I-League 2010/11 : LIVE! Score Updates – Round-7

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Chirag United

Kolkata, 03/01/2010 – 1:45 PM IST


Chirag United 0-0 JCT FC [Full Time]


Chirag : Somnath, Subhasish, Arnab, Chika, Bapi, Gouranga, Denson, Lalkamal, Jerry, Joshimar, Branco

JCT: Naveen, Amandeep, Omoloza, Rahul, Balwant, Ibrahim, Daljit, Lalchulwama, Randeep, Nuruddin, Maninder.

1′ : Match kicks off. Chirag United failed to defeat JCT in last year’s I-League. The home leg ended in a 1-1 draw. They are missing Elizah Junior today. TD Subrata Bhattacharya is still recovering from flu and he doesnt feature in the dugout. Sukhwinder Singh’s boys finally got a win in last round. They will look to build up from that victory.

10′ : No goals yet. Both teams have started in a leisurely pace.

20′ : JCT striker Nuruddin has experience of playing in Kolkata. He played for Tollygunge Agragami last season. He scored a brace against East Bengal in 2009/10 KFL, as Tolly shocked East Bengal 2-1.

22′ : Chirag is slowly taking hold of the midfield. Lalkamal Bhowmik has once again made an impressive start to this match. His combination with Denson Devadas has been lethal so far.

30′ : Goal-less after half an hour. Chirag curved out two decent chances but they were unable to apply proper finish.

40′ : The match is getting bogged down in midfield. Elizah Junior is being missed sorely, his combination with Josimar was terrific. Junior’s replacement Branco is talented but lacks experience.

HT : Chirag United 0-0 JCT :: None of the teams are showing enough intent to win this match. Attacking chances has been few and far between.

48′ : Second half kicks off. Will Chirag be able to repeat their performance of Durand Cup final or will JCT be able to exact a revenge?

59′ : Sanjay Sen has brought on Mohd Rafique, the man who scored in Durand final. Chirag are not able to find the back of the net, despite dominating possession.

62′ : JCT made two changes to their team Gurdeep and Balraj are on the field. Both coaches are making positive changes to their formation and look like going for the win.

71′ : Still 0-0. Chirag is strying hard to unlock the JCT defence. The mill-men are more happy to soak up the pressure and hit Chirag from fast counters.

79′ : Things are getting a bit desperate in YBK now. Chirag are throwing a lot of players forward.

82′ : Rafique !!! The young striker almost recreated the Durand Cup magic, his header hit the post. Its still 0-0.

FT : Chirag United 0-0 JCT :: Many stalemates are exciting, this certainly wasnt one. Today’s match clearly showed how much Chirag in dependent on Junior. Without Subrata on the bench, their tactical decisions were not game changing either. JCT were content to play for a draw. In the end both teams cancelled each other out. TheHardTackle’s Man of the Match is Denson Devadas. :



Churchill Brothers

Margaon, 03/01/2010 – 3:45 PM IST

Churchill Brothers 6-0 AIFF XI [Full Time]

5′ : Churchill and AIFF XIs recent form are sharply contrasting. While the boys have won two back to back matches, Churchill has dropped points against weaker opppnents.

15′ : Its 0-0 after 15 minutes.

27′ : GOOOAAALLL!!! Churchill Brothers take the lead.

35′: Take your wildest guess who scored Churchill’s goal. No, it’s not Wayne Rooney. Yes, it is Odafa Okalie, once again. Churchill still 1-0 up.

38′ : GOOOAAALLL!!! The team from Goa go two up. Churchill Brothers 2-0 AIFF XI.

HT : Churchill Brothers 2-0 AIFF XI :: The ease with which Odafa is scoring goals is funny and boring at the same time ! He has once again scored 2 goals today as Churchill are well entrenched in the drivers seat.

46′ : Second half kicks off.

55′ : Odafa is running riot in AIFF XI’s defence. The boys are getting a lesson in defending against a top class striker. Right now, it looks like Odafa will get his hattrick in any minute.

72′ : GOOOAAALLL!!! Odafa gets his hattrick!

76′ : Things have slowed down a bit in Goa…both teams seems to have accepted the result.

78′ : GOOOAAALLL!!! Its 4-0 for Churchill Borthers now. Surprise, surprise, its not Odafa. Zakir is the scorer.

82′ : GOOOAAALLL!!! One more for Churchill. AIFF defence is coming down like a house of cards.

