Inquizitivity – Quiz 32

The latest edition of Inquizitivity is here. It is a mix of multiple old formats that I have brought to you before. Hope you enjoy this one. All the best.

Question 1:

A‘ is one of the most promising young Left Backs in the English Football today. After playing 5 years in a mid-table top division club, he moved to a better club, where he is a top player and has even captained his side recently. He has an FA Cup runners-up medal. Identify ‘A’.

Question 2:

B‘, an exceptional talent, has always underperformed in the clubs he played for, except for his spell at the same club ‘A’ played for initially. ‘B’ had a fantastic 3 seasons at that club followed by 3 absolutely injury-prone seasons at a London club. Though he has never played for the English national team, he was once eligible for the German national team due to his parental roots. Identify ‘B’.

Question 3:

C‘ played three highly successful years for the same club ‘B’ is currently employed to. In fact, in the 3 seasons he played for them, he finished their best player of the season twice. He has moved into another mid-table club now, having never represented the English national team. Identify ‘C’.

Question 4 & 5:

Identify (‘D‘) the first player and find a unique connect (‘E‘) between the two players below. Hint: Thierry Henry.

Question 6:

Identify the footballer going for the acrobatic bicycle kick. (‘F‘)

Question 7 & 8:

G‘ won one (‘H‘) in 1958 and the other in 1982. The competitors of ‘G’ have won one each in 1966 and 1972. These competitors need to win 2 and 3 times respectively to get hold of  ‘H’. Identify ‘G’ and ‘H’.

Question 9:

Identify (‘I‘) this famous football match. It was voted as the match of the season. It was a complete heartbreak for one of the teams.

Question 10:

Identify this legendary footballer. (‘J‘)

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  1. Ranadip Chandra says:

    A Leighton Baines
    B Jimmy Bullard
    C Michael Turner
    D Roger Garcia Junyent
    E He was the last player to wear number 14 at Ajax,before it was retired in honor of Johan Cruyff.
    G Juventus
    H scudetto
    I Spurs vs Man City May2010 (Spurs to qualify for the CL)

  2. Nitin Fernandes says:

    A : Leighton Baines.
    B : Jimmy Bullard.
    C : Michael Turner.
    D : Roger, E : Johan Cruyff. Roger was the last player to wear the Number 14 jersey at Ajax, before it was retired in honour of Cruyff. Henry of course wore 14 at Arsenal and Barcelona.
    F : George Weah.
    G : Juventus, Inter, Milan (Stars for 10 league titles). Should’s it be 1979 and not 1972?
    I : Arsenal 4-4 Tottenham in the 2008-09 season.
    J : Hao Haidong.

  3. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Leighton Baines
    B) Jimmy Bullard
    C) Michael Turner
    D) Roger- E) He wore the no. 14 shirt of Cryuff at Ajax which was later retired in the latter’s honour.
    F) George Weah
    G) Juve, Inter and Milan for H) the golden star in the Serie A. Milan won it in 1979 and not 72. Could you clarify?
    I) Arsenal 4- Spurs 4
    J)Hao Haidong