The Emirates is all set to host the next edition of the North London Derby. It is that day of the calendar, which has been marked out by both sets of fans. 26th February will see Arsenal and Tottenham go head to head for the 172nd time in their history.

Arsenal have already lost to Tottenham in their first meeting this season at the White Hart Lane, 2-1. Kyle Walker scored the winner that day, a stunner! Arsenal, with revenge in mind, look to cut the gap between them and Spurs, which at the moment stands at 10 points. Things have changed drastically this season with respect to where these two teams are. After years of being overshadowed by the Gunners, Spurs have finally overtaken them in the league. This season, it is Tottenham who are the tittle contenders, where as Arsene Wenger’s men are fighting hard to hold on to 4th place in the league. This scenario has added more spice to this already savory tie.

On the eve of this exciting derby match, TheHardTackle is back with its Rival Rendezvous series. In this edition, our resident author and a passionate Gooner, Amlan Majumdar (AM hereafter) starts the war of words with our esteemed guest Si Twining (ST hereafter), who is an ardent Tottenham supporter. Being the host, Amlan allows Si to have the first go at him in this match up.

ST: During the past couple of decades, Spurs’ fans have looked upon the encounters with Arsenal as the most important fixture of the season – and still do.Ai??During this period, have Arsenal fans considered the Spurs games to be most important to them? Or have they viewed the games against their closer rivals more so? And has this changed now that Spurs are seen as the superior side at this present time?

AM: Gooners, similar to spurs fans, have always given this fixtures high importance, but having said that, in previous years, when Arsenal were competing against Manchester United for the titles on a regular basis, the fixture against United held more significance for us than the ones against Tottenham. Tottenham, in premier league era-have never really challenged Arsenalai??i??s position in the league seriously, but things have changed now. This year, Spurs are above us in the league and hold a 10 points advantage on us. Now Spurs are said to be title contenders where as Arseneai??i??s men are struggling to hold on to their customary Champions league spot. So yes, due to Tottenhamai??i??s rise this season, this fixture certainly holds more significance to us than previous years.

ST: Why do Arsenal not seem to be able to hold on to their best players? Surely it’s more than just money?

AM: It is more than just money, it is lack of silverware, in fact at times it is just due to lack of intent shown to win trophies. Two big names departed last year, Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas. At Arsenal, if you look at the contracts of their star players, it is way below than what big names in other big clubs are paid, so that you can say, is one of the reasons. But the most important reasons of all is that the team hasnai??i??t won anything for a long time and they are not aggressive enough in the transfer market to make someone believe that thisAi??droughtAi??is going to end sooner rather than later. So, when a player reaches his prime, it is obvious that he would want to win something during this period of his career to show for, and sadly Arsene Wenger or the board havenai??i??t been able to convince the players (who have left) that they will be able to win medals with this club.

ST: Is Arsene Wenger the man to take Arsenal forward? Or has he taken them as far as he can? If not him, then who?

AM: I have been a strong believer in Arsene Wenger and I am sure most of the Gooners will echo this sentiment. It is easy to criticize him for not spending in the transfer market despite the board handing him a big budget, one has to wonder what if the Budget was never even there? What if the board is using him as a shield to hide from criticism? Despite all these ‘Ifai??i??s’, things have gone from bad to worse this season for the Gunners. One thing that Wenger is clearly to blame for is his confidence in some of the players who are not good enough to wear this famous red and white jersey. Having said all this, if Wenger manages to clinch the 4th spot with THIS squad, this will be one of his greatest achievements. I think, and so do many Gooners, irrespective of where we finish this season, Wenger deserves at least one more summer with Arsenal, and you can almost sense that this summer the club will go through a wave of changes.

ST: Which of the Arsenal players would fit into the current Spurs first team, replacing whom?

AM: This question was coming, wasn’t it(smiles)? Let us start with our best player at the moment, Robin Van Persie, though Spurs do have good depth in striking department, still Van Persie on current form will walk into any team in England.

