2011 Federation Cup Semi Final 2: East Bengal v Prayag United – LIVE!


Yuvabharati Krirangan, Salt Lake, Kolkata
September 26, 2011 – 18:00 Hrs IST


Hello and welcome to TheHardTackle’s live coverage of the second semi-final between city rivals East Bengal and Prayag United. 

Both the teams are out on the field for doing some warm-up practice. No confirmed updates on the team news yet. However there is a good news for East Bengal fans; unconfirmed reports emerging out from the Red-&-Gold camp suggests that Mehtab Hussain will be playing today, if required. A big relief for the East Bengal supporters present in huge numbers at the colossal Yuvabharati Krirangan. The stadium is looking like a sea of Red-&-Gold waves!

We will confirm the starting line-ups in a while. Stay tuned…


East Bengal: Sandip, Naoba, Okpara, Nirmal, Soumik, Vasum, Sanju, Khabra, Baljit, Gow, Tolgey.

Prayag United: Abhijit, Deepak, Bello, Arnab, Sukhen, Lalkamal, Denson, Tulunga, Snehasish, Joshimar, Yakubu.

Teams are out on the pitch and all set for the kick-off. Cracking atmosphere here at the YBK.

1′: Prayag with the first attack of the match. Gets a corner. Cleared by East Bengal defense.

3′: Another attack  by Prayag. Denson to Lalkamal towards Yakubu, but Soumik Dey was alert and averted any potential cause of concern for East Bengal.

5′: East Bengal is yet to get their hold on the midfield battle in the absence of Mehtab. Another well organized attack by Prayag. This time Uga Okpara disposes Yusif Yakubu.

7′: East Bengal on the attack now. Khabra tries to feed Gow from the left of midfield, but his passing lacks direction. Easily cleared away by the Chirag defense.

8′: Alan Gow shoots from inside the Prayag box! Goes over. First real chance of the match!

10′: Another good attack by East Bengal. Sanju finds Gow on the left and Gow, in turn tries to feed Baljit inside the box, Bello Rassaq intervenes and the ball is cleared.

12′: Tolgay misses a golden opportunity! Once again it was Alan Gow who sets a nice ball on the edge of the box for the Australian magician. But Tolgay’s right footer flies high and wide.

15′: Tulunga shoots, but Sandip makes a good save!

16′: GOOOOAAAL. Prayag United scores! Snehashish Dutta is the scorer.

[16′]: East Bengal 0-1 Prayag United.

19′: Baljit Singh Sahni misses a sitter from inside the box. Tolgay provided an inch perfect assist for Baljit to just poach in the open net. East Bengal strikers’ poor form continues.

20′: Goal scorer Snehashish Dutta is booked by the referee. First yellow card of the match.

22′: Tolgay with a brilliant run on the right wing in coordination with Vasum, but Bello Rassaq makes another valuable clearance.

25′: Mehtab Hussain’s absence is severely hampering East Bengal’s tactics here. The midfield battle is currently ruled by Prayag United.

26′: The pace of the match is on the slower side after a brisk opening spell. East Bengal trying to roll the ball around and keep the possession of the ball.

28′: Another East Bengal attack down the right flank. Naoba and Vasum combines well to create a lovely ball for Sanju Pradhan. Sanju tries to locate Baljit inside the box, but hit the ball a bit too long. Straight to goalkeeper Abhijit Mondal.

30′: We are in to the half-an-hour mark, the score-board reads – East Bengal 0-1 Prayag United SC.

35′: Penalty for East Bengal. Alan Gow brought down inside the box by Bello Rassaq.

37′: GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL! Gow equalizes for East Bengal from the spot.  Perfectly placed left footer. Abhijit Mondal has no chance to stop that bullet. It’s 1-1 now and the match is on.

[37′]: East Bengal 1-1 Prayag United.

39′: Good attack by Lalkamal and Denson this time, against the run of play, but East Bengal defense clears the danger. The ball hits Denson in the abdomen region and he is being treated on the pitch.

42′: Play resumes. Another nice move by Prayag, but Joshimar is caught offside.

