Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium, Doha
18th January, 2011, 18:45 IST

For India vs South Korea Preview – click HERE

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12 Responses to “AFC Asian Cup 2011 – India v South Korea – LIVE !”

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  1. Rahul Saxena says:

    Go India ! Anyone has a Video stream link for this?

  2. Gogoi says:

    Any streaming link, people??? Please.

  3. Fady says:

    hey india my home country

  4. Fady says:

    india my home country

  5. Fady says:

    korea gonna lose i hope

  6. Sangwon says:

    You dongga you dont know what you’re talking about. This kid is fat and sucks at basketball

  7. Fady says:

    dont be mad cuz india is better

  8. goKOREA!! says:

    india?xD wahahahahaha nothing else to say but KOREA is gonna win 100%. I’ll bet you my life.

  9. goKOREA!! says:

    Actually, I can bet anything just about now that Korea is gonna win. Easy opponent and an obvious truth. C’mon India, don’t fight the truth. You know what I mean. 😀