The Flying Dutchman


Sagna has been out with Injury for a long time, but he has been Arsenalai??i??s most consistent player for past few years, he would get into Tottenham right back slot. Also on present form, Oxlade Chamberlain would get into the Spurs team ahead of Lennon, on the wings. Jack Wilshere, when fit, would walk into this Spurs team as well. Alex Song would have been another option, but Parker has been very consistent this year. The problem with putting Arsenal players in the Tottenham system is that both the clubs play different brand of football. While Tottenham rely on width from the two wingers, Arsenal hardly have any natural wingers in the team. But one thing for sure, Spurs defense is better than that of Arsenal, so yes, other than the above mentioned 4 players, it would be hard for anyone else from the Gunners to make it into the Tottenham team.

ST: Can Arsenal keep up with the best in the Premiership without buying established ‘big name’ players, while waiting for Arsene’s philosophy of ‘youth educated his way’, to bear fruit again or do you feel that, if Arsenal don’t move quick enough they will be in danger of being locked out of a new top 4 monopoly?

AM: They are already in the danger of losing their top 4 status, if not for similar regress of Chelsea and Liverpool, but Chelsea and Liverpool are sure to spend in the next transfer window. One thing is for sure, the next transfer season, there will be numerous movements in the Arsenal squad, either for the bad or good. The most important signature for Arsenal next season would be that of Robin Van Persie signing a new contract. It is interesting you say ai???youth educated his wayai???, because many ai???youthai??? presently in the Arsenal team are simply not good enough to play at this club. So Wenger has to buy, and most importantly before buying he has to sell all the dead wood that has accumulated in the squad. Another important reason to buy is to assure Van Persie that Arsenal can compete for silverware. Unless Wenger shows intent in the transfer market, Captain ‘Van-tastic’ will surely leave.

ST: In light of the fact, Arsenal don’t have half the talent they’ve had available in recent years, (particularly in regards to the defense Wenger originally inherited), do you think it would be prudent of Arsene to forget about his ‘philosophy of football’ and accept the fact that his current squad need drilling in the basics, not least the art of defending?

AM: Arsenal entered a rebuilding phase ever since the ai???Invinciblesai??? left the club. They managed to gather a very talented and exciting team in the 2008 season, and it looked like finally the club would come out of that rebuilding phase and win trophies. It was not to be though, many important players left the club just when it looked like they were on the brink of achieving something. Flamini, Hleb, Rosicky (Not the his look-alike who plays now a days), Eduardo, Adebayor, Van Persie (When he was fit) and off-course Fabregas, this was a squad if Arsenal had managed to keep together, would have certainly won silverware. But slowly most of them left, and the club was back to square one. Ever since that squad broke off, the replacements that have come into the team have flattered to deceive, Henry-Pires-Bergkamp or Flamini-Fabregas-Hleb now seem historical icons from by-gone eras.

Coming to the defense, it is interesting that you point out the fact that Wenger inherited the then famous defense from George Graham. Since the departure of Campbell, Toure, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Lauren and Ashley Cole, Arsenalai??i??s defense and the quality of its defenders has been on a decline. People have pointed out the fact that Gunners need a new defensive coach, but Wenger hasnai??i??t budged. Tony Adams would have been the perfect man for that role, but Wenger is too busy at he moment trying to prove people wrong.

Amlan now decides to go on the attack, as he asks his guest Si to take the hot seat. Round two begins!

AM: With just 7 points behind Manchester City and 13 games still to play this season, how hopeful are Spurs fans about their teams’ title challenge? Is it a case of Tottenham all of a sudden being in an ai???unexplored territoryai??i???

ST: You wonai??i??t find too many whoai??i??ll say weai??i??re ready to win the title ai??i?? yet. As much progress as weai??i??ve made, weai??i??re all competing with a club who can buy success overnight by spending hundreds of millions… and thatai??i??s a lot to catch up with. Our stock has risen, for sure, and ai???unexplored territoryai??? is a fair shout, at least in the modern era. But looking at each clubai??i??s run-ins, weai??i??re not going to win it this year.

AM: Are the Tottenham fans surprised at the position they find their team in at the moment? Did you really expect at the start of the season Spurs being above Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, 25 games into the season? Is it a case of other teams faltering or is it a case of Spurs being that good?

ST: I think the three teams youai??i??ve mentioned have all regressed quite dramatically, which has coincided with our own rise. Our main aim was a top four place, and I think we all expected it to be a straight race for fourth between us, your lot and possiblyAi??Liverpool. Nobody saw the dip inAi??Chelseaai??i??s progress, so we can all rejoice in that. We had a sensible summerai??i??s spending, strengthened where we needed to, kept our key players and retained the strongest midfield in the country ai??i?? so had every right to be hopeful of fourth. Looking at our position now, Iai??i??d be furious with it. Third it is, I believe.

AM: Now to the obvious question, do you think Harry Redknapp will reject an opportunity to manage England if he gets it? If Redknapp leaves Spurs, how will it affect the team? Have Spurs lined up any probable replacement sensing the inevitable?

ST: I donai??i??t doubt for a second that heai??i??ll be gone. Heai??i??s been talking himself up for theAi??England job since the last World Cup, and I do feel that the club are serving a purpose for Harry as much as he is for us. Heai??i??s been great for us, and I donai??i??t think anybody would begrudge him the chance to manageAi??England, but the worst case scenario for all concerned is that he tries both. We have one of the best chairmen in the country in Levy, but heai??i??s not always got it right with the manager, so I hope heai??i??s making good use of the notice heai??i??s been fairly served to look for somebody now. Weai??i??re in a strong enough position to get someone in with an established reputation in Europe, which is a natural progression for us these days. Weai??i??ve overtaken the reputation of the likes of Moyes etc at this point. Iai??i??d be keen on Jurgen Klinsmann.Ai??GermanyAi??are reaping the benefits of his blueprint for that countryai??i??s football, from their schools upward, and he has a vision ahead of his time. There are strong and persistent rumours around Mourinho also, although I donai??i??t believe we have the funds to keep him happy in the market.

AM: Even if Tottenham qualify for Champions league this season, how confident are the fans of holding on to Modric and Bale for one more season? Barcelona have been linked heavily with a move for Bale, will the Welshman show loyalty if the Spanish giants comes calling? Do you think the scenario regarding the retention of Modric and Bale will change if Redknapp leaves the club?

ST: Thatai??i??s a funny one, because although the players have staunchly backed Harry in the press, you wonder if theyai??i??d say the same regardless of who was in charge. While Levy was putting out categorical statements about keeping Modric last summer, Redknapp openly sympathised with the player, and a lot of our fans wondered what he was up to. Iai??i??d like to think that both playersAi??recognizeAi??that weai??i??re on an upward rise, and would be content to see how that develops next season, but after Modricai??i??s antics last August nothing would surprise me. Heai??i??s never yet explained what he was thinking, or exactly what he asked for. Bale, Iai??i??m less suspicious of, as heai??i??s made it plain that heai??i??d like to develop with us for now. But you know as well as I do, it only takes another clubai??i??s billions to change anybodyai??i??s mind.

AM: Adebayor has been in brilliant form for Tottenham this season, how do you rate his contribution? How confident are Spurs about retaining him permanently when his loan spell ends? And the main question now, how hard has it been for the Tottenham fans to accept two ex-Arsenal players (including Gallas) in the team? Or does the fan see it as a revenge for the Sol Campbell saga?

ST: Iai??i??m not sure we can afford to keep Adebayor unless heai??i??s willing to half his wage packet, at least. Whatai??i??s he on, 200 grand a week?! Weai??i??re linked with enough forwards ai??i?? Damiao, for instance ai??i?? to make me think that weai??i??re planning for the future without him. Heai??i??s been great when heai??i??s had his game face on, but as you know, if heai??i??s not motivated that day then he can be anonymous. Thatai??i??s been rare, though. Weai??i??ve gladly accepted both him and Gallas ai??i?? well they both upset your lot, which didnai??i??t hurt! I donai??i??t think it was solely Spurs fans who couldnai??i??t stand either of them, but they both publicly said there are no hard feelings toward our supporters (and we were pretty vile to Adebayor, to say the least). I think we recognised the character of both men, and that we needed them both. Having said that, Redknapp was also talking up CampbellAi??a year or two ago, and he quickly put straight on that one.

AM: Honestly, what are your expectations from the match? Do you think Spurs will go into this match as favorites for the first time in the history of this derby? Do you think your defense can contain Robin Van Persie at the Emirates? Which Arsenal player do you think can cause Tottenham most problems? Give us your predictions for the score-line at the end of the match.