44′: East Bengal dominating the midfield possession now. Nice one-two between Sanju and Gow. But the final delivery lacks direction.

45′: 2 minutes of added time here.

HT’: East Bengal 1-1 Prayag United.

Second half about to begin. No substitutions yet.

46′: Alan Gow conceding the ball yet again upfront

48′: Lal K Bhowmik has had an excellent tournament and he is making his appearance felt all over the ground tonight.

51′: What a save by Sandeep Nandy there! Pin point corner from the right flank and Joshimar connects and heads it down towards the goal and Nandy has shown good presence of mind to push the ball wide.

53′ : Deepak Mondal to Yusuf Yakubu and his could be dangerous but Nirmal Chhetri was up there to cover the move.

55′ : Tolgay Ozbey is having an off day for East Bengal as Arnab Mondal is showing his speedy defending to block Vashum.

58′ : It has started to rain in Kolkata as Baljit Sahini slips trying to finish on a wonderful pass by Tolgey Ozbey.

60′ : Veteran Deepak Mondal still doing a lot of running up and down the pitch.

63′ : Lovely build up play by East Bengal. Sanju Pradhan to Alan Gow now to Tolgey and he lobs it up wide into the stadium. No where close to the target ! That’s disappointing from the man from Sydney.

65′: KEB Sub OUT: Tolgey Ozbey , IN : Penn Orji.

68′ : Crucial period this. Either team scoring here would mean one step into the Finals !

70′ : Joshimar demanding a penalalty as Nirmal Chetri brings down Tulunga in the box. Sandeep Nandy collects the ball.

72′ : Now the Ref gives a yellow card to Nirmal Chhetri for pulling down Joshimar from behind.

75′ : RED CARD to Joshimar. Second yellow card to Joshimar. An unnecessary foul by the Prayag Striker on Soumik Dey. Deserved the second booking.

77′: Prayag Utd SUB – IN : Gouronga Datta , OUT : Snehashish

79′ : Its raining cards here. Vashum gets a Yellow card followed by Deepak Mondal for his diving tackle too.

80′ : And a second yellow for Deepak Monal. Thats a RED CARD shown by the Ref. Prayag Utd down to nine men. Again a needless challenge by the veteran defender. Referee got his decision spot-on.

82′ : And its a GOOOOAAAAALLLLL ! Classy goal from Khan Thang Paite, finds the top Corner to finish off a great attacking move. It might just take KEB into the Finals !

[83′]: East Bengal 2 – 1 Prayag United.

84′ : Arnab Mondal losing his temper there. Deserved a yellow for the tackle. Ref trying to control things on the pitch.

85′ : East Bengal SUB – IN Robert ;  OUT Soumik Dey.

87′ : Its been crazy last 10 minutes here at the YBK. Heavy rains. Numerous cards. Tackles flowing around. Prayag Utd has completely lost composure here

89′ : East Bengal have slowed down the game considerably as six minutes has been added by the fourth Ref.

91′ : Kayne Vincent on the run for Prayag. Can they score the equalizer. Looks highly unlikely.

94′ : Lal Kumar Bhowmick doing all the hard work. He’ll probably end up on the losing side. Has been the man of the match here for sure for Prayag.

96′ : East Bengal on the counter. Robert takes a long shot. It hits the post. Ball into Baljit Sahini’s feet and he manages to hit the post too!

FULL TIME : Kingfisher East Bengal  2  –  1  Prayag Utd

So near yet so far for Prayag Utd. Fifteen minutes for the regulation time to end and East Bengal were on the back foot until Joshimar earned himself an unnecessary second Yellow Card followed by Deepak Mondal ‘s sending off. Both the decisions were spot-on by the referee Madho Singh, which meant East Bengal had to score against a nine men opponent and they could not let go such a golden opportunity. In the end, the more deserving team won and made it through to the finals where they will face I-League Champions Salgaocar SC.

It will be clash of titans as the Current I-League Champions will lock horns against the Current Fed Cup Champions for the ultimate honor. Join us on the 29th September at 6:00 PM IST for the live commentary updates between East Bengal and Salgaocar.


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