Inquizitivity – Quiz 27

Chain-Quizzing(c)TheHardTackle is back with the old format. Get down to the basics and earn some points.

Question 1:

A’ is a South American, a prolific goal-scorer for top Spanish clubs in the early 90’s. In the mid 90’s, ‘A’ made a move to an Italian club. He is considered as one of the greatest players to play for his country ever. His last international match was against France and it was a farewell match in which his country won 2-1.

Question 2:

B’ was the team-mate of ‘A’ during the latter’s stay at an Italian club. ‘B’ is a proud winner of a World Cup and a European Championship. He played in a Bolton Wanderers team along with other stalwarts of his era. He has represented his country 82 times. He played just three games for another English side.

Question 3:

C’ was the team-mate of ‘B’ when the latter played at The Reebok. ‘C’ also had a successful 5 years spell at a top Spanish club. He once topped the charts in the league for the most number of yellow and red cards of the season. He has played just 4 matches for his country.

Question 4:

D’ has managed the club in which ‘B’ and ‘C’ has played at some point of their career. ‘D’s longest managerial stint has been with West Brom, so far. His father and brother are both footballers. In his days, he was a ‘tough’ midfielder featuring in many English teams, most prominently for Sheffield Wednesday.

Question 5:

‘D’ had once received a long touchline ban for making comments against ‘E’. ‘E’ has been English representative in two FIFA World Cups. He was once involved in a controversial free-kick taken by Thierry Henry, a quick one, against Chelsea. He had once infamously shown three yellow cards to the same player in a World Cup match.

Question 6 & 7:

Identify (‘F‘) and Connect (‘G‘) the footballers to the historical stadium.

Question 8 & 9:

Identify (‘H‘) and Connect (‘I‘) these two footballers.

Hint – An unique achievement::Trophies

Question 10:

Identify this legendary footballer. (‘J‘)

Hint: There are many ‘firsts’ associated with his name.

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  1. Ranadip Chandra says:

    B Youri Djorkaeff
    C Iván Campo
    D Gary Megson
    E Graham Poll

    F Gareth Barry and Gareth Southgate
    G Two englishmen to play at the last FA cup match and the last England match at the old Wembley.

    H Nicolas Anelka and Peter Schmeichel
    I Winner of Euro Cup,Champions league, PL and FA cup

    J Amadeo Carrizo

  2. MK says:

    A – Ivan Zamorano
    B – Youri Djorkaeff
    C – Ivan Campo
    D – Gary Megson
    E – Graham Poll
    F – Gareth Barry
    G – Gareth Southgate
    Stadium – Old Wembley Stadium
    F & G – both played the last FA Cup final and last England game at old wembley
    H – Nicolas Anelka
    I – Peter Schmeichel
    H & I are only PL players who won FA, English Premier League, UCL and Euro
    J – Amadeo Carrizo (Argentina goalkeeper)

  3. Dennis Robert says:

    1- Ivan Zamorano

    2- Youri Djorkaeff

    3- Ivan Campo

    4- Gary Megson?

    5- Graham Poll

    6 & 7- Gareth Barry and Gareth Southgate. Villa Park- Stadium of Aston Villa. Both these used to play for them.

    8 & 9- Anelka and Peter Schmeichel. They have won Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and Euro?

    10- I don’t know, he is wearing gloves in the photo. But he looks very similar to Claudio Gentile.



  4. V S Sankar Raj says:

    A – Iván Zamorano
    B – Youri Djorkaeff
    C – Ivan Campo
    D – Gary Megson
    E – Graham Poll

    F – Gareth Barry
    G – Gareth Southgate
    The two players involved in both the last FA Cup final and last England international at Old Wembley.

    H – Nicolas Anelka
    I – Peter Schmeichel
    Players to win FA Premiership, FA cup, FA charity shield, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Intertoto Cup and UEFA European Football Championship.

    J – Amadeo Carrizo

  5. numbnuts says:

    A – Ronaldo
    B – Youri Djorkaeff
    C – Ivan Campo
    D – Gary Megson
    E – Graham Poll
    F – Gareth Barry and Gareth Southgate
    G – no clue what links them :S
    H – Nico Anelka and Peter Schmeichel
    I – never lost in a Manchester Derby?
    J – Amadeo Carrizo

  6. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Ivan Zamorano
    B) Youri Djorkaeff
    C) Ivan Campo
    D) Gary Megson
    E) Graham Poll
    F) Gareth Bale, G) Gareth Southgate and the Wembley stadium- both these players have played the final matches for club and country at the Wembley stadium before it was renovated.
    H) Nicholas Anelka and I) Peter Schmeichel have both won the Euro, UCL, Premier league and FA cup
    J) Amadeo Carrizo