Inquizitivity – Quiz 24

Chain-Quizzing ©TheHardTackle is back for another edition. The rules and points system are the same as in the previous quizzes. 10 Points for every correct answer. Q 6 & 7, Q 8 & 9 carry 50 points each. Q 10 carry 100. All the best.

Question 1:

A’ played 10 successful years in a famous English club. He moved to a German club after that English spell which included years of captaining the club to various titles including one UEFA Cup. He is currently the captain of his national team. In his last match for the club, ‘A’ came in as a sub in the 84th minute replacing the captain. The captain personally tied the arm-band around his arm before leaving the ground. Interestingly, ‘A’s parents were both footballers.

Question 2:

B’ is of the same nationality as ‘A’.  ‘B’ was part of a fine team winning the Champions League once. ‘B’ even played one year with ‘A’ in club football. One of the greatest footballer of our times, his jersey of that Europe winning team hangs in a Sports Museum in his country. He had a very short stint at a London club where he didn’t even play a single ‘league’ game for the club due to health reasons.

Question 3:

C’ managed the team ‘B’ played for, though not during the latter’s stay over there. A prolific midfielder of his time, he is one of the greatest players to ever play for his country. A very skillful player in his days, he played as a defensive midfielder and then as a ‘libero’. He was part of a successful Belgian club team. He has represented his country over 100 times.

Question 4:

D’ is of the same nationality as ‘C’. One of the greatest footballers of all time, he has won the best player for his country a record 4 times.  He had a successful spell at a Scottish club and even a one-year spell at a London-based club. His brother was a professional footballer too.

Question 5:

E’ is probably one of the greatest players to have ever played for the Scottish club ‘D’ played for. A prolific goal-scorer which includes many league records, he even played 2 unsuccessful years in Sunderland before joining the Scottish club. Holder of an MBE, he has represented his country 61 times. He was once rejected by a very famous football manager for being ‘too small’ for a striker.

Question 6 & 7:

Identify (‘F‘) and Connect (‘G‘)the two footballers.

Question 8 & 9:

Identify the historical football stadiums (‘H‘) and Connect them. (‘I‘)

Hint: FIFA World Cup.

Question 10:

Identify the footballer. (‘J‘)

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  1. Ranadip Chandra says:

    A Sami Hyypia
    B Jari Litmanen
    C Morten Olsen
    D Brian Laudrup
    E Ally McCoist

    8 & 9

    H Estadio Nacional de Chile and Rasunda Stadium
    I Venue for 1962 FIFA WC( QF,SF,Final) and 1958 FIFA WC( QF,SF,Final)

  2. V S Sankar Raj says:

    A – Sam Hyypia
    B – Jari Litmanen
    C – Morten Olsen
    D – Brian Laudrup
    E – Ally Mccoist

  3. Aditya Bansal says:

    A.Sami Hyypia
    B.Jari Litmanen
    C.Morten Olsen
    D.Brian Laudrup
    E.Ally McCoist

  4. prakhar says:

    7) george best (g)
    8) ferenc puskas (j)

  5. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Sami Hypia
    B) Jari Litmanen
    C) Morten Olsen
    D) Brian Laudrup
    E) Allan Mc Evist
    F) Gerd Muller
    G) Kevin Keegan?
    H) Estadio Nacional de Chile
    I) Rasunda stadium- They have hosted the QF, SF and final of their respective editions of the FIFA WC.
    J) Sandor Kocsis?

  6. sounak says:

    Thanks for all the response.

    The first 5 were quite easy. I’ll answer the next 5 for you guys.

    F and G –
    Gerd Muller and Dieter Muller – Euro 1972, 1976 Top Scorers.
    H and I –
    Estadio Nacional De Chile Stadium
    Rasunda Stadium in Sweden
    Host of 2 consecutive World Cup Finals won by Brazil.
    I am OK with the answers you guys have given too.
    J) Helmut Rahn – Nobody got this.
    The striker who scored the winning goal for Germany in the 1954 WC Finals, he was also present in the 1958 SemiFinal squad of the Germans.