Inquizitivity – Quiz 25 – Special Edition

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On this special edition, we’ll come out of the Chain-Quizzing (c)TheHardTackle norm and dive into football history, facts, trivia and of course, questions. All the best.


Question 1:

Identify the historical football stadiums. The respective clubs have deserted these stadiums and moved on to bigger stadiums.

Question 2:

Identify this football logo. It is a club logo but that club doesn’t play football. What is it’s significance then?

Question 3:

Identify this historical football match, of Asian significance. Identify the player being tackled. What was his contribution to the game?

Question 4:

I played for my country in this World Cup. Though I was born in an European country and I have played international football with that country in all U-levels, I represented the country (in the WC) my father was born in. My brother plays professional football too. My maternal grandfather was a legendary footballer too, who played in the 1954 World Cup. Who am I?

Question 5:

Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan among many other people – have all sung it. It was even performed in the funeral of a German footballer who committed suicide last year. Floyd’s song ‘Fearless’ has a bit of the song superimposed in it. Which song are we referring here?

Question 6:

One of the greatest footballers to have ever graced the Indian tri-color and also his club’s jersey, he was a one-club man. In a historical football match, to protest against something, he retired as a professional footballer. Identify him below:

Question 7:

Identify the star footballer husband sitting next to the model and showgirl.

Question 8:

Roberto Pruzzo has done it thrice. Michel Platini has done it thrice. But, Maradona has done it only once.

What are we referring to?

Question 9:

The score-line was 2-2. Calcutta was living the ‘dream’. The legend was here. Goutam Sarkar was chosen to man-mark the legend. After the match, Chuni Goswami gifted a diamond ring to the legend.

Which legendary match are we referring to?

Question 10:

Identify this ‘epic’ goal. Who is the scorer? What was the outcome of the match?

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  1. Aditya Bansal says:

    3.Eusebio, He scored four as North Korea went down 5-3 in quarterfinals of 1966 World Cup.
    4Kevin Prince Boateng
    5.You’ll Never Walk Alone
    6. Gostha Pal
    9. New York Cosmos vs Mohun Bagan in 1977. Pele’s visit to India
    10.Michael Thomas, Arsenal won the league title with a goal scored in the last minute of the last game of the season, as they beat Liverpool 2-0 at Anfield to claim the championship trophy.

  2. Supriyo says:

    1. Arsenal Stadium, Highbury and City of Manchester Stadium; in-fact the City of Manchester stadium is ManCity’s current stadium, after they moved from Maine Road.
    2. Logo of The 92 Club. In order to be a member of this society, a person must attend football matches at the stadiums of every current Premier League and Championship clubs under FA.
    3. Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, He scored four goals in that World Cup QF match against North Korea in 1966.
    4. Kevin Prince Boateng.
    5. You will never walk alone.
    6. Gostho Pal
    7. No idea – give a hint atleast
    8. Serie A Top scorer.
    9. Cosmos vs Mohun Bagan. Pele’s visit to India in 1977.
    10. Michael Thomas. Arsenal won the league title after 18 years with a goal scored in the last minute of injury time in the last game of the season in 1989 against Liverpool.

  3. A Spaniard in the works says:

    1) Highbury and Maine Road.
    2) It is the logo for the 92 club- to be a member, one has to attend a league game at the stadium of every premiership and championship club in England and Wales. The number comes from the total number of professional clubs in the English professional group.
    3) It is from the North Korea- Portugal game in the 1966 FIFA WC where a Eusebio inspired Portugal came back to win 5-3 after being 0-3 down at halftime. The North Koreans had beaten the Italian team 1-0 in the tournament. Eusebio is the player who has been tackled.
    4) Javier Hernandez
    5) You’ll never walk alone. The player was Robert Enke.
    6) Gostha Pal.
    7) Francesco Totti and his wife Illary Blasi.
    8) Number of times they were Serie A topscorer
    9) Pele
    10) Michael Thomas, who scored for Arsenal in injury time to make it 2-0 at Anfield. Arsenal needed a 2-0 victory to win the 1988-89 title on goal difference.

  4. V S Sankar Raj says:

    1.Highbury & Hyde Road
    4.Kevin Prince Boateng
    5.You’ll Never Walk Alone
    6.Gosto Pal
    8.Top Scorer for a season in Serie-A

  5. Rushi Vasani & Tuhin Guha says:

    1. Highbury is the first ground.

    2. Refers to the 92 Football Club – club for supporter who have completed visits to all 92 Football League grounds.

    3. Match is Korea DPR vs Portugal. The tackled player is Eusebio who scored 4 goals in the match.

    4. Kevin Prince Boateng

    5. You Will Never Walk Alone

    6. Gostho Pal


    8. They won the Capocannoniere – title for the highest goal scorers in Italian Football.

    9. Newyork Cosmos vs Moham Bagan. Pele was the legend and Gaoutam Sarkar was responsible to man-mark him. The match ended 2-2.


  6. Ranadip Chandra says:

    1.Highbury(Arsenal) and Maine Road(Manchester city) stadium.
    2. Club Ninetytwo A club where members have visited all 92 Football League grounds of England.
    3. 1966 Portugal vs North Korea.(QF). The player is Eusebio who scored 4 goals in the match.
    5.You will never walk alone-Liverpool Anthem.
    6.Sailen Manna.
    9.22 September 1977 Pele’s Cosmos Vs MohunBagan

    10.Michael Thomas (arsenal) goal against Liverpool in 1988-89 league.The outcome was Arsenal 2-Liverpool 0.

  7. A Spaniard in the works says:

    3) @Sounak, there seems to be some problem with the wording of the question. Multiple sources quote that Kevin Prince Boateng’s maternal grandfather was a cousin of Helmut Rahn (including wiki) who played in the 1954 world cup. But the question points to his grandfather being Helmut Rahn (which is quoted by some sources which I don’t think are right). Could you clarify?
    On that count, Javier Hernandez qualifies with his father and his maternal grandfather both being professional footballers.

  8. sounak says:

    Congrats to you guys, great attempt at this!

    1) Highbury (Arsenal’s previous ground), Maine Road (Manchester City’s previous ground)
    2) This is the 92-Club. Most of you have got this right.
    3) 1966 FIFA WC SF.North Korea vs Portugal. One of the most unbelievable turnarounds in a WC match. The reason being that man, ‘Eusobio’.
    4) Kevin Prince Boateng.
    5) Liverpool’s ‘anthem’. You’ll never walk alone.
    6) Goshto Pal, Mohun Bagan legend.
    7) Illary Blasi sitting next to her star husband, Roman God Frencesco Totti.
    8. Serie A Top Goal-scorers for those many seasons.
    9) The legendary NY Cosmos vs Mohun Bagan match of the 1970’s at Yuvabharati Krirangan, Calcutta. Pele was the man the entire nation cheered for.
    10) Micky Thomas scoring in the last minute for Arsenal at Anfield in the 1988-89 Championship last match of the season. That made Arsenal the Champions, just leaping over the Scousers in Goal-Difference.

  9. sounak says:

    @Spaniard: Regarding your doubt – First of all, Chicharito CANNOT be the correct answer, straight-away, as he was born in Mexico.(His father was a pro-footballer too, I agree!)

    But, I agree the question framing was indeed incorrect. My apologies. Helmut Rahn was a cousin of his maternal grandfather. (Which actually makes him still a maternal grandfather btw! 😉 )