ST: I donai??i??t think we go into Sunday dreading what might happen, and even encouraged by what happened last year. Having van der Vaart ready will be crucial, as he does enjoy playing against you! RVP scares me, and you have the best centre forward in the country, for now. Weai??i??re suddenly spoilt at the back at the moment though, but having Ledley fit and ready is key. We donai??i??t do nil-nils in the league, so allowing for our customary lapse in concentration and your rather unique idea of defending lately, Iai??i??ll go for 1-1.

Amlan and Si could have continued this battle of words till Sunday, but we decide to pull the curtains over here. Only time will tell, who is going to have the last laugh. 26th Feb, it is the day London will stand still!

Si Twining is an Admin of one of the most famous Tottenham forums in the web, . Follow him on twitter @Tottenham_N17

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57 Responses to “Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur ai??i?? Rival Rendezvous: “Jack Wilshere Would Walk Into This Spurs Team””

Read below or add a comment...

  1. george says:

    hahaha jack wilshere so he would get infront of parker modric defo not and he wont get infront of tom huddlestone either, and for alex song hahahahaha you must be kidding right? He is an absolute donkey and how can you honestly say sagna would get infront of kyle walker think i would rather have walker he is going to be the england right back for many years to come. The only player i would take is rvp and maybe sczeny

    • cockadoodleDom says:

      Jack Wilshere???? Who is She? Walk?? Hobble!! Not even fit to sweep the terraces at the Lane!!!

      Von Pussy is off to Citeh!!

    • Amlan Majumdar says:

      Tom Huddlestone is better than Jack Wilshere???!!! :)

      Regarding Alex Song – he has easily been one of the most consistent performers for Arsenal in the last year or so.

      Sagna is one of the most underrated players in England, He is easily the best Right back in the league at the moment. Kyle Walker might eventually become better than him, but Sagna is better than him at the moment.

      • Jay says:

        Sagna and Walker are different full backs but I agree with you Sagna is slightly ahead of him defensively and therefore would get in the joint side.

        But if the above is correct then there is no way Wilshere is ahead of Modric, one day he may be but not now……ahead Szcesny has made 3 or 4 errors this year, Friedel has made none, if a cup final was tomorrow Friedel would be picked ahead of him but Szceszny will be better.

        Finally I have only seen Oxolade Chamberlain play from the left, never the right, thats where Walcott plays…..who plays on our left side………Bale……so no Chamberlain wouldnt get in our side, and Lennon is ahead of Walcott.

        If it was a final tomorrow my team would be
        Friedel, Sagna, Kaboul, King, Ekotto, Lennon, Modric, Parker, Bale, RVP, Adebayor

        If it was a team for the future I would choose
        Szceszny, Walker, Kaboul, Kozcielsny, Ekotto, Lennon, Modric, Wilshere, Bale, RVP, Ade

        • Amlan Majumdar says:

          I never said that one can pick Wilshere ahead of Modric, atleast presently. What I wanted was a central midfield pairing of Modric and Wilshere. Wilshere would get in ahead of Parker.

      • Mr.FuzzyPants says:

        Bacary Sagna the best right back in the Premier league? You are talking about the English Premier League right? See Danny Simpson, Glen Johnson, Micah Richards as right backs, all way better than Sagna.
        Huddlestone is not at all anywhere as close to being as good as Wilshere… Kyle Walker is young and has great potential…

        • Amlan Majumdar says:

          Glen Johnson? Micah Richards? Do you think either of them are consistent enough? I mean Richards can hardly get in the England team. In Sagna you are talking about a player who has been selected in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year twice (2007–08 and 2010–11). I rest my case.

  2. Chrispurs says:

    Don’t flatter your self! Sagna, at full back; no chance. Wilshere would have to warm his bum on the bench. RVP, is the only one, that would start, that’s it.

  3. rick says:

    Defence not defense. We are not American.

  4. RhinoNeal says:

    Robin Van Persie would walk into our team without a doubt as he is different class. Not so sure about Jack Wilshere although he is good but not good enough to replace any of our midfielders. I guess that’s it because you have to bear in mind who are they going to replace. Sagna would not replace Walker because he gives us width and like you said we play with wide players. So all in all although Arsenal do have some good players I wouldn’t want to replace any of ours for them except maybe Van Persie.

  5. Jim says:

    Arsenal are doing the same with Chamberlain as the did with Walcott taking potential as the finished article which hes not. The fact that anyone could state that Chamberlain is better than Lennon shows the bias here

    Wiltshire would get into Sours midfield instead of who? Spurs have better central midfielders than him that can’t get in.

    Sagna may be a better defender than Walker at the moment but in every other department Walker is better.

    No argument about RVP

    • Amlan Majumdar says:

      I dare say Wilshere will get in the team ahead of Parker – though Parker and Jack are not quite similar in terms of how they play.

      Regarding Lennon – I said “based on current form”, anyways Lennon has never been consistent enough in his career, as is the case with Walcott.

  6. spursguv says:

    Jack Wiltshire along with Aron Ramsey are part of the reason for Arsenals decline. They are nowhere near world class..which faberghast was. In fact I can’t see how Ramsey keeps his place he gives the ball away far too often and is weak. As for Wiltshire if you think he’s the same pedigree as Modric you have rocks for brains. He’s a typical english player which means he will be and often is found wanting, it’s almost impossible to find an “all round” English player, skill and vision seem to be last n the list of requirements. Wiltshire could not replace Sandro or Parker let alone modric. Still I guess the intention of this article is to show how Spurs have well and truly overtaken arsenal when only RVP could get into the spurs team.

  7. spursguv says:

    Who’s the numpty who said Sagna would get in ahead of walker??? You’d better start watching footy mate. Sagna has been bloody awful since his return. Walker does a good job at defending too. He’s still young and learning, i’d say the thing he needs to correct is his final decision when getting into the crossing position. Apart from that there’s not another RB in the Prem that I’d swap Walker for. Our right hand side has never been stronger Walker is a good allround defender. Sagna like a lot of gooners has lost his beleif, he’s not as good as he used to be, maybe that’s where the comment came from. Taking a players reputation rather than what he’s actually doing.

    • Amlan Majumdar says:

      Sagna has just returned from a long lay-off, give him some time and he will be back to his best. Walker will be good for England in the future but sagna is more experienced and is certainly better defensively than the Englishman.

  8. anon and on says:

    Oh, you spuds do crack me up. Wilshere is a perfect mix of Parker and Modric, having all of their strengths and more…plus he is only 19 and was selected for England before Parker, ten years his senior. Don’t forget Parker, whilst quality, was a mid table journeyman…a hard worker but nothing more. He is part of a balanced, quality midfield now…but he is still just a East end jack of all trades…as for Huddlestone, that comment is a utter farce and deserves nothing but contempt. You don’t know your football, mate.

    As for Sagna, its a tough one – I think he is a better defender than Walker, a player I rate very highly…but the latter is a better attacker and you play attacking wing backs for which he is better suited. I say Sagna out of loyalty but wouldn’t mind Walker either. RvP is the dogs and could walk into any team on the planet, he has every quality a striker needs, can finish any way he wants from anywhere…and now has added drive and leadership to his qualities. Happy to have him…for now.

    Always fun having a bit of banter pre game with you lot…lets have a quick competition: How many times can you remember your club winning the league in your life time? I can remember five. If you can beat that I’ll bring your Horlicks before bed every night for a month. Huddlestone? Muppet.

    • Yidz says:

      I agree, Wilshere would compliment Modric & Parker – If it was me I would sacrifice VDV and give the boy a shot for 5 games to see how it works… (if I was Boss) RVP would definately make it and I also take Vermalen (whether he would get in I’m not sure)

  9. jales says:

    Freidel, sagna, vermaelen, dawson, assou ekotto, parker, wilshere, van der vaart, chamberlain, bale, robin van persie.

  10. Dave says:

    Hate wilshere with a passion. Big mouthed little prick, totally overated.

  11. DDSPURS says:

    Guys don’t turn this into ‘tit’ for ‘tat’. Rare nicely balanced communications between two supporters who clearly love their clubs.. But I do agree RVP would be the only one :) As for scores I will optimistically say 3-1 to Spurs (incl. a late goal each from Lennon and Bale)…..

    • Bill says:

      Spurs supporter here. I’d take Van persie, no one better than him at the moment and can pretty much do everything. Would also probably take ox-chamberlain over lennon. I can’t stand Wilshere one bit, even if he played for us I would hate him. He is a typical gobby little sh*t who needs to sort his act out. He is a good player but Parker has been amazing for us and Parker is also very good on the ball which I never saw before at West ham ( I didn’t want Parker at first but gladly ate my humble pie after seeing how good he has been). Mix Sagna and Walker together and you get the best right back. Sagna defends better at the moment but Walker attacks better. As for Huddlestone, he is a back up player at best. Technically very good but also lazy, very slow and doesn’t fit our dynamic midfield. He was like Jenas- sometimes you would think you are pretty good but then you compare them to someone class like Modric and it shows them up for what they are.

      The form book goes out the window for the derby. It depends what Arsenal turns up, if they aren’t up to scratch then I can see us dominating their midfield and defence. Should be a good one and to finish- who was the first English team to win a European trophy, do the double, qualify to the knockout stages of the champions league the first time of asking? Remember before Wenger that Arsenal really didn’t win much so history is history, depends how far you want to go back.

  12. wembleyspurs says:

    Rvp is world class and would walk into ANY team!
    It’s nice to see a bit of friendly Gooner v Spuds banter.
    But the real issue on Sunday is that after Adebayor has scored his two or three goals, he must try not to celebrate in front of you lot too much!!!

  13. Laughable stuff from Spuds. Just one season of glory and they are already flying. When Twitchy will leave for the worst football job on this planet, Spuds will be back to where they belong. Mediocrity. Let me see how long they can hold on to Modric and Bale.

    • Bill says:

      Laughable stuff from you- where did Modric go in the summer? Oh yeah I forgot nowhere. Our chairman is head and tails above your chairman- FACT. Your one let both your best players walk away= you are now pants. The fact you are fourth papers over the cracks when actually you have been lucky to win a lot of games, last minute goals, opposition scoring own goals etc. You gonners need to realize that you are a spent force, you spend far too much on wages on average players, you won’t open up the cheque book in fear of not qualifying for the champs league and thus not showing a profit at the end of the season and finally your manager believes everyone at your club has great mental strength when in fact they are all a bit mental. You all want him gone but remind be how many things you won before he took over? Get used to the fact that you had a good 10-15 years. Now get used to the fact that you have been in decline for the past 3-4 years and it isn’t turning around!

    • basher says:

      How do you define glory? Spurs have been improving for the last 4/5 years, we would have finished above you when Jol was in charge but for a dodgy Lasagne. No guarantees in football and this could all change if/when Harry, Modric etc leave but I plan to enjoy it while it lasts! Forever in your shadow? Not at the moment! Miiiiiind the gap!!!!!!

    • olly says:

      Bloody alot longer than you can hold onto Van Persie. At present RVP would get into the spurs side. Wilshere on the bench . Come onto replace Parker. Verm when fit. Would play alongside king when fit. the Ox mix up with lennon pending on opposition.

  14. Gary Fox says:

    The Ox instead of Lennon? Based on what exactly? The kid looks good but he’s had half a dozen Prem starts FFS – and the papers talk him up as an England player! Once defenders work him out, like they soon did with Walcott, then we can judge how good he really is. Till then – I’d take Lennon or Krancjar or VDV instead of him. A years time, that may be different. Or he may be this years Shaun Wright Phillips. Sagna is on a par with Walker but on current form – Walker edges it. Willshere vs Parker? (I wont insult Modric by including him in the comparison – he is genuinely world class, not just Premiership-class, and the only other player, apart from RVP, from either team who would get into the Barcelona side). Parker has performed superbly in 3 mediocre sides – Charlton, Newcastle and West Ham -but he screwed his career by going to Chelsea and ‘lost’ 4 seasons. Now he is in a quality side, his real ability shows even more. Wilshere has had the advantage of playing with Fabregas and Nasri in a terrific midfield. That would make anyone look good because Arsenal could keep possession at will and it gave him a platform to perform on. The test for him is whether he can stand out in a side where he is the main man, as Parker did at his previous clubs. Ramsey has shown how hard it can be to step up to the mark, as he looked good up until this season. Maybe Wilshere will realise his potential – Parker belatedly already has. Its a close call – Maybe Wilshere for the home games and Parker for the away ones! So…if Arsenal went bankrupt tomorrow and all their players were free agents – I’d take RVP (obviously), plus Sagna, Wilshere and The Ox but not as regular starters. The rest could wait at the Job Centre (except Vermaelen, as he’d be at the doctors getting a sick note). And if Spurs went broke, I suspect Arsenal would want Friedel, Benny, Walker, Kaboul, Dawson, VDV, Modric, Parker, Bale, Sandro and Defoe, with all except Defoe being certain starters. The King could keep Vermaelen company. Hand on heart, you Gooners, you know its true.

  15. slimshady says:

    61 never again.

  16. frank says:

    lol, delusions. where exactly would wilshire walk into, centre midfiled? how? and chamberlain instead of lennon? more nosense. this gibberish just sounds like a gooner not coming to terms with how average his team is. think this guy needs to watch spurs a bit more, he’d then realise how good our midfield is.

  17. Bob says:

    Too many people unable to put football bias to one side and look at things objectively.

    Sagna > Walker – He’s made the PFA team of the year twice. Walker’s having a great season and looks really top but consistency has yet to have been proven.

    Wilshere – Any Spurs fan denying the fact that they would love him as a player is delusional. He’s a quality product who Arsenal have sorely missed this year and at 19 years of age……are you kidding me. He’s not as good as Modric currently as Luka has proven to be one of the top 2 or 3 CM this year. But he’s 19…………. Modric was on loan at Zrinjski at 19.

    Vermaelen – Another PFA team of the year player. Not quite recovered his consistency but surely would be the perfect partner for a fit King. He’s a better player than Dawson.

    RvP – Who’s gona bother arguing that one.

    • Jay says:

      I agree Bob, I am a spurs fan but agree, I have heard some of our dumb lot mentioning Dawson and Defoe, let me tell you both wont even start tomorrow, so how they can get in the joint team is a joke.

      I actually think Vermealan and Dawson have weak mentalitys and only perform in winning sides, I have watched Koscielsny alot this year and he has been head and shoulders above the rest of your defence, and Kaboul has been amazing, its a toss up between the 2 as to who would partner King.

      Wilshere and Chamberlain will be great but you cant have them in a joint team over VDV, Bale, Parker and Modric……that midfield picks itself.

      I actually think Sandro is our most dominant midfielder and when he plays he always seems to be our best player and I would personally pick him in the majority of away games ahead of Adebayor it if was a joint side.

      As for Song I did rate him but he has been poor in the last few games, its his responsibility to stop teams scoring goals by controlling the midfield but I dont think thats his game, he seems more box to box.

      • Amlan Majumdar says:

        I agree that Vermaelen isn’t having the best of his seasons so far. In the case of Song, I think this season he has become more of an attacking threat, because Arteta is playing beside him in the deep midfielder role.

  18. frank says:

    The point some deluded gooner made was that wilshire would walk into the current spurs team. Wilshire is a good player, he would def make spurs’ bench.


  19. philip says:

    Jack Wilshere would only walk into the Spurs first team only if Luka Modric was not playing, but would be a decent squad player.

  20. Si says:

    Heh… it was me who posed and answered the questions for Spurs, and must admit the one about the first team elevens was a mischievous one. But it was a nice change to engage in some banter with a Gooner without either side getting personal from behind a keyboard. That’s not what it’s about, for me or for Amlan, who I didn’t know beforehand and could’ve stitched me up royally if he wanted to! Might seem old-fashioned, but that’s a more fun way to follow your club in my eyes, without having to hate everybody else in the process. (To be clear, though, obviously I hope we give them a right pasting on Sunday… ha).

    • Amlan Majumdar says:

      It was an absolute pleasure chatting with you as well (Something I don’t really have an experience of when it comes to Spurs fans). Couldn’t agree with you more – “follow your club…without having to hate everybody else in the process” :) But I guess not every fan shares this view. See you on sunday and Hope we have the last laugh though 😀

  21. Si says:

    ugh… should say *Amlan*, of course – try typing a lengthy response on an iPhone…

  22. Rashid says:

    This is delusional. You contradict yourself with an argument you make “Sagna is more experienced and is certainly better defensively than the Englishman.” by that logic Ox shouldn’t even get a look. Sagna on form and fit is at best a toss up between he and Walker.

    RVP is the only player that would walk into the tottenham side the ONLY. I will readily admit he is better than all of our strikers.

    Wishere is not better than modric or parker or krancjar and your inclusion of Song is laughable. he may very well be “one of the most consistent performers” but being a consistent performer does not make you better than someone who is world class. Song, is at best as good as our 4th or fifth cm Sandro or Livermore

    • Amlan Majumdar says:

      So Parker is World class?

    • Amlan Majumdar says:

      Sagna just made a return from injury, so you can’t really judge him on form as Walker has been playing regularly. While Ox and Lennon can be judged on form, and I never said Wilshere is better than Modric (atleast as of now), but he is better than Parker and Krancjar, again they are different types of players, Modric and attacking midfielder – Parker a defensive midfielder – while Wilshere is a combination of both.

      • Rashid says:

        I think this should be taken as a “regardless of system” argument. Wishere and Sagna would not walk in, neither would song. While I admire the support you have for your club’s players, you have to try and look at it objectively…. I think you would find any neutral would say the same thing… any one of our strikers would easily fit into your #2 striker roll (RVP is class hate to admit it), our top 3 CBs would walk into your CB spots, like I said before: walker and Sagna (when fit) are tossups, LB BAE walk in, Modric stroll in, Bale walk in backwards.

        Arsenal have a quality squad, I and others just don’t believe they have the same quality the spurs squad does.

        • Amlan Majumdar says:

          I agree with what you said about Modric, Bale and your CB’s, but Wilshere is better than Parker. So Modric and Wilshere in the midfield for me. While As for Sagna, he is a far better defender than Walker, while Walker is a better going forward, but when you select a defender, you check his defensive skills first and foremost. So Sagna over Walker.

  23. Bob says:

    Vermaelen – PFA CB of the year and wouldn’t oust Dawson……delusion.

  24. abe says:

    Spurs fan here, and I will disagree with my fellow spurs fans on sagna. I would have him ahead of walker. Wilshere is decent but he would not replace modric, and vdv loves the big games. Having said that Wenger is able to make a set of players work in a better system. Wenger in charge of the current spurs team woud be very interesting

  25. Jay says:

    I’d take RVP, Vermalen, Sagna and Ox from le’arse to spurs BUT and here is the but, ONLY RVP would start. The team: Frediel, Walker, King, Kaboul, Assou, Lennon, Modric, Parker, Bale, RVP, VDV. Subs: Vermalen, Sagna, Ox, Defoe, Dawson, Sandro, cudicini. Now I’d have lennon over ox as he has done more and is more experienced. I feel walker is the better all round right back. Kaboul is better defensively than vermalen but they have very similar other attributes. And gobshire is over rated and not better than parker, modric or sandro so for that reason is not required.

  26. J says:

    In order of how they rate on ability (best to worst)..Keepers: Frediel, Cudicini Szczesny, Gomes, Fabianski, Almunia, Mannone…..Right Back: Walker, Sagna, Corluka, Naughton, jenkinson……Centre back: King, kaboul, vermaelen, dawson, gallas, koscielny, Mertesacker, caulker, Djourou, Squillaci…….Left Back: Assou-ekotto, gibbs, rose, santos……Right mid: Lennon, Oxlaide, walcott, dos santos, bentley, rosicky, Beneyoun…….Central Mid: Modric, Parker, Sandro, Wilshere, Arteta, Huddlestone, Song, Pienaar, Diaby, Ramsay, Livermore, Frimpong, Jenas, Denilson…….Left mid: Bale, krancjer, arshavin…….Upfront: RVP, VDV, Adebayor, Defoe, Gervino, Saha, Chamachk, bendtner, park. This is probably a very fair outlook on both squads and there places when put together.

  27. Lilywhite London says:

    Spurs have a superior squad to Arsenal, that has been the case since Fabregas and Nasri walked. This is the mess that is Arsenal under Wenger in 2012 i’m afraid and until they move from this arrogant and actually painfully deluded ‘yesterday man’, not much will change. Only Van Persie would get in this Spurs side. A couple of the others could make the bench but that’s about it. The table doesn’t usually lie, so deal with it Goons…

  28. Lilywhite London says:

    Just one other thing, a lot of our fringe players could actually get in the Arsenal 1st team, all of these are worth a shout; either Krancjar, Sandro Huddlestone in mid. Gallas, Bassong, Corluka in defence and Defoe, Saha, Dos Santos up front. Gomes on a good day in goal even!!

  29. Amlan Majumdar says:


  30. Now, who all will get to the Arsenal team from Spuds? Nobody I guess! 😀