Legends of Indian Football

In this series, TheHardTackle will cover some of the most legendary but often forgotten figures of Indian Football. There are players, coaches or administrators who have made a difference to Indian football in their lifetime but are not known to football fans in the current era.

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Rahim Saab

Jarnail Singh

Mohammedan Sporting in 1930s

Krishanu Dey

Gostha Pal

V P Sathyan

Tulsidas Balaram

Shyam Thapa

The Pioneers (Nagendraprasad Sarbadhikary, Dukhiram Majumdar, Maharaja of Santosh)

Peter Thangaraj

Ahmed Khan

Sheoo Mewalal

Sailen Manna

Inder Singh

Sayeed Nayeemuddin

Narayanswami Ulaganathan

Ram Bahadur Chhetri

Brahmanand Sankhwalkar

Mohammad Habib