Inquizitivity – Quiz 23

Chain-Quizzing ©TheHardTackle is back for another edition. The rules and points system are the same as in the previous quizzes. 10 Points for every correct answer. Q 6 & