Inquizitivity – Quiz 33

The quiz is back with a mixed format and with an increased ‘difficulty’ level. Hope you guys can crack it as well as enjoy it. All the best.

Question 1:

A‘ has an MBE attached to his name. He has played many league matches in England and in fact, holds a particular record which is only bettered by Peter Shilton. He has never played in the highest tier of English Football. A career spanning 26 years, he had played in all league grounds except the White Hart Lane. He never played for the national team. Identify ‘A’.

Question 2:

B‘ ended his club’s 71-year wait for the league trophy (top division, now known as the Premier League). Their nearest competitor that season was Ipswich Town and Liverpool, though finished 5th in the league, lifted two other trophies. Identify the manager ‘B’.

Question 3:

A crazy season. Captain spends 8 weeks in prison for drink-driving. Two points deducted for a brawl with a major rival. Yet, just one loss and an incredible defensive record. A league win, second under the same manager. Which season of English Football is being referred to? (‘C‘)

Question 4 & 5:

The deadly combination of ‘D‘ and ‘E‘, scoring more than 50 league goals and earning their side a league title after an incredible 81 years, was an unique achievement for the club. Their nearest rival failed to win on the final day and thereby lost the title. Identify ‘D’ and ‘E’.

Question 6 & 7:

Identify the occasion (‘F‘) and the player (‘G‘) sitting in the bottom row, fourth from left.

Question 8:

Though ‘H‘ scored 31 goals that season, his team finished 5th in the league, 15 points below the league-leaders. A fantastic goal-scorer during the 90’s, he represented Spain 22 times. He retired from the scene after the 1998 FIFA World Cup. He had played two years in a top Spanish club.

Question 9:

Identify the legendary football stadium. Hint: Many famous ‘rock’ concerts have taken place here over the years. (‘I‘)

Question 10:

Identify the legendary footballer. (‘J‘)

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  1. KayKay says:

    I think 4 & 5 is definitely Grafite & Dzeko.

  2. KayKay says:

    and 8 is Juan Pizzi,right?

  3. Dennis Robert says:

    1. Tony Ford

    4 & 5- Dzeko and Grafite?

    9-Stadio Olympico, Rome

    10- Giancinto Facchetti

  4. Anjan Das says:

    1.Tony Frod
    2.Ron Saundrus was the manager who ended the barren run…but in the halfway of next season he was removed and Tony Barton was the mananger for the other two trophies and Tony Barton was the assistant manager under Ron Saundrus…so dont know wht u are seeking actually…as one manager ends the barren run and another manager lifts the two other cups
    4&5.Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton
    6. 1974 FIFA World Cup
    7 Roberto Rivelino
    8.Juan Antonio Pizzi
    9.Stadio Olympico,Rome
    10.Giancinto Facchetti

  5. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Tony Ford
    B) Ron Saunders, Aston Villa in 1981.
    C) Tony Adams, 1990-91 season
    D) Alan Shearer
    E) Chris Sutton for Blackburn
    F) 1974 World cup lineup for Brazil vs the Oranje
    G) Jairzinho
    H) Juan Antonio Pizzi
    I) Camp Nou
    J) Giancinto Facchetti.

  6. Sounak says:

    Thanks for all the response.
    These are the answers –
    A) Tony Ford
    B) Ron Saunders
    C) 1990-91 Season, Arsenal won the league with the meanest defensive record. Tony Adams was the chief trouble-maker.
    D) E) Alan Shearer and Chris Hutton, 1994-95, Blackburn winning the league under King Kenny.
    F) G) The Brazilian Team in the 1974 World Cup. The super player in question is Jairzinho.
    H) Juan Antonio Pizzi
    I) This was really tough, I admit. It’s The Maracana, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. That is a ‘Police’ concert.
    J) Giancinto Fachhetti

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