Kanchanchunga Stadium, Siliguri; Kick Off 6:30 PM


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FULL TIME  :  Dempo SC  2  –  0  Salgaocar SC

90′ + 4′ : So its looks like defending Fed Cup and I-League champions are on their way to the finals to meet Kingfisher East Bengal ! That’s the final whistle !

90′ + 2′ : Romeo to Peter Carvalho now Climax again Carvalho , sublime passing this. trademark of a champion team ! Salgaocar need something extraordinary to happen here.

90′ : Cardoza gets a red card for a unnecessary high boot on Climax. Its getting worse for Salgaocar

Dempo SC  2  –  0  Salgaocar SC

89′ : GOOAL ! Koko scores for Dempo. Cool finish as the the Nigerian got the ball past a diving Luciano !

87′ : Time running out here for Karim Bensheifa whose team is now playing with a 3-5-2 but the ball is still  in their own half. Need to get it up there.

85′ : Armando and his Dempo team are masters in defending their one goal lead here. Sleek ground passes , quick movement , closing downs and holding a high line, all mean that Salgaocar are struggling to control any move and build up play 

83′ : Peter Carvalho to Anthony Periera on the left now to Koko combining with Climax but Luciano interferes and wins the ball there as Angel Guirdo makes a run. Good end to end stuff this.

80′ : Debabrata Roy making sure Angelo and Rooney have no space in the midfield to combine. Must say Salgaocar had just begun playing well when Abranches struck. Wont be surprised if Salgaocar get one back !!

Dempo SC  1  –  0  Salgaocar SC

76′ : GOOAAL ! Beauty. Decent cross but what a finish ! Joachim Abranches first touch quick counter move from the right wing. Good positioning inside the box by Abranches. Well directed. Dempo a goal up !

73′ : Koko on the run for Dempo from midfield gets past two Salgaocar defenders and shoots but straight into the keepers hand. Covering the angle really well there Karanjit . No real power on the shot though

70′ : Oh and that was close for Salgoacar . Angeo Guirdo controlled the ball well inside the D , went wide and shot low to get past the keeper Karanjeet. Salgaocar forward and midfield combinations have started working now. How will Armando Colaco respond ?

67′ : Francisco back to Nicholas , Salgaocar looking desperate to get a hold in this match now. Very crucial period this. A goal here could decide the fate.

65′ : Guirado comes in for Salgoacar

63′ : On the run now on the left wing , back pass for Miligres, top of the penalty box and he shoots it wide. rare chance for Salgoacar is wasted.

60′ : Dempo SC  0  –  0  Salgaocar SC

57′ : Romeo Fernandes replacing Clifford Miranda

55′ : Francisco Fernandes from left wing for Salgaocar crosses that one in but fails to find Rooney as the bal goes agonizingly past the 6 yard box

52′ : Hits the post ! Corner by Clifford as Abranches tried to flick it on and found the cross bar but Ref had called a foul for a challenge on Luciano.

50′ : Debabrato Roy shoots combining well with Carvalho who shoots and Abranches on the rebound but ball out for a corner. Dempo has pushed the accelerator here.

48′ : Salgaocar on a a counter attack after the corner but lose poessesion as usual. Joachim Abranches now shooting from distance. wayward . Deja vu ?

45′ : So second half begins in a restart ! Dempo in all blues from left to right now ! And a corner straight away for Dempo.

HALF TIME : Dempo SC  0  –  0  Salgaocar SC

45′ + 2′ : Corner for Dempo , but a low one . Wasted. Salgaocar with the ball after a long time. But are not able to get a couple of passes , ball back into Dempo possession and yet another corner for Dempo.

45′ : Series of passes in the midfield by Dempo , typical fashion but can they get past the green defense?

43′ : Free Kick for Dempo . Ball directed into the D by Anthony Periera hits the cross bar ! That was close , Karanjeet was beaten as the ball hit the cross bar.

40′ : The game has picked up in the last ten minutes . Meanwhile Peter Carvalho has collided with Cardoza and the game has stopped for the moment. 

37′ : Clifford to Joachim who turns twists ans shoots from distance but is wayward

35′ : Corner for Salgaocar and Randeep SIngh with a low shot forces Subhashish to dive and clear 

33′ : Ball into the bet by Shaun Rooney with his volley but Ref disallowing it with either a call of handball or a push on Gawli. Nonetheless , that was a good shot !

30′ : Dempo SC  0  –  0  Salgaocar SC

28′ : Dempo combining better with both Climax Lawrence and Cliffor Miranda covering a lot of round in the midfield. On the other hand Mahesh Gawli is making sure any intermittent Salgaocar attack is thwarted away. Francisco Fernandes on one such occasion tries to curl that one from far.

25′ : Climax gets a loose ball and passes into Joachim Abranches into the D but he is not Abranches not able to control.

23′ : Rather scrappy football as Luciano makes sure his boys move ahead from defensive tactics and play in a more attacking 4-4-2 formation

20′ : Dempo SC  0  –  0  Salgaocar SC

18′ : Subhashish Roy Chowdhary into action now after a long time, just to collect the ball though. The Dempo goal keeper is in bright orange jersey which is making him standout on the field like most keepers are ? arent they ? 

16′ : Quinton Jacobs bringing down Koko and now we have a free kick for Dempo from a promising distance. 35 yards. Ball into the box headed out no Dempo player to capitalize. And Salgaokar on a counter.

14′ : Dempo now from the right wing as the play is being switched form one wing to other. Dempo sizing up the opposition here. Can they break in ?

12′ : Anthony Periera to Valerino Rebello now on the wings to Clifford who crosses one into the box again. Typical Dempo SC play!

10′ : Lot of shouting from former India International Goalkeeper Karanjeet Singh to push up and clear the ball as his defense is a bit under pressure from consistent ball control by Dempo

7′ : So a midfield battle in action in front of a sparse crowd at Silliguri. 

3′ : First half hearted attempt by Clifford Miranda from the right for Dempo.

0′ : Australian Rooney Kicks off the game with his team, Salgoacar Sports Club, in an all green outfit, playing from right to left.

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