohammed Rafi who shoots low and across Pawan Kumar but the keeper does well to dive and gather.

85′ : SUB Churchill Brothers IN – Israil Gurung , OUT – Jerry Zirsangha

86′ : SUB AI IN – Royston D’souza  , OUT –  Sandeep Sangha

87′ : Yellow Card – Manandeep for a tackle on Beto

89′ : Its four on two for Dempo but Xavier Kumar crosses it wide for on rushing trio of Beejan , Rafi an Gurang

90′ + 1 : Oh and that’s selfish by Rafi. He took it solo into the D from the right wing . Had Pawan Kumar and Tamba charging in. Gurung and Balan were sitting at the six yard line. A pass to either would have been a simple tap in goal but Rafi goes solo and mishits !

90′ + 3 : SUB Churchill Brothers : IN – Thangjam Singh , OUT Rafi

90′ + 4 : And there goes the final whistle.

FULL TIME : Air India  0  –  1  Churchill Brothers