PJN Stadium, Margao, Goa

23rd April, 4:15 PM IST


Salgoacar: Karanjit, Jaspal, Meitee, Tomba, Yakubu, Seoka, Govin, Sabrosa, Rocus, Francis, Gillbirt.
Dempo: Roy, John, Peter, Climax, Ranti, Beto, Kalu, Clifford, Valeriano, Mahesh, Kattimani.

Still 15 minutes to kick-off, crowd is still filling in. This is going to be one cracker of a football match.

Vuvuzelas in the background, this is an ever bigger turn-out that the Churchill-Salgoacar game. One can hear the profound noise of drum-beats and crackers.

Players emerge from the tunnel. This is the biggest turn-out of the season. Unbelievable atmosphere.

One minute silence being observed for the untimely demise of HAL Keeper Arun Kumar.

0′: The match kicks-off.

2′: Govin conceded and early corner to Dempo. After the ball is cleared, Dempo get their second corner.

5′: GOOOOAAAAAAL! Kalu scores for Dempo. It was a mistake by Karanjit, who comes out to clear but his clearance was weak. The ball falls to Kalu who makes no mistakes.

5′: Incidently, Kalu also scored in the reverse fixture at the same time. Salgoacar have hardly seen the ball in the opening 5 minutes. Dempo have been all over them.

9: Shot by Tomba. The ball sails over the cross-bar.

14′: Foul by John, as he bring down Seoka. Free-kick for Salgaocar on the edge of the box. Well defended by Clifford. It’s 1-0 to Dempo after the first 15 minutes.

15′: What a mistake by Valeriano. Francis was through, and it was a 3 on 1 situation for Salgoacar. But, Gawli makes a sensable tackle.

17′: What a brilliant move by Dempo. Ogba won the ball in the midfield, and passed to Beto who exchanged a neat one-two with Peter. A superb cross from the right but just out of reach of Clifford.

20′: Nice move by Salgoacar. Francis delivered a decent cross from the left, however, Gilbert cannot reach it.

24′: Cross by Yakubu, but comfortably collected by Kattimani.

26′: Corner for Salgoacar, as Valeriano diverts a Gilbert cross.

28′: GOOAAAAAAL! Yakubu scores! Salgoacar 1-1 Dempo.

30′: Corner for Salgoacar. The crowd is roaring them on. Fabulous atmosphere here in Margao.

34′: Game has come to life. Salgoacar are running riots in the Dempo defence. With the home crowd firmly behind them, the momentum has changed on its head. In which part of Goa will the wine flow tonight remains to be seen.

36′: Free-kick to Salgoacar. This game is turning out to be exactly similar to the reverse fixture between the two Goan outfits. Straight into the wall by Seoka.

40′: Ranti hits the back of the net, but it’s ruled out for a foul just before the goal. Dempo supporters are livid.

44′: GOOAAAAAAL! Ranti puts Dempo in front to silence the home crowd. Game on again. It was a brilliant ball from Beto, and Ranti’s finish was straight from the top drawer.

45′: Two minutes of added time.

HT: Salgoacar 1-2 Dempo.

45′: Second half starts. It’s all to play for, for both the team here in the remaining 45 minutes.

46′: Freekick to Dempo, but it hits the wall.

48′: Mistake by Salgoacar defence. Beto gets the ball and puts it to Clifford, who delivers a great ball but Karanjit comes out and thwarts the danger.

55′: Substitutions: Toba OFF, Cajetan ON. Francis OFF, Anthony IN.

57′: Good defending in the past five minutes from Dempo, as they have not allowed the Salgoacar wide players to deliver crosses. Mahesh has been outstanding today; if not for him, the away team would have conceded at least two goals more.

61′: Still 30 minutes remaining. The score-line remains in Dempo’s favour.

65′: After coliding with Sabrosa, Beto was carried of the ground. However, he returns to the pitch. Throw in for Dempo.

66′: Shot by Ranti sails over the bar. It’s overcast here in Goa, and the playing conditions are perfect today evening.

70′: Beto does well on the right to cross the ball in, but Karanjit was ready to pre-empt any danger. Good keeping there.

72′: Salgoacar has the lion’s share of possession presently, but are lacking in the final ball. The crowd is getting restless now. Something has to give way now.

75′: Substitution for Salgoacar: Gilbert OFF, Khangembam ON.

77′: Dempo’s defence has looked suspect here, and Salgoacar are looking threatening.

80′: What a miss by Ranti! On the break, he had two defenders in front of him from close range – he shoots wide.

83′: A breathtaking goal-line clearance from Kalu, who saved a sure-shot goal.

84′: What a counter by Salgoacar at break-neck pace. Meitee misses. The crowd is expecting a goal now. This is the best atmosphere in a long long time in Goa.

86′: GOOOAAAAAAAL! Beto scores for Dempo, who are now 3-1 up in Margoa. Kalu delivers a fabulous pass on the counter. Four minutes plus stoppage time to go. Salgoacar 1-3 Dempo.

90′: Substitution for Dempo: Beto OFF, Godwin IN. Two minutes of injury time remaining.

FT: The referee blows the whistle and Dempo wins! This victory puts the club right back into the title race. Final Score – Salgaocar 1-3 Dempo. Man of the Match: Beto.





Yuvabharati Kirarangan, Kolkata

22nd April, 5:00 PM IST

East Bengal: Sandip, Ravinder ,Nirmal , Sunil,Alexandro,Sanju ,Sushant,Penn,Nabi, Soumik, Baljit
VIVA:Sharath , Charles, Rasaq , Karma.t , Sabeeth , Felix ,Farooque,Sherin , Jimshad , Pradeep ,Anil Kumar

17′: GOOOAAALLL !!! Nabi scores a world class goal. He starts his run from the centre-line, cuts in and unleashes a n unstoppable shot.

20′ : GOOOAAALLL !!! Penn makes it 2-0. He delicately dribbles past two Viva defenders and then applies a neat finish.

22′: Viva has made some inspiring come-backs in last few matches. Can they repeat those performances today ? Otherwise East Bengal will run away with this match.

26′: Ravinder’s poor free-kick goes out.

30′: Charles’ tried to head in a cross from Pradeep but he missed the target.

33′: Alexandro goes off, Sushil replaces him.

36′: Good chance for Viva Kerala but Nabi makes a timely clearance. Viva makes an appeal for a penalty but referee waves on.

39′:Viva has obtained seven corners but failed to capitalize on them.

40′: GOOOAAALLL !!! Sushil executes a low header from Sanju’s cross. Surely this is game, set and match for the home team ?

42′: Dangerous dipping long ranger from Sushant.Somehow saved by Viva ‘keeper.

HT : East Bengal 3-0 Viva Kerala :: A masterclass performance from the Fed Cup winners in first 45 minutes. Morgan’s team not only dominated possession but also took their chances perfectly. Its an uphill task for Viva Kerala to come back into this match now.

47′:Anil Kumar,Viva’s top scorer, replaces Sabeeth.

50′: Pradeep’s free-kick rebounds off East Bengal wall.

51′:Baljit messes up a golden chance to make it 4-0. He failed to take a powerful shot from point-blank range.

57′: Penn misses a one on one with Sarath.

60′:Robin replaces Baljit.

62′:Mehraj replaces Sanju

69′:Sushil tries to score with a clever back-head but Sarath was up to the task.

71′:Sarath denies Sushil again. Sushil showed lovely skills to drift past Rasaq but his shot was well saved by Sarath.

75′: Sushil clashed with Charles and is lying injured.

82′: Karma hits the side netting.

FT : East Bengal 3-0 Viva Kerala :: An almost perfect display from the Red & Golds who wrapped this match up in first 45 minutes. With this win East Bengal reaffirms its title aspirations.





Sahu Maharaj Stadium, Kolhapur

23rd April, 4:00 PM IST

9′: The score is 0-0 after the first 9 minutes.

23′: Air India 1-0 Churchill Brothers.

28′: GOAAAAL! Odafa scores. Churchill have equalised. The score is 1-1.

30′: Churchill have scored again. This time it’s Binish and the score is 1-2 in their favour now.

36′: Air India 1-2 Churchill Brothers.

HT: Air India 1-2 Churchill Brothers

54′: The match is still poised in Churchill’s favour, with the Goan team leading by 2 goals to 1.

79′: Air India 1-2 Churchill Brothers.

FT: The game ends in a draw. Final score – Air India 2-2 Churchill Brothers. Air India equalised in the dying minutes of injury time.





Sree Kantheveera Stadium, Bangalore

24th April. 4:00 PM IST

Both teams are set for an intriguing battle. HAL have dropped one place to12th after Air India’s draw yesterday.

HAL desperately need a win specially as both their fellow relegation strugglers  ONGC and JCT are playing today.

Here are the line-ups:

HAL: Ranky, Srikant, Goutam, Kenneth, Abeola, Rohit, James, Murli, Meitei, R.C.Prakash, Hamza

Pune FC : Keita, Subrata, Tabia, Gurjinder, Tamba, Selwin, Venkatesh, Prasad, Arata, Subash, Lestor.

1′ : Match kicks off. This is crunch time for HAL. They are playing in front of their home crowd and will surely go for the win

10′ : Nothing much to both sides in the first ten minutes. Both playing cautiously.

20′ : Pune FC have had 8 draws this season, something that will not please coach Derrick Pereira.

35′ : Game getting stuck in midfield. Neither team wants to take the risk of pushing forward.

44′ : GOALLL… Pune FC draw first blood. Lester Fernandes gets on the scoresheet on the stroke of half time. this is a big blow for HAL.

HT: Pune FC leading by a goal to nil. derrick Pereira will be pleased with the performance of his boys so far. For HAL, times are desperate. They need a much better performance in the second half

46′ : Second half starts. HAL’s time starts now. They need at least a point from this game else they could be in the relegation battle.

52′ : GOAAALLL… Keita doubles Pune’s lead. It looks like curtains for HAL now.

54′ : Pune leading 2-0 now.

55′ : A win for Pune FC will move them to fifth position ahead of Mumbai FC who play tomorrow.

60′ : HAL’s season is falling apart unless they do something about it quickly. They have picked only one point from the last six games.

62′ : GOAAALLL… HAL score. R.C Prakash puts it in. The fightback has started.

70′ : Only twenty minutes to go at Bangalore. Pune  FC are leading 2-1

80′ : Ten minutes to go. HAL need a point at least.

89′ : Only a minute plus stoppage time to go. Pune still holding to their 2-1 lead

FT : Pune FC win 2-1. They move to 29 points ahead of Mumbai FC to 4th place. HAL stay in 12th position but if ONGC win today then they will be in the relegation zone. Lester Fernandes wins Man of the Match





Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana

24th April 2011, 4:00 PM IST

The Guru Nanak stadium will witness a mini derby of sorts. Both teams from neighbouring regions.

Here are the line-ups:

JCT : Naveen, Amarwant, Omolaja, Gurtej, Balwant, Maninder, Jagpreet, Amandeep, Lalchaunmawia, Ajay, Rahul

Indian Arrows : Vishal, Jagroop, Raju, Inderpreet, Jagtar, Jeje, Jewel, Jibon, Bikramjit, Akshay, Lalrozama

1′ : Match starts. JCT are at the bottom of the table but they have two games in hand. They need to make them count else they are in big trouble.

10′ : Nothing much to show for both teams so far. Indian Arrows are in 9th position with 23 points but could get sucked in the relegation battle if they keep losing.

16′ : Quarter of an hour gone at Ludhiana. Still goalless

22′ : Indian Arrows’ passing game is unsettling JCT. Desmond Bulpins side have certainly given most teams this season a run for their money.

30′ : Half an hour gone at the Guru Nanak Stadium. This ground was once a fortress for JCT. They need to be unbeatable here.

HT : It is half time at Ludhiana. No goals yet.

46′ : Second half starts.

50′ : Both teams trying to pick up the pace in the second half.

60′ : Half an hour to go at Ludhiana. Indian Arrows will be happy with a draw but JCT need the win.

71′ : GOAALLL…. JCT take the lead…

71′ : Nigerain and JCT captain Omolaja Karim leads from the front by scoring a vital goal for the Millmen… 1-0 with quarter of an hour plus stoppage time to play.

80′ : Ten minutes to go at Ludhiana. If it stays like this it will be a big win for JCT.

85′ : five minutes plus added time to go. JCT are heading towards their second win in five games.

90′ : Only stoppage time to go now. JCT are inching close to a win.

90+1′ : GOAAALLL.. JCT get their second and put the result beyond doubt. Maninder Singh puts JCT two goals ahead

FT : What a win for JCT.. 2-0 it ends.  They move to 12th position with 20 points and a game in hand and out of the relegation zone. Indian Arrows are in danger of getting sucked in the relegation fight.. JCT goalkeeper Naveen Kumar wins Man of the Match





YuvaBharati Kirarangan, Kolkata

24th April 2011, 5:00 PM IST

Welcome to the Yuba Bharati Kirarangan for the clash between Mohun Bagan and ONGC

Here are the line-ups:

Mohun Bagan : Sangram, Surkumar, Muritala, Souvik, Manish, Snehashish, Anwar, Deepak, Dhanarajan, Jayanta, Sathiskumar.

ONGC : Narzerey, Kamal, Gour, Tapan, Sandip, robin, Naresh, Jatin, Babatunde, Opara

1 minute silence observed for HAL reserve keeper Arun Kumar

1′ : Match starts. In the first leg Bagan beat ONGC 3-1

2′ : Surkumar long ranger saved by Nazary.. Corner

3′ : GOAALLL… What a start for Bagan, Surkumar scores..

4′ : Surkumar scored a scorcher.

8′ : Bagan leading 1-0. Manish gets yellow for foul on Japanese Yusa

11′ : What a miss by Muritala… Nagery misses the flight of a cross but Muritala fails to connect with the ball

15′ : Freekick for ONGC. But Yusa’s shot goes straight into Sangrams safe hands

17′ : Oh what a header by Sangha. Great cross by Jatin Singh Bisht but ball goes just wide of the post. Close shave for The Mariners.

19′ : ONGC stepping up the pressure now. Sangram saved a Yusa corner after Deepak Mondal fouled him. Went for a corner.

20′ : Two successive corners for ONGC. But well defended first by Deepak and then by Anwar.

25′ : ONGC now constantly raiding the Bagan defense. Tapan received a ball from Opara on the left. But his shot was too weak.

28′ : Bagan now attacking through Snehashish but his shot went wide.

31′ : ONGC now attacking again through Jatin. Earns a corner but well defended by Mohun Bagan

34′ : Satish Kumar and Jayanta combine well. But Gour makes a timely clearance to thwart the danger.

35′ : Ten minutes to go to half time.

37′ : ONGC now attacking again through Yusa. But cleared by Anwar Ali for a corner. Yusa has been ONGC’s best player on the pitch so far. Making some nice runs behind the Bagan defenders.

39′: ONGC now attacking through Jatin from the left but coolly defended by Bagan.

43′ : Freekick for Bagan. But Snehashish’s shot cleared by defender Gour

44′ : What a sizzling counter attack by Bagan through Manish. Earns a corner.

44′ : Well defended by ONGC. Referee has added two minutes of injury time.

HT : Referee blows the final whistle of the first half. Bagan leading 1-0 at the breather.

45′ : Second half starts.

47′ : Great shot by Opara. But well saved by Sangram. ONGC are attacking from the word go. bagan need to be careful.

48′ : Oh what a miss by ONGC.. Off the post. From a Jatin Singh Bisht corner Robin shoots but it hits the post and goes out

50′ : Bagan living dangerously now.. ONGC constantly raiding the Bagan defence.

54′ : Tactical change by Bhowmick. Rakesh Masih IN and Souvik Chakrabarty OFF

59′ : ONGC are constantly raiding the Bagan defense now. But are unable to find the equaliser.

63′ : Bhowmick sensing danger now. Deepak Mondal OFF and Kingshuk Debnath IN. Bhowmick probably wants fresh legs in defence.

65′ : Long shot taken by Surkumar. But ball goes wide of the post.

67′ : ONGC on the attck again. Yusa with a shot but a timely tackle by substitute Debnath

68′ : Substitution for ONGC.. Lalampuia IN Tapan Maity OFF

70′ : Babtunde shot saved by Sangram. 20 minutes to go. ONGC are definitely looking good for the equaliser.

73′ : Oh what a tackle by Anwar. Babatunde was in after receiving a pass form Opara. Anwar with a last ditch effort saves the situation for Bagan.

75′ : 15 minutes to go. Bagan still holding on at the Salt Lake but are looking fragile and under pressure from the constant ONGC attacks.

77′ : Sub for ONGC. Kailash Patil IN Yusa OUT

78′ : GOAAALLL… ONGC equalise through Kailash Patil. What an inspired substitution from Subrata Bhattacharya

79′ : This was definitely on the cards. Bagan got into their shell and were playing a defensive game.

80′ : Sub for Mohun Bagan. Ishfaq IN and Satish OFF

82′ : ONGC going all out for the winner now. Opara and Babatunde creating havoc in Bagan defence.

84′ : OHHHHH…… GOAAALLLLL… Kailash Patil you beauty… Gets his second on the night. Two goals in seven minutes for the Oilmen… Mohun Bagan are stunned…

85′ : The Mariners have paid the price for their defensive approach to the game.

88′ : Sub for ONGC.. Bhola Prasad IN and Sandeep Sangha OUT. ONGC shutting shop now. Going defensive to protect the lead. Good move by Subrata Bhattacharya.

90′ : 3 minutes injury time. This has gone horribly wrong for Bagan.

90+1′: ONGC have split the relegation battle wide open. They are very much in the hunt for another season in the League.

90+2′ : Bagan trying to find the equaliser but ONGC battling hard. Only one more minute to go.

FT : ONGC win 2-1. What a win. Inspired Substitution by Subrata Bhattacharya to get on Kailash Patil. He scores 2 goals in seven minutes to script an amazing turnaround for the Oilmen. Man of the Match: Kailash Patil.

ONGC move to 11th position just a point behind Viva Kerala. They are looking good for another season in the top flight of Indian football. The battle to avoid relegation is getting as interesting as the fight for the title. Bagan slump to their 7th loss of the season





Sahu Maaraj Stadium, Kolhapur

25th April 2011, 4:00 PM IST


Mumbai FC : Nidhinlal, Goutam, Quao, Nicholas, Henry, Sukore, Kima, Noel (c), Faizal, Keegan, Kattimani.

Chirag United : Abhijit, Sukhen, Chika, Justin, Narugopal, Lalkamal, Nascimento, Jerry, Tulunga, Elija Jr., Sunil.

o’: Mach kicks-off.

10′: Chirag has been playing well away from home. The team from Kolkata has enjoyed more ball possessions and is dictating the play presently. However, no clear cut opportunities thus far.

14′: Mumbai are slowing beginning to get more of the ball. A pass from Henry to Sukore in the Chirag box, however, the resulting shot sails over the bar. Opportunity wasted.

22′: This is end to end stuff, as both teams are not holding back. This time an attack from Jerry for Chirag, and the ball narrowly misses the target.

28′: The score is still tied at 0-0.

28′: Wali fouled Henry outside the box, resulting in a freekick for MFC. Noel’s kick went straight to Sukore who again missed the target. Lucky escape for Chirag.

31′: On the counter, Jerry’s dazzling run was enough to beat the MFC defenders, but not their keeper. The score remains 0-0.

35′: It’s still goal-less here in Kolhapur. Both the teams have created chances but neither able to capitalise on them.

41′: First corner of the match for Chirag, but Sunil was adjudged off-side.

HT: The referee blows the whistle. It’s 0-0 in the first half, with all to play for in the second.

50′: The nil-nil deadlock is yet to be broken.

58′: Mumbai FC 0-0 Chirag United.

58′: Substitution for Mumbai FC: Dani Pereira IN and Keegan OFF.

62′: Tulunga delivers a good ball to Sunil, but Sunil’s shot is wide off the target. He should have made the goal-keeper work there.

74′: Finally the ball hits the back of the net, but the goal was disallowed. Kattimani’s goal for MFC ruled off-side.

80′: Substitution for Mumbai FC: Noel OFF, Abhishek Yadav IN.

86′: The score is still 0-0 between Mumbai FC and Chirag United.

90′: Substitution for Chirag: Jerry OFF, Subhash Chakrabarty IN.

FT: Full Time here in Kolhapur. The match ends in a stalemate, with Mumbai and Chirag sharing the points.