Inquizitivity – World Cup Special: Quiz 3

because ignorance is bliss, knowledge is divine.


Question 1
I started my career as a left winger, before moving into a more central striking role. I was a prolific goal scorer for my club, Vasco. I am 73 years old now. I formed a lethal combination with Zizinho and Jair when I played for my country. Who am I?

Question 2
I was one of the legendary ‘Mighty Magyars’. I scored 75 goals for my country in just 68 games. I died at the age of 49, of stomach cancer, though I fell down from the fourth floor of a hospital in Barcelona. Who am I?

Question 3
I managed to put four past West Germany in a FIFA World Cup. I wore the colors of Le Bleus. I am one of the record-goal scorers in a World Cup. I played 21 games for my country to score 30 goals. Who am I?

Question 4
I was an exceptionally talented right-winger of my time. I was blessed with incredible pace. I scored 45 goals for my country in 100 matches. I became a Senator after retiring from football. I have a gold medal and a silver medal in consecutive Olympics, between which I had an exceptional World Cup outing. Who am I?

Question 5
I was a prolific goal scorer for Valencia when I played there. I won two Pichichis with them in consecutive years being the top goal-scorer each time. My father was also a footballer. I scored two goals in a crucial World Cup final match. Who am I?

Question 6
Identify the footballer?

Question 7 – Bonus Question
Connect the footballers, who were the answer to the first six questions.

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  1. aamir says:

    2.Sando Kocsis
    3.Just Fontaine
    5.’ El Matador’ Mario Kempes
    6.’ Toto’ Schillaci
    7. WC top scorers

  2. sounak says:

    @aamir: Kudos, all the answers are correct! 😀

  3. I seem to be having trouble , subscribing to your RSS feed. It comes up with error 404. Let me know if its a easy to fix error or if its just me . Ive tried opera and firefox. Im using Eset Firewall and im not sure how to turn it off . Im not excellent with Netbooks. Ill revisit your site and see if you have responded. bye now

  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don¡¯t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.