Inquizitivity: Quiz 9

Continuing with the Chain-Quizzing (c) TheHardTackle that was published last time.

Identify all the ten characters; you will have to answer in a sequence to crack the entire quiz. All the best.

Question 1

A’ was a massive player for his club, a legend rather, but managed to complete only 22 appearances for England. He had made the Full Back position his ‘own’ and was one part of the famous Quartet of his club’s legendary team. ‘A’ works as a pundit on BBC now, being a “Match of the Day” expert. He wore the Number 2 shirt almost throughout his career.

Question 2

B’ is famously remembered for his last minute goal, which was a lob over the keeper from 45 yards, against ‘A’s team in some cup Final. Though, ‘B’ was from Spain, he managed to play for ‘A’s rival club for 5 years. As a midfielder, he really helped his club to finish third in the league in 1989-90. He never played an International for his country.

Question 3

In a FA Cup Final, ‘B’ replaced the injured ‘C’ early in the match. ‘C’s team had won the match that day against Nottingham Forest. ‘C’ was never settled in his home-country, as he played for a number of clubs throughout his career. The star midfielder was also famous for his off-the-field notorious activities. ‘C’ was signed by a particular club at a fee, which was a British record transfer back then. (2 Mil Pounds).

Question 4

Many consider ‘D’ as the greatest ever foreign player to play in a particular league. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame of a particular club alongside ‘C’ in the same year. ‘D’ was ‘Player of the Year’ for his country a record four times. ‘D’s elder brother was a famous footballer too.

Question 5

E’ was a club-team mate of a certain player who was ‘D’s country team-mate and captain. ‘E’ played 3 successful years for this particular club before being sold in very controversial circumstances. Both ‘D’ and ‘E’ played at the same club in their last year of club football (but at different times). ‘E’ was named the club captain of this famous club on his final year of club football. ‘E’ was voted as the best defender for two consecutive UEFA Champions League tournaments.

Question 6

F’ was suspended for exactly the same reason as ‘E’ playing for the same club in the same year.  ‘F’ played 110 matches for his country in an illustrious career. ‘F’ played 2 years along with the most-capped player of his country’s history at a particular top club of Europe, where he won a League Double (League and Domestic Cup) before leaving for an Italian club.

Question 7

G’ is second only to Thierry Henry and Charles Puyol (they have been in it five times) to be in the UEFA Team of the Year. ‘G’ is a home-grown legend of the club that ‘F’ left for, as mentioned before. Many consider him as the greatest player to play in his position. ‘G’ has a won the European Champions League twice for his current club. He was once involved in a training ground incident when he broke ‘C’s leg.

Question 8

H’ managed the club for two years (not consecutive) for which ‘G’ is playing now. One of the successful coaches in the history of this league, he was a prolific defender at the club ‘G’ played. He was part of his country’s team in the 1962 FIFA World Cup. As a manager, he has won domestic league titles a total of 12 times with 6 different clubs.

Question 9

I’ was the top goal-scorer for his club in the year ‘H’ managed to win his only league crown in this particular country. ‘I’ played 100 matches internationally and scored 182 goals in the 13 years he played for his club. He is the first player to reach that 100 matches figure playing for two different countries (Hint: Two parts of the same country). He has played in a UEFA Champions League Final.

Question 10

Identify ‘J‘.

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  1. Vijay says:

    A) Lee Dixon
    B) Nayim
    C) Paul Gascoigne
    D) Brian Laudrup
    E) Jaap Stam
    F) Fernando Couto
    G) Alessandro Nesta
    H) Giovanni Trapattoni
    I) Ulf Kirsten
    J) Not able to see the pic !!!

  2. Kris Sreekanth says:

    A- Lee Dixon
    B- Nayim
    C- Gazza
    D- Cantona
    E- Jaap Stam
    F- Fernando Couto
    G- Alessandro Nesta
    H- Giovanni Trappatoni
    I- Jurgen Klinsmann
    J- Michael Chopra

  3. sounak says:

    The answers are screened as of now and will be published exactly 36 hours from the time the quiz appeared on the site.

  4. vijai says:

    10) Michael Chopra

  5. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Lee Dixon
    B) Mohammed Ali Amar.
    C) Paul Gascoine
    D) Brian Laudrup
    E) Jaap Stam
    F) Fernando Couto
    G) Alessandro Nesta; although, he’s been on the UEFA team only 4 times, not five as mentioned.
    H) Giovanni Trapattoni
    I) Ulf Kirsten
    J) Michael Chopra.

  6. Arvind says:

    1. Lee Dixon
    2. Nayim
    3. Paul Gascoigne
    4. Brain Laudrup
    5 Jaap Stam
    6. Fernando Cuoto
    7. Alessandro Nesta
    8. Giovanni Trappatoni (Though as a manager he has won only 10 titles 6 with Juventus, one each with Inter, Bayern, Benfica and Salzburg). Another two were as player with Milan
    9. Ulf Kristen
    10. Michael Chopra – the half Indian footballer who played for half a dozen English clubs

  7. Sankar Raj V S says:

    1. Lee Dixon (Arsenal)
    2. Mohammed Ali Amar aka Nayim
    3. Paul Gascoigne
    4. Eric Cantona ?
    5. Jaap Stam
    6. Fernando Couto
    7. Alessandro Nesta
    8. Giovanni Trapattoni
    9. Ulf Kirsten [East & West Germany]
    10. Michael Chopra

  8. sounak says:

    Thanks everybody for the comments and the valuable inputs. Well, most of you are too smart for this and you’ve got them right, still, I’ll do my bit in providing the ‘solution’! 😀

    ‘A’ – Lee Dixon – Legendary Arsenal Full back
    ‘B’ – Nayim (That was not an easy one, I guess some googling helped!)
    ‘C’ – Paul Gascoigne – Our favorite Gazza!
    ‘D’ – Brian Laudrup – The elder brother thingy was a give-away!
    ‘E’ – Jaap Staam – Yeah, all you United fellas still get emotional about this dood!
    ‘F’ – Fernando Couto – Largely unrecognized for his work!
    ‘G’ – Alessandro Nesta – @A Spaniard in the works: Read the question carefully. I did say “Second to TH14 and Big Mouth Puyol”
    ‘H’ – Giovanni Trappatoni – @Arvind: Thanks for the valuable input. You are absolutely correct on that piece of info. 😀
    ‘I’ – Ulf Kirsten – The East and West Germany piece of history fascinated me.
    ‘J’ – Our very own Michael Chopra!

    Thanks again, people, I’ll be back with more exactly a week from now.

  9. avalanche says:

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