2011 AFC Cup: Dempo SC v Al-Tilal LIVE!





Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Goa
4th May, 2011 – 4:00 PM IST   


Team News:  

Dempo SC : John , Peter Carvalho , Climax , Ranti Martins , Beto , Kalu , Clifford , Valeriano , Rouhollah , Mahesh Gawli , Kattimani

Al-Tilal : Khaled , Tafese , Ruffin , Ahmed , Najib , Sulaiman , Ahmed , Hussein , Amroos , Lami  , Ali  

1′ : So here we go live from Goa for Dempo’s first ‘home’ Asian game. And we have the visitors, Al Tilal, straight away making some good passes in the Dempo half   

3′: Fantastic run by Ali there. The angle was really tight for a shot on taget and so had to run wide but nonetheless good football this  

8′: Oh Clifford ! What a chance  What a chance !!. One on one with the keeper but messed up in the end by Clifford. Dempo should have been a goal up by now.  

10′ : Now Beto with a good run into the box. Shoots. Deflected pass the defender for a corner. Kalu goes close. Yet another corner for Dempo.  

12′ : Najiiiiib ! Just over the bar for the Al Tilal cameo.  

15′: So fifteen minutes into the game and Dempo creating plenty of chances as well as dominating possession big time.  

18′ : What a miss ! Ranti was through. Had only the goalkeeper to beat but he chooses to pass it Beto instead. But the keeper intercepts and saves it.  

22′ : Freekick to AL-Tilal. Defended well by the Dempo wall. Its still Dempo 0 – 0 Al-Tilal . But Dempo should have been up by two goals atleast !  

25′ : Another miss by Ranti. Brilliant through ball by Beto. Rani was on it he had only the keeper to beat again. This time he took the shot but straight into the keeper  

30′ : And thats a clear cut hand ball by Ahmed. Freekick to Dempo just outside the box. Beto unleashes a power shot but was headed away by the Al-Tilal defense   

31′ : GOOOAAALLLLLL !!! for Dempo  

 Great cross by Clifford Miranda and brilliantly headed by Beto  

Dempo 1 – 0 Al-Tilal  

35′ : Beto one on one with the keeper. And he tries and manages to chip it over the keeper as well as the cross bar. But good build up play by Dempo and a cool pass by Ranti to Beto there.  

40′: Nice long range shot by Clifford. Punched away by the keeper.  

42′ : Goal for Al-Tilal. Ahmed is the one who scored the equalizer.  Dempo defense caught sleeping !!!  

Dempo 1 – 1 Al-Tilal  

 44′ : Nice 1-2 football by Peter and Kalu. Shot from Kalu. Goes just wide.  

 HALF  TIME : Dempo 1 -1 Al-Tilal  

45′ : Second half about to begin. Dempo Sub IN  Debarata Roy OUT Rouhollah  

46′ : Goooooaaaaaaallll !!!! Ranti Scores  

Dempo 2 – 1 Al-Tilal  

49′ : Good Shot on target there by Climax.  

53′ : Dempo is turning it on here. Wonderfull passing play all around the pitch by the Goan side  

55′: Goal saving tackle there by Debarata Roy. Out for a corner. Al-Tiala SUB IN Farid OUT Ahmed   

58′ : Superb shot by Ranti but just goes over the bar. Dempo going for the kill here.   

61′: Another crucial tackle by Debarata. He has made two important tackles since coming on !  

65′: Hits the post !! What a beauty of a cross from Valeriano Beto had to just put it in  

67′: Yet another miss by Dempo ! Clifford was on a three on one situation and the cross was too strong for Ranti and Beto  

70′ : Now its Ranti with a shot on the goal but is saved by the keeper. Dempo have missed three gilt edged chances in a matter of minutes here.  

71′ : Al-Tilal sub IN Omar OUT Abdul  

72′ : And its Kalu’s time to miss now. Cant believe ! What’s happening here !!  

75′ : Dempo SC have missed half a dozen clear cut chances in the second half already  

77′ : What a beauty by Ali. Whisker pass the post. Al-Tiala Sub IN Sami OUT Sulaiman. Dempo Sub IN Abranches OUT Clifford 

82′ : GOOAAL !! Al-Tilal equalize !! 

Dempo 2 – 2 Al-Tilal 

88′ : Dempo are missing chances here by the minute. This is just unbelievable stuff from the Goan Champion side. Have to take half chances at this level. Dempo whereas are missing and failing to convert even clear cut chances.

90′ : Three minutes added on here. 

FULL TIME : Dempo 2 -2 Al Tilal