Inquizitivity: Quiz 7

because ignorance is bliss, knowledge is divine.

Some do it for honour, some do it for pride, while some do it for prestige – you can do it just for the heck of it though!


Question 1
Identify the football player in the picture below.

Question 2
Which famous football player’s childhood photo is this?

Question 3
Explain the stains! [ HINT: Memories .. ]

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  2. Vishnu Sharma says:

    1. Darryl Westlake – wallsall F.C

    2. DECO – Chelsea F.C

    3. AIG’s Bailout problem which also ended it’s Shirt Sponsorship Deal With Manchester United.

  3. Vijay says:

    1. Netan Sansara. Plays for Walsall FC. Indian Origin
    2. Deco

  4. anurag says:

    1. Netan sansara
    2. Deco
    3. When Manchester United ended their deal with AIG

  5. QuizMaster says:

    1. Netan Sansara. Plays for Walsall FC. Indian Origin.
    2. Deco.
    3. The angry fans, show their protest against the sponsors name being showcased at an event organized for the memories of the Busby Babes. [hint:Memories]

    no one got the 3rd answer right !!!.

    Vinay and anurag get 2 points each.
    Vishnu Sharma gets a single point.

    happy quizzing .