91′ : GOOOAAALLL!!! And now it has turned into a tennis score. Churchill 6-0 AIFF XI. :

FT : Churchill Brothers 6-0 AIFF XI :: Churchill recorded the biggest win of I-League 2010/11. After thuimping losses to East Bengal and Salgaocar, the AIFF boys suffer another confidence shattering defeat. Their defending against quality attacks is very, very poor. Odafa Okalie, with five goals to his name has scored more goals than most of the teams playing in I-League. He is ou Man of the Match.


Air India
Pune FC

Kohlapur, 03/01/2010 – 3:00 PM IST

Air India 0-0 Pune FC [Full Time]

1′ : Maharashtra derby kicks off. Air India desperately need a win.

12′ : Air India shocked PFC in this fixture last season, will the Airmen be able to repeat that performance ? Its still goal-less.

31′ : Neither teams able to break the deadloack till now.

42′ : Air India look happy to be be playing for a draw and PFC is unable to break down their defence.

HT : Air India 0-0 Pune FC :: For some strange reason PFC has struggled to start well in their matches. Today’s game is no exception. Neither of the teams have managed to create too many chances in first half.

46′ : Second half starts.

55′ : Is there another sting in the tail in this match ? PFC has enjoyed a lion’s share of possession but has failed to capitalize on that. Are they looking for yet another late goal ?

65′ : PFC has put together some good moves in last 5 minutes. They are yet to find the back of the net though.

72′ : Air India are showing signs of recovery. They have tried to make inroads in PFC defence in last few minutes. It’s still goal-less.

84′ : The match has now entered the phase where Pune FC like to score their goals.

FT : Air India 0-0 Pune FC :: There was no late drama in this match. Air India managed to squeeze the life out of another match. The airmen will be happier among two teams with this result.




Bangalore, 03/01/2010 – 3:00 PM IST

HAL SC 0-1 Salgaocar [Full Time]

1′ : After travelling all over India, HAL finally play their first home match. Karim Bencharifa’s Salgaocar have slumped after a brilliant start. They have lost each of their last 2 matches.

12′ : Salgaocar as expected have started attacking from the word go…it’s still goal-less however.

22′ : GOOOAAALLL!!! Salgaocar take the lead.

31′ : Luciano Sabrosa, the man who was selected as I-League’s best defender last season donned the scorers boot. He has put Salgaocar ahead.

42′ : Salgaocar are looking more and more likely to stretch their lead.

HT : HAL 0-1 Salgaocar :: Karim Bencharifa’s team has taken a well deserved lead and are holding on to it. HAL defence has struggled to cope with Salgaocars fast and attacking style of play.

46′ : Second half starts.

55′ : It has been all Salgaocar so far. Sueoka has been a constant threat to HAL defence, the team from Bangalore is struggling to keep a foothold in this match.

65′ : Salgaocar is playing the possession game now, controlling pace of the match.

72′ : HAL is looking more and more unlikely to salvage anything from this match. Their performance in the start of the campaign seems like a mirage.

84′ : AN extremely professional performance from Salgaocar in 2nd half. They have kept the ball in their possession and snuffed out any chances of a late equaliser.

FT : HAL 0-1 Salgaocar :: An extremely efficient if unspectacular performance from Salgaocar. Something you rarely see from Karim’s teams. Salgaocar controlled the match from start to end & got three vital points. Luciano Sabrosa is the TheHardTackle’s Man of the Match


Mumbai FC
East Bengal

Kohlapur, 04/01/2010 – 3:30 PM IST

Mumbai FC 1-1 East Bengal [Full Time]

Team News:

Mumbai FC : Ishant, Nicolus,Noel, Nishant, Sukore, Keegan, Dane, Kima, Quao, Lalampuia, Nihal

East Bengal : Sandip, Naoba, Okpara, Gurwinder, Ravinder, Sanju, Mehtab, Penn, Sushanth, Tolgay, Biswarup

1′: Here we go. All set for the kick-off. East Bengal makes two changes. New recruit Biswarup comes in place of suspended Robin Singh to partner Tolgay upfront. Captain Soumik Dey will also miss the miss because of two consecutive yellow cards, Ravinder replaces him. Mehtab Hussain is wearing captain’s armband.

 4′: East Bengal is enjoying early spell of possession and  trying to adjust to the new conditions. It’s hot and humid in Kohlapur compared to Kolkata.

8′: Nice attack by East Bengal down the right wing through Sanju Pradhan, he sent a cross for Tolgay, but Mumbai FC’s Keegan clears the danger.

11′: No goals yet. East Bengal trying to create the opportunities in the early minutes, while Mumbai FC is happy to sit back and defend.

14′: Sublime touch by Penn almost created a goal, but before Biswarup could realize, Dane Pereira rushes in to clear the ball. Noel Wilson tries to test Sandip Nandy with a long ranger on the counter attack. The ball flies over.

18′: It still remains goalless. Mumbai FC tries to break free on a counter attack from the right wing, but Ravinder with a timely block to deny Sukore any chance to cross the ball in to the East Bengal box.

20′: Corner for East Bengal. Mehtab sent in a curling delivery and Okpara leaps highest to head the ball. But the referee blows his whistle for a foul.

20′: GOOOAAALLLLL !!! East Bengal gets the breakthrough ! Another corner and this time Okpara did not make any mistake to put the ball inside goal-line. Mehtab provided the corner kick and Okpara with a sublime header. East Bengal goes one up.

23′: East Bengal is in the search out for another goal. Naoba Singh sent a cross intended for Biswarup, but the ball was too long for the young striker and MFC ‘keeper Ishan comes out to collect it.

27′: Another attack by East Bengal, this time from the left. Mehtab with a short pass to Sushanth, who in-turn passes the ball forward to Penn. Penn tries to find Tolgay, but the ball is intercepted by Keegan.

29′: OKPARA !!! From a free kick delivered by Penn, Okpara’s header goes out just over the bar. Excellent effort by the defender, who is playing despite having an injury. That’s known as commitment and dedication.

34′: Scoreline remains 0-1 in favor of the visiting East Bengal team.

39′: Mumbai FC has intensified their pressure and looking to get the equalizer. First substitution, Henry IN, Lalampuia OUT.

42′: East Bengal is playing a nice sequence of square passes in their own half, nothing adventurous though. Mumbai FC desperately needs to get the ball possession back.

43′: Mehtab fires a bullet from around 30 yards out. But it got deflected off a MFC defender and goes out wide.

45′: 2 minutes of injury time added by the assistant referee.

HT: It’s half time here at Kohlapur and East Bengal deservedly leading by a solitary goal.

46′: The second half gets underway.

49′: East Bengal continues in the same fashion. Morgan is certainly looking for another goal early in the second half to seal the fate of the match.

53′: No goals yet in the second half. East Bengal is leading by one goal – thanks to Uga Okpara.

56′: East Bengal makes a strange substitution. Khabra IN and Tolgay OUT. The match is far from over and in the absence of Robin Singh, Tolgay may be required in the later part of the match if Mumbai manages to pull one back. However the Gaffer knows better and East Bengal faithful trust in Trevor Morgan.

60′: No luck for East Bengal in the second half. Mehtab’s long ranger went over the cross-piece. Mumbai FC got a chance on the counter, but Ebi Sukore wasted it. Change for East Bengal. Biswarup goes out, Budhiram Tudu IN.

61′: Mumbai FC makes their second change. Ashutosh introduced in place of Dane. Will that change bring in a goal for the Mumbai side?

65′: Mehtab combines well with Penn to set a ball for Khabra. But Harmanjot, who is back from a month long injury lay-off could not get his shot in time as Keegan makes an important block.

68′: What a save !!! Sandip Nandy plucks the ball from thin air diving to his left to deny MFC’s Henry. Super stuff this was from the veteran custodian.

72′: East Bengal is able to maintain their one goal advantage. It’s all three points that matters most and Morgan seems to be content with a 1-0 victory.

77′: GOOOAAALLLL !!! Mumbai FC equalizes. Henry is the scorer.

81′: Morgan will feel the heat because of taking Tolgay off early. East Bengal is looking for a goal at this moment and the only strikers available on the pitch is the inexperienced Budhiram Tudu.

84′: Budhiram wasted a golden opportunity. Penn sent him with a gem of a pass inside the box, but Budhi shoots it wide. Poor effort.

90′: We are into the last minute of regulation time. Scoreline reads 1-1.

Full Time: Mumbai FC 1-1 East Bengal :: thanks to a late equalizer, Mumbai FC manages to hold the Red and Gold juggernaut for a draw. Morgan’s men dropped points for the first time in this campaign. Still East Bengal manages to remain on top of the league standings by 4 points over Salgaocar. Mumbai FC’s Henry, who scored the equalizer in the 76th minute is TheHardTackle’s man of the match.



Viva Kerala
Mohun Bagan

Kannur, 04/01/2010 – 4:00 PM IST

Viva Kerala 2-0 Mohun Bagan [Full Time]

Team News:

Mohun Bagan :  Shilton, Bhanarajan, Rahul, Azim, Ishfaq, Jayanta, Manish, Asim, Snehashish, Barreto Muritala

1′: The third match of the day, Viva Kerala vs Mohun Bagan kicks off at Kannur.

5′: The ground is a bit bumpy. Bagan players are finding it difficult to adjust to the bounce at the moment. No goals yet.

10′: GOOAAALLL !!! Viva Kerala stuns the visiting Mohun Bagan side and scores the opening goal.

15′: Mohun Bagan trying desperately for an equalizer here. No lucks yet.

20′: Mohun Bagan is losing the ball too frequently here at Kannur; may be the bad bounce has something to do with it. They are not being able to get a continuous spell of possession.

25′: The home team is still enjoying the one goal lead. Snehashish tried to feed Muritala from the left wing, but Viva defence was alert.

30′: The home team is maintaining their one goal lead over the favorites Bagan. Will Subhash Bhowmick magic work at Kannur? Only time will tell.

35′: Mohun Bagan is attacking more and more, but unable to break the Viva defence. Muritala’s shot from inside the box was brilliantly saved by Viva Kerala ‘keeper.

38′: Mohun Bagan gets a corner. Asim delivered a looping ball inside the six yards box, but Barreto’s header went straight to the keeper. Poor effort by the Brazilian veteran.

42′: The trio of Ishfaq-Barreto-Muritala combines well to create a great opportunity, but ultimately the ball has been cleared by the Viva defense.

45′: Referee signals 2 minutes of added time.

HT: It’s half time at Kannur. The home team Viva Kerala is leading by 1-0. Can Mohun Bagan make a comeback here in the second half? Join us back for the live updates from Kannur.

48′: Second half gets kicked-off with Bagan trailing by a goal.

52′: No luck for Bagan yet. Ishfaq playing well through the left flank.

55′: Nice attack by Viva Kerala. But Azim was alert and prevented the danger.

58′: Free kick wasted by Viva from a dangerous position. Mohun Bagan is on the back foot here. We are close to the hour mark.

64′: Mohun Bagan got three free kicks in a span of 7 minutes, but nothing comes out.

67′: Snehashish’s corner, Harpreet’s header – ball goes over and wide.

73′: GOOOAAALLLL !!! All hopes dashed for a Bagan comeback. Viva doubles their lead through Anil Kumar.

78′: Nice attack by Snehashish down the left wing, cleared away by the Viva defense.

81′: Change for Bagan. Snehashish OUT, Sathish Kumar IN.

84′: Muritala hits the crossbar. The Bagan striker with a lovely lob tried to find the back of the net over Viva ‘keeper’s head. The goalkeeper, Shahinlal was completely beaten, but the ball rebounded off the wood-work. Sheer bad luck for Bagan.

88′: Bagan earns a throw-in.

90′: A corner for Bagan. 4 minutes of injury time remaining in this match.

FT: Viva Kerala 2-0 Mohun Bagan :: Mohun Bagan slumps to yet another defeat – the first one since Subhash Bhowmick has taken over. Viva Kerala earns three vital points here at Kannur. Viva’s Anil Kumar is TheHardTackle’s man of the match.




Dempo SC

Margaon 04/01/2010 – 3:45 PM IST

Dempo SC 2-0 ONGC [Full Time]

5′: The match kicks-off at Margaon. Dempo will try to take full advantage of this easy home fixture to close the gap with league leaders.

10′: GOOAAALLLL !!! Dempo takes an early lead through Joaquim Abrahanches. 1-0 to the home team.

15′: Dempo still leading by one goal. ONGC are on the back foot and defending with purpose.

25′: Dempo is able to maintain their one goal lead. However ONGC has put bodies behind the ball in a bid to restrict Dempo from scoring more goals.

30′: It’s still 1-0 at the half hour mark.

40′ GOOOAAALLL !!! Dempo doubles their lead. The home team goes 2-0 up. Beto is the scorer.

HT: It’s half time at Margaon with the home team, Dempo SC leading by 2-0.

50′: It remains 2-0 in favor of Dempo. No goals yet in the second half. It will be nearly impossible to stage a fight back here against a rampant Dempo attack.

60′: Somehow ONGC is managing to keep the deficit respectable. Dempo strikers’ finishing woes continue. We are in to the hour mark.

65′: Ranty makes a good run through the middle, but has been crowded out by the ONGC defenders and he loses the ball.

70′: ONGC FC defenders are playing their hearts out. Dempo not being able to increase their lead. 20 minutes to go.

80′: The scoreline remains 2-0 in favour of Dempo SC.

FT: Dempo SC 2-0 ONGC :: Dempo clinches full three points against the I-League new-comers. It was a dominating performance by Armando Colaco’s men and they deserve to win the contest by handsome margin. However, Armando Colaco will be a worried man by the way his strikers wasted some easy opportunities. Beto is TheHardTackle’s man of the match.