Churchill BrothersEast Bengal




Siliguri, West Bengal; September 27, 2012


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FULL TIME : Churchill Brothers  0  –  1  Kingfisher East Bengal

ET 120′ : And there goes the final whistle ! Kingfisher East Bengal march into the Federation Cup Finale !!

ET 118′ : The Ref Santosh Kumar has had a good day. Has controlled the game really well. Few yellow cards and one red though but that match was played in high intensity. Dying minutes of the first semis. Can East Bengal make it a 16th time Finals appearance ?

ET 116′ : Another chance for Edeh Chidi but its out for a corner now. Meanwhile Churchill make a change here. Amandeep in for Tomba. Can the Goan team come back now? Churchill Brothers sure have it in them !

ET 114′ : RED CARD to Israil Gurung ! Its all happening here for Kingfisher East Bengal. And all of a sudden the crowd has woken up 

Churchill Brothers  0  –  1  Kingfisher East Bengal

ET 111′ : GGOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL !!! Ralte scores for East Bengal

Mehtabh Hussain had the put the ball into the box as Penn Orji headed it back for an unmarked Ralte who hit a beauty of a volley !

ET 109′ : Trevor Morgan looks over as Sanju Pradhan shoots low but is a bit wide from the post.  Sanju had all the time in the world there but chose to go first time from outside the box.

ET 106′ : Second period of extra time begins as the teams interchange their positions. Both sets of players looking forward . Will we see a goal ever here ?  

1st EXTRA TIME : Churchill Brothers  0  –  0  Kingfisher East Bengal

ET 104′ : Not much action as we come closer to the end of first period of extra time. Scrappy play all over the pitch.

ET 102′ : Lot many interruptions with players going down. This time its Lenny Rodriguess. 

ET 98′ : Meanwhile East Bengal has yet another substiution with Ralte coming in for Khabra.Mehtab now to Sanju who passes it on to Penn. Good buildup play this.

ET 94′ : Edeh with a rather difficult angle that. Its KEB all the way in the opeinig minutes of thhe extra time.

ET 91′ : So we begin yet again in extra time now as East Bengal attack from the right flank with Baljit Sahini and Edeh Chidi

FULL TIME : Churchill Brothers  0  –  0  Kingfisher East Bengal

90+2′ : Thats the full time time whistle. Now we enter into extra time ! Stay tuned for more live updates

90′ : Yellow card to Pen Orji. Its becoming a midfield battle as both teams are finding it difficult to penetrate in these closing moments.

87′ : Back t back corners conceded b East Bengal. The ball is more and more into KEBs half. 

85′ : Some good skills displayed by Sanju Pradhan as he twists and turns while National Coach Wim watched over.

83′ : Manandeep has been quietly but rightly replaced now with Baljit Saini.

81′ : Oh and its getting ugly here. Both sets of players in a scuffle as the Ref tries to sort this out. Manandeep was the culprit there.

78′ : Denzil to Tomba , looks up , takes time to slow down the game. Passes back. Churchill Brothers have soaked in the pressure here. Its nil-nil in the first of semi-finals at Siliguri as we enter critical last ten minutes . A goal now will surely be the decider.

75′ : Akram being brought down by Naoba SIngh and Mehtabh right at the edge of the box. Beto on it to take the free kick now but a weak shot that cleared by Opara.

72′ : Shanju Pradhan comes in now for Ishfaq Ahmed. Meanwhile Chidi Edeh had a wonderful opportunity to put East Bengal ahead. Also a weak clearence at the other end by Abhijit Mondal. Could have been dangerous.

69′ : Corner for East Bengal. Mehtabh to take . Well directed shot that. Curled in big time as it went away from the keeper but no KEB player to take advantage on the far post.

67′ : Chance for Churchil with Israil Narang in as a substitue as Edeh Chidi breaks from the left wing on a counter but is tackled by Denzil Franco , thats a Hard Tackle !

63′ : Churchill move up from the right wing now and a wayward cross ends up on the other wing for Binesh Balan who charges as passes onto Bikramjit who in turn gives it to Beto and he is down again , brought down that is. Crowd booing Beto for that. Its been enumerous times that Beto has gone down on the pitch tonight.

60′ : Churchill Brothers  0  –  0  Kingfisher East Bengal

58′ : Beto now with a 30 yard free kick. Hits the wall. Churchil with some possesion as East Bengal counter with Harmanjot and Chidi. End to end stuff this !

55′ : East Bengal from the left wing now with Ishfaq as Soumik Dey on the overlap continues with a brilliant cross inside the box pinch perfect for Manandeep Singh who directs in on goal but its straight into Abhijit Mondal. Good play this.

51′ : yet another free kick outside the box on the right wing. Naoba to take. Crowd is getting impatient now and Naoba SIngh shots high and wide much to the agony here. 

48′ : Similar start to the match as KEB are in attacking mode as Churchill Brothers soak in all the pressure. A free kick outside the box and a corner for starts here for the Bengal team.

45′ : Second half begins with East Bengal now playing from left to right in their away yellow jerseys

HALF TIME : Churchill Brothers  0  –  0  Kingfisher East Bengal

44′ : Churchill Brothers have come back well in this half , East Bengal on the other hand have let Churchill to play in thier own half.

41′ : A misplace back pass infact an header by the Okpara to his keeper falss into Henri  Atchouet’s feet , he should have finished it first time but instead chose to take it wide and KEB come back in numbers.

38′ : Mehtabh , Penn and now Ishfaq wonderfull play this by the KEB midfield as Sandip Nandy comes out of the box to collect.

35′ : That was such a lame shot by Lenny Rodrigues , the Indian international. Meanwhile Bilal tries a long range lob shot attempt on goal to make sure Abhijit Mondal stays in the six yard box.

32′ : First real attempt on goal by KEB. Ishfaq Ahmed doing all the running here. Churchill Brothers are not at all in control here. Can East Bengal take advantage ?

30′ : Churchill Brothers  0  –  0  Kingfisher East Bengal

28′ : Free kick to KEB on the left wing close to the box. This could be dangerous. Free kick taken by Naoba Singh but is lofted and a bit wide from the target curls away from the goal and is cleared. Now Beto is brought down as Manandeep Singh tips him and earns a yellow.

25′ : Ravanan to Bikramjit SIngh on the left back position and is chased down by Chidi Edeh. Going closing down this by KEB. Churchill going the long ball route.

20′ : Churchill Brothers  0  –  0  Kingfisher East Bengal