Manchester United ended their long wait for a victory at Stamford Bridge, after they beat Chelsea 3-2 under controversial circumstances. Chelsea ended the match with nine men on the pitch after Fernando Torres and Branislav Ivanovic received their marching order from referee Mark Clattenburg. While Ivanovic’s dismissal can hardly be argued with, the second yellow card that was dished out to Torres was highly controversial. The winner that was scored by Hernandez in the 75th minute of match, will also be debated over as the Mexican looked to be in an offside position when Rafael drilled the ball across the goal.

ChelseaManchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson wasn’t complaining though. Although he accepted that Hernandez might have been in an offside position, Sir Alex was glad that finally they got decision their way at Stamford Bridge after ‘terrible’ decisions went against them in the past few years.

“It’s been 10 years since we have won down here. We had a good record until Jose [Mourinho] came along and spoiled the party.

“We’ve never got breaks down here and had some terrible decisions against us in the last few years. But today we have got a little break for the goal – Chicharito may have been offside.” – Ferguson told Skysports.

When asked about Torres’ red card, Sir Alex believed that it was the Spaniard’s fault to go down in that situation.

“The decision the referee has to make is whether the striker has chosen to go down. He was through on goal – I don’t know why he has gone down. I think it’s his own fault.” – Sir Alex added.

Meanwhile, Chelsea manager was left fuming after the match as he pointed out the dubious decisions that went against his side, which he felt affected, the final result in the end.

“I think the key decisions from the referee today probably influenced the result. He sent off Fernando Torres and then the third goal is offside and that clearly decided the game for our opposition.

“Torres has put the ball between [Evans’] legs and he is through, he gets kicked on his shin and he goes down. It is as simple as that, it is a free-kick for us – it may even be a sending off for Evans because [Torres] is through on goal. I was shocked; I thought it was going to be a free-kick for us and a foul for us, not against us.” – Di Matteo said.

With regards to the winner that Hernandez scored, Di Matteo said –

“I watched it again and the replay shows that when Rafael shoots [Hernandez] is in an offside position. Everything went for United in that sense and that really makes us unhappy.

“[The referee] is going to watch it again and probably realise he made a mistake. But we can’t change the result now and that is the bigger disappointment that we have.”

With this win Manchester United are now just one point behind the league leaders Chelsea. Both these teams will meet once again in the midweek League Cup fixture.

  • congratulation to mark clattenburg who has today graduated from Howard web school of refereeing

    • Arigo

      B4 chelsea score her second goal, man utd have a clear penelty turn down after L.suares use his hand to stop A. Valencia cross and nobdy cry and d cryg started wen d decision go Man utd later in d game.

      • daddyblue

        Do you understand the principal of ball to hand you tube. Luiz is standing about 3 feet away he does not move his arm towards the ball and the ball is kicked directly at his hand this is not a hand ball offence.

  • red33

    The ENGLISH REFEREE LEAGUE, Why is team still playing to score goal and win when winning is all on the hand of the referee.