Inquizivity – Quiz 20

Question 1:

‘A’ is often regarded as one of the most elegant football players to have ever played the game. An anecdote involves A and ‘B’, a supreme figure in the club he played. Once B caught A smoking, on being asked by B why he is doing so, A replied, “The only thing you need to worry about is that ‘C’ doesn’t smoke”. Identify A, B and C.

Question 2:

D‘ is a goal-keeper,  regarded as one of the earliest colourful characters in the game. Legend has it, his jersey once clashed with opponent Accrington Stanley’s jersey in a game. He couldn’t wear his normal jersey. The jersey of any other player didn’t fit the goalie, who stood 6 ft 3 inches tall. So instead of wearing a jersey he wrapped himself in a sheet and played the game. The ‘keeper didn’t make a single save in that game. Hence he “kept a clean sheet”. Identify ‘D’ who played a part in the origin of this oft used term.

Question 3:

Player ‘E’ was regarded as one of greatest players of his era. Stylish and possessing sublime skills, he was tipped to be the next superstar for club and country. After a 4-2 win over Sampdoria, the player was out celebrating with some of his team-mates. He tried crossing the street to make a call to his fiancé. He was clipped by a passing car and thrown onto the road where he was hit again by another car. He was badly injured and died later. The driver of the car which hit the player was fan of the same club and idolised the player, he even had the player’s picture hanging in the same car. The same fan would later become president of the same club. Identify ‘E’ who died in that accident.

Question 5:

‘F’ was one of the premier goal-keepers in the 1990s in India. He played for one of the best office teams in the country and was regarded as the most consistent performer under the sticks. ‘G’ was regarded as one of the brightest young talents in Indian football, he played for one of the best teams in India then. In a National League match between the two sides on 23rd February, 1997, both players were involved in one of the worst on-field scuffles in Indian football. Both were suspended for two years, which was then reduced to one. After coming back from the ban, neither player ever managed to re-capture the same form. ‘F’ is now a coach of his old club. Identify ‘F’ and ‘G’.

Question 6:

Defenders ‘H’ and ‘I’ are two of the longest serving members in club ‘J’. H and I were adept in catching strikers in off-side positions. Their tactics were so unbreakable that offside rules had to be changed to let strikers play freely again. ‘I’ also managed Millwall in mid-30s. Name H, I & J.

Question 7:

Lord Nelson! Lord Beaverbrook! Sir Winston Churchill! Sir Anthony Eden! Clement Attlee! Henry Cooper! Lady Diana! Maggie Thatcher – can you hear me? Maggie Thatcher! Your boys took one hell of a beating! Your boys took one hell of a beating!” – This is one of the most famous pieces of football commentary of all times. Identify the match that is being talked about.

Question 8:

The picture below is a scene from a Third Division South Match in England, 1936. Player ‘K’ (white shirt, left) played for club ‘L’ against Bristol Rovers. ‘L’ beat Rovers 12-0 in this game, ‘K’ achieved a unique record, which stands till date. Identify K and L.

Question 9:

The man ‘M’ in the picture took over club X in 1961. ‘N’ was a small semi-professional club in Burgundy regional league at that time.  The man, 22 at that time, had no prior experience in coaching. He was recruited because he mentioned in his application that he was prepared to do anything for the club, even “chop wood”. He got help from local farmers to prop up the struggling club. In 2005, after a 44 year stint, the man left the club. He made Club ‘M’ as one of the better clubs in France, with a famous youth system. They had won a league title and four Cups under this coach. Name the coach ‘M’ and his club ‘N’.


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  1. Somnath Sengupta says:

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  2. V S Sankar Raj says:

    A, B , C – Keane , Canton and SAF ?
    D – William ‘Fatty’ Foulke
    E – Gigi Meroni
    F – Yusuf Ansari [Air India]
    G – Uday Konar [Salgaocar]
    H – Francis Hudspeth
    I – Billy McCracken
    J – Newcastle united
    K – Joe Payne [Scored 10 goals – most goals scored by a single player in a match]
    L – luton Town
    M – Guy Roux
    N – AJ Auxerre

  3. A Spaniard in the works says:


    D) Willie Foulkes

    E) Luigi Meroni

    F) Yousuf Ansari
    G) Uday Konar

    H) Frank Hudpeth
    I) Billy Mc Cracken
    J) Newcastle United

    Norway’s 2-1 win over England in 1981 in a world cup qualifier.

    K) Joe Payne- he scored 10 goals in that match
    L) Luton Town

    M) Guy Roux
    N) Auxerre

  4. Ranadip Chandra says:

    D Bill Foulke( Bradford City FC)
    E Gigi Meroni
    7 Norway’s 2-1 victory against England in a World Cup qualifier in Oslo on 9 September 1981
    8 L Luton Town K Joe Payne, (most goals scored by a single player in a match-10)
    9 M Guy Roux N AJ Auxerre

  5. Somnath Sengupta says:

    Great job guys !

    A, B , C –Michel Platini, Gianni Agnelli, Massimo Bonini
    D – William ‘Fatty’ Foulkes
    E – Gigi Meroni
    F – Yusuf Ansari [Air India]
    G – Uday Konar [Salgaocar]
    H – Frank Hudspeth
    I – Billy McCracken
    J – Newcastle united
    K – Joe Payne [Scored 10 goals – most goals scored by a single player in a match]
    L – Luton Town FC
    M – Guy Roux
    N – AJ Auxerre