Serbia Make Rose See Red

Danny Rose

What they did!

An Under – 21 international game has never been spoken about so much before in the media, the shameful events after England U-21’S 0 – 1 win over their Serbian counterparts are likely to see no end anytime soon. Yesterday, the FA questioned the validity of sending teams to Serbia in future and the Serbian Association have ensured they respond in kind by releasing a video which insinuates that Danny Rose lied about being racially abused. It was clearly visible that after the game, the English players were pelted by objects from the crowd and the fracas that followed makes it almost impossible for one to determine who was right and who was wrong.

The Serbian Association called Fudbalski savez Srbije also posted the following caption along with the video – Danny Rose said: “Every time I touched the ball, they were doing the monkey chanting again.”

As you can see in this video, during the UEFA under-21 play-off game, there was no unsportsmanlike cheering and insulting opposing players on racial grounds.

As a reminder, Danny Rose said:

“It started when we went out for the warm-up and over the opposite side to the bench. They started monkey chanting straight away and I asked the lads if they could hear it. They said they could hear it.

In the first half, when I went to get the ball for a throw in, the fans were starting again with the monkey chant but the first half was nowhere near as bad as the second half. I had two stones hit me in the head when I went to get the ball for a throw in.”

This is certainly not over yet. There is also a question to be asked here, how exactly are FIFA battling racism or battling those who play the racism card? It could go both ways.

Salomon Kalou Speaks Of Andre Villas Boas’ Final Days At Chelsea

It is not often that these details come out in the open especially from a player’s perspective, but former Chelsea player Salomon Kalou who is now at Lille, gave an interesting insight into Villas-Boas’ short-lived regime at Stamford Bridge. It certainly adds more bite to a fixture that was already ‘marked’ by supporters at both Chelsea and Tottenham once the Premier League schedule was out. Andre Villas-Boas for this part, has claimed(or one could say, was led into claiming) that an unbeaten league run(Porto) is tougher to achieve than a Champions League win.

What Salomon Kalou said – ‘We would sit in the dressing room, taking off our training kit and start whispering to each other,’ he recalled. ‘One game? “Maybe”.You think so? “He can’t lose”. No chance, The boss (Roman Abramovich) won’t let it happen.

‘Andre thought we would win the Champions League and he told us that. We laughed at him. It was crazy to think like that because I didn’t recognise this Chelsea team.’
‘When he came back to Chelsea there were comparisons with Jose straight away. Andre had been to Academica and done well, he won the treble with Porto. He was a friend under Jose and the players respected him when he came as manager.

‘We enjoyed training. He was focused, meticulous and he was driven. He showed us videos of the opposition, outlining their strengths and weaknesses — most managers didn’t use that information.
‘The problem was communication. He didn’t talk to the players enough when he came back. He was detached, a bit aloof.’

‘We wanted it to work but he tried to change it too soon and we were not programmed to play a different way,’ added Kalou. ‘We won three Premier League titles, some had won three FA Cups since the owner took over — we were successful.
‘There wasn’t deliberate resistance but it’s obvious he needed to have the key players on side. By the time we lost 3-1 against Napoli (on February 21) he had lost the dressing room and he was too inexperienced and too young to win them back. Andre just carried on with his way and didn’t look up.

‘I watched the West Bromwich game (on March 3) from the sidelines and I didn’t recognise the team who won Premier League titles and reached the Champions League final in 2008. Their eyes had gone.’

Rodgers Confident Liverpool Will Buy New Striker

Barring another summer transfer window–like catastrophe, Liverpool manager Brenden Rodgers is confident that the club will buy a new striker in the January transfer window. Rodgers is left with Luiz Suarez as his only recognized striker after Italian Fabio Borini was ruled out for three months with a broken foot sustained while training with the Italy U- 21 squad. Rodgers seems reluctant however, to recall Andy Carroll who is on loan at West Ham.

He said – “Summer was a real learning experience here for everyone. Everyone sees we need to add to the goal threat of the team,”
“It’ll always be the case that I’ll be able to bring in the players of my choice. Obviously there’ll be money available to do that in January. The scouting team are out there now compiling lists and looking at targets that we can hopefully bring in if they are affordable and available. I’m confident of that. Myself and the scouting network are looking at players and whichever one we want to go for, then we will do that.”

On Carroll – “It isn’t something I have considered, to be honest. Fabio’s injury has only just come up so we will assess it from there.”

Manchester United Invest 25m In New Medical Centre At Carrington

It has emerged that Manchester United were hit by more injuries than any other top flight club last season. This season hasn’t been any different and the club hope to resolve their medical issues by investing in a state-of-the-art medical centre that will detect soft tissue injuries before they happen and allow for regular heart screening that will prevent more serious problems, such as the one suffered by Fabrice Muamba, from arising.

Sir Alex Ferguson is obviously thrilled by the news and praised the upcoming development – ‘I think they built the pyramids quicker!’ joked Ferguson yesterday. ‘But we’re getting there and this partnership with Toshiba will add to it with their medical systems bringing a new dimension to sports science and medical treatment for our players.

‘This fantastic partnership will put us above most clubs in the world. But it is not just the supply of their medical systems, we’re also sharing the experiences together and the new ideas to come out of it. We already have a fantastic medical staff and they will relish the challenge of working with Toshiba.

‘We made a couple of signings this summer but this is a big signing – probably the most important step forward this club has taken in a long, long time.’