Teams come and teams go, but the one that lingers on is the team which flirted with greatness, the team which rose above others and not only dominated on the pitch, but gave “90-minutes of joy” to the people watching it.

The legendary Brazilian team from the 1982 World Cup led by Socrates comprised the likes of Zico, Falcao, Junior and Eder and coached by none other than Tele Santana. Needless to say, a team consisting of all these figures will be one which will enchant and enthrall the entire planet.

Often called as the ‘Most Artful team in the history of the game’, the 1982 Brazilian team scored as many as 15 classic goals in that World Cup, each more beautiful and elegant than the one preceding it. They were the most crazily exhibitionist team of all time – scoring goals with their eyes closed but what they really wanted was to convey the inherent beauty of the game of football. Their opponents in that World Cup were often reduced to mere audiences, appreciating the extravagant display of skills from an array of players who would make the starting 11 of any team in football history.

As we mourn the passing away of a beloved soccer legend Socrates, our mind travels back to the World Cup of 1982 when a group of men clad in yellow and blue captured the imagination of the entire planet.