Inquizitivity: Quiz 8

The World Cup season is over, and we are back to club football. The pre-season friendlies are underway, and the transfer market is buzzing with players moving all over the place. In between all this, a quick round of quizzing ain’t a bad idea, right?

This is the first in the series of Chain-Quizzing ©TheHardTackle, where you need to answer the first question to move to the second one, answer the second to move to the third and so on… Since it is the first of its kind, it is a fairly easy one. Get on with it. All the best.

Question 1
‘A’ was a supremely talented football player who played his best years of football at Bolton Wanderers. He was famous for his step-overs and for his brilliant technique with the football. Playing for a particular club, he became a citizen of Turkey once. He was once the most expensive African player of his time.

Question 2
‘B’ scored a goal against ‘A’s countrymen in this recently concluded World Cup. ‘B’ captained his club team for the last two matches before making a move to a Spanish club. This made him the third player from his former club to make a ‘big’ switch to this particular Spanish club. ‘B’ was instrumental in making his current club win the league after 18 years.

Question 3
‘C’ was a country team-mate of one of those three players to make that ‘big’ switch as mentioned in the previous question. The name of ‘C’s son is the same as one of the greatest strikers to play in the Premiership. He named his son in honor of his former club strike partner.

Question 4
‘D’ was a club team-mate of the manager who didn’t pick ‘C’ in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. ‘D’ played in arguably one of the greatest teams in the 1980s. ‘D’ was a player who could play in multiple positions and was considered a natural component of ‘Total Football’ as per the experience he gained in his previous club. He was a former European Footballer of the year.

Question 5
When ‘D’ was sacked as manager of a particular football club, his replacement was a guy who shared the same feat in European Club football as ‘E’ (Think: Winning trophies). ‘E’ was once voted the World’s best goal-keeper and he greatly helped his club win the UEFA Champions League. ‘E’ spent two seasons at a Spanish club, and this spell was sandwiched between his eight years each at a famous European club before and after.

Question 6
‘F’ was a club team-mate of ‘E’ in those two years the latter spent at the Spanish club. One of the 125 greatest living footballers, ‘F’ helped his country win a World Cup playing a crucial part in central midfield. ‘F’ hasn’t retired yet from club football; he is now a prolific goal-scorer for his current club of which few people know.

Question 7
‘G’ was a club/country team-mate of the guy who in an infamous incident kicked the football into ‘F’ during a World Cup match. Considered by many as the greatest player to play for his country, he had won the league for his home country club eight times scoring 163 goals for them. He is the first player from his country to play in the Serie A.

Question 8
‘H’ was a part of that team which lost to ‘G’s club in an European Cup finals in which ‘G’ scored in a penalty shootout. ‘H’ is a legend of his club but he didn’t play many matches for his country. One of the most under-rated players of his generation, ‘H’ was the only scorer for his club in that penalty shootout mentioned earlier.

Question 9
‘H’ spent three seasons at a club of which ‘I’ is a legend. One of the most prolific goal-scorers of his time, ‘I’ scored 251 goals in 274 matches in club football. ‘I’, also considered as one of the greatest managers of all-time, took his team to an unbeaten record of 42 league games in the 70’s. Incidentally, it was ‘H’s club to beat that record in the last decade.

Question 10
After spending 16 years as club manager, ‘I’ finally took his club to the first FA Cup final against a club where ‘J’ played his football in school days. ‘J’ played for this club for 12 years and won the best player of his club in two consecutive years. If Manchester United fans would recollect, ‘J’ scored a 35-yard scorcher against them in the 1999-2000 season. ‘J’ is currently the captain of one of the Premier League Teams.

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  1. sounak says:

    The answers will be published exactly 36 hours from now. All the best.

  2. Vishnu says:

    1. Jay Jay Okocha
    2. Gabriel Heinze
    3. Patrick Kluivert
    4. Ruud Gullit
    5. Vito Baia
    6. Rivaldo
    7. Hakan SUkur
    8. Ray Parlour
    9. Brian Clough
    10. Steeven Gerrard

  3. Vishnu says:

    i cant post the answers

  4. sounak says:

    Your answers will be screened for now.

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  6. Rishav Ghosh says:

    Answers –

    A) jay jay okocha
    B) gabriel heintze
    C) dennis bergkamp
    D) ruud gullit
    E) vitor baia
    F) rivaldo
    G) hakan sukur
    H) ray parlour
    I) brian clough
    J) stephen carr

  7. Sreejith Ramachandran says:

    1. Jay Jay Okocha
    2. Gabriel Heinze
    3. Robert Pires
    4. Michel Platini
    5. Jacques Songo’o
    6. Rivaldo
    7. Hakan Sukur
    8. Ray Parlour
    9. Jack Charlton
    10. Steven Gerrard

  8. Vijay says:

    1) Jay Jay Okacha
    2) Heinze
    5) Vitor Bala
    6) Rivaldo
    7) Hakan Sukur
    8) Ray Parlour
    9) Brian Clough
    10) Stephen Carr

  9. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Jay Jay Okocha
    B) Gabriel Heinze
    C) Patrick Kluivert
    D) Ruud Gullit
    E) Victor Baia
    F) Rivaldo
    G) Hakan Sukur
    H) Ray Parlour
    I) Brian Clough
    J) Stephen Carr

  10. Marwin says:

    A=> Jay Jay Okacha
    B=> Gabriel Heinze
    D=> Ruud Gullit
    E=> Vitor Baia … but he was never voted best goalkeeper in the world
    F=> Rivaldo
    G=> Hakan Sukur
    H=> Ray Parlour
    I=> Brian Clough
    J=> Stephen Carr

  11. sounak says:

    Well done guys! It was an easy one, and you almost cracked it!

    1. Jay Jay Okocha
    2. Gabriel Heinze
    3. Patrick Kluivert
    4. Ruud Gullit
    5. Vitor Baia
    6. Rivaldo
    7. Hakan Sukur
    8. Ray Parlour
    9. Brian Clough
    10. Stephen Carr

    “A Spaniard in the works” and “Rishav Ghosh” got all of ’em correct.

    Keep visiting, the next one will get published very soon.