Inquizitivity – World Cup Special: Quiz 1

All questions are related to FIFA World Cups. Let’s begin..

Question 1
Connect Pasadena, Pontiac, Stanford, East Rutherford, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, Foxborough and Washington DC.

Question 2
Connect North Korea-Middlesborough-World Cup upsets.

Question 3
What is so unique about Rigobert Song, Roger Milla and the 1994 World Cup?

Question 4
Connect the number ‘11’ to Ronaldo (El Phenomenon) in a World Cup stage. Hint: It’s a record.

Question 5
Connect Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer, with respect to World Cups.

Question 6
Argentina (1986), West Germany, Sweden, France, Brazil, _____. Fill in the blanks. (Small clue attached with the first country)

Question 7
Who is the only player to have played in three World Cup Final matches?

Question 8
Estadio Azteca has done it. Estadio do Maracana will do it. No other stadiums have done it. What am I talking about?

Question 9
Lothar Matthaus (1990), Roberto Baggio, Davor Suker, Ronaldo, _____. Fill in the blanks, Explain the context. (Small Clue attached to the first name)

Question 10
Who are the men in the photos? What did they share?


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  1. sounak says:

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  2. Marwin says:

    1. Don’t know may have hosted matches in 94 … just guessing
    2. I know North Korea beat Italy at the 66 WC … so this must have happened at the Riverside
    3. oldest and youngest players to play in a WC?
    5. Only men to win the world cup as player and manager
    7. Cafu
    8. Host the WC final twice
    9. Cannavaro?? I know Davor Suker and Ronaldo finished 2nd best player .. silver ball
    10. Joint golden boot winners WC 1994

  3. Arvind says:

    My Answers

    1. Host cities of 94 WC

    2. In 66 WC, North Korea beat one of pre-tournament favourites Italy 1-0 at Middlesbrough and qualified for next round at the expense of their much fancied opponent

    3. They held the record for being the youngest and oldest players in WC. Both Cameroonians. However there is a controversy regarding the stated date of Song’s birth, with many reports claiming he is at least 5 years older.

    4. (Guess).. Number of goals scored from a foot

    5. Both Won the WC both as a player and manager

    6. Turkey (Team finishing 3rd in next world cup)

    7. Cafu – Came on as a sub in 94 and started in 98 and 02.

    8. Host world cup finals twice. But technically Macarena hasn’t hosted the finals. The 1950 edition didn’t exactly have a final, but the last game became a near final.

    9. Blank

    10. Golden boot

  4. Vijay says:

    1. Venues of the 1994 FIFA WC in the USA
    2. North Korea beat Italy 1-0 at Middlesborough. This is considered to be one of the greatest upset of all times in WC
    3. Youngest and Oldest players of the tournament from the same team
    4. Has scored in most number of games (11) in a WC
    5. Have won the WC both as a player and as a Manager
    7. Cafu – 94,98,02
    8. Azteca hosted the 70 and 86 WC Final games. Maracana did it in 50 and will do it in 14.
    10. Hristo Stoichkov and Oleg Salenko. shared the golden shoe in 1994

  5. Rahul says:

    1. 1994 WC venues
    2. North Korea 1-0 Italy. WC 1966. Ayrsome Park.
    3. Song – youngest player at the WC to be sent off. Disco Dancer Milla – Oldest player at WC.
    4. He scored his 11th WC goal in the final in 2002?
    5. Both won the WC as player and coach.
    6. Germany – they’re all the highest scoring teams in each world cup since 1986.
    7. Pele
    8. Hosting the WC final for a 2nd time.
    9. Runners up in the Golden Ball award race? IF so, Fabio Cannavaro.
    10. Stoichkov and Oleg Salenko. They shared the Golden Boot in 94.

  6. sounak says:

    @marwin, @arvind, @vijay, @rahul: Thanks for the comments, you guys were almost spot on! Congrats!

    The answers are:

    @1: 1994 FIFA World Cup Venues at USA.

    @2: North Korea did the Upset of the WC on Italy at Riverside.

    @3: The largest age difference between two squad players in a World Cup match, ever! 24 years and 42 days, 1994, Cameroon (Rigobert Song: 17 years and 358 days; Roger Milla: 42 years and 35 days).

    @4: This one, nobody got the exact answer. It is the maximum number of matches where a player has scored at least 1 goal in the World Cup. Ronaldo holds that record.

    @5: Won the World Cup both as a player and coach. Zagallo (58,62 as player and 70 as coach) Beckenbauer (74 as player and 90 as coach)

    @6: 6. Germany. Top scoring teams by World Cups. (from 1986 to 2006)

    @7: Cafu – 94 (Sub), 98, 02’

    @8: These two stadiums will end up hosting two Football World Cup Final matches. Maracana will do it in 14′.

    @9: Fabio Cannavaro. Silver Ball winners.

    @10: They shared Golden Shoe in the 1994 World Cup. Stoichkov and Salenko.

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