Inquizitivity: Quiz 30 – Images Special

Inquizitivity is back with a new edition on a new year. We’ll do a lot of experimentation this year trying to make the quiz as exciting as possible. All the very best for this one.

Question 1:

Identify this footballer. (‘A‘)

Question 2 and 3:

Identify these footballers. (‘B‘ & ‘C‘)

Question 4:

Identify this incredible football match. It didn’t happen a long time back. (‘D‘)

Question 5 & 6:

Identify these footballers. (‘E‘) and (‘F‘)

[Bonus – Which match?]

Question 7:

Identify this famous football stadium. (‘G‘) [1926 Photo]

Question 8 and 9:

Identify the two kids (‘H‘) and (‘I‘)

Question 10:

Identify the legendary footballer. (‘J‘)

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  1. Ranadip Chandra says:

    A Rivaldo
    B Torres
    C Eidur Gudjohnsen
    D Tottenham 9 Wigan 1 2009 Defoe scoring 5
    E Paolo Rossi
    F Socrates 1982 WC Italy 3(Rossi hattrick) Brazil 2
    G Old Trafford
    H Brooklyn Beckham
    I christian maldini
    J Mario Kempes

  2. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Rivaldo, after he conned the referee in the 2002 WC match against Turkey
    B) Arnor Gudjohnsson- Eidur’s dad.
    C) Eidur Gudjohnsson
    D) Spurs 9- Wigan 1. Defoe scored five.
    E) Socrates
    F) Paolo Rossi, the Brazil vs Italy match in the 1982 WC which Italy won 3-2 due to Rossi’s hat trick.
    G) Old Trafford
    H) Brooklyn- Beckham’s son.
    I) Christian Maldini- Paolo Maldini’s son.
    J) Mario Kempes

  3. Dennis Robert says:


    2&3-Eidur Gudjohnsen and his father

    4.Defoe scoring against Wigan in the Spurs 9-0 Wigan match

    5&6.Paolo Rossi and Falcao?

    Bonus:-WC 1982 semi final match between Italy and Brazil

    7.Old Wembley stadium?

    8&9-Danielle and Christian Maldini, Paolo Maldini’s two sons.

    10.Mario Kempes

  4. Guys, fantastic answers there!
    Just a small mistake, it’s not ‘Socrates’, it’s ‘Junior’, Both had a similar beard, so the confusion.
    Great work guys otherwise!

  5. Ranadip Chandra says:

    My god it was Arnor Gudjohnsen !!!!!

    And i thought it was Torres’ childhood pic!!!
    *hangs head in shame, and makes a resolution to not to drink too much while answering inquizitivity*