Berlusconi AC Milan

Former Italy Prime Minister and AC Milan President Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to four years of imprisonment after the court of law pronounced the verdict over the allegations of a tax fraud relating to the television network he owns. Along with Berlusconi, ten more accomplices have been awarded penalty in the same case. Apparently, the accused were under trial that ran for six long years before the court finally found them guilty. The accusations were specifically of buying US film rights at inflated prices via offshore companies of his ownership.

However, any verdict in Italy must pass two levels of appeal and same is applicable here before the statute of limitation for this verdict expires in 2013. Berlusconi is immediately expected to appeal and delay any legal consequences. As of now, there is no clarity on the implications of this verdict on the ownership pattern of AC Milan. Berlusconi still remains the President of the club and no official statement has yet been released from the club’s end. However, the development might have some serious repercussions on the already troubled season of AC Milan and more importantly on the club’s activity in the January Transfer Window.

Silvio Berlusconi took over AC Milan nearly three decades ago back in 1986 and the club has seen a highly successful spell in his presidency. The news comes two days after Berlusconi’s announcement of not running for the position of Italy’s Premier in the upcoming elections. Berlusconi has incurred multiple losses in his business over the last few years and there were speculations of him contemplating to sell a part of AC Milan. With this development, some more rumours may be fuelled and given the dire state of affairs at Milan presently, this news only adds to the apprehensions and anxiety of the fans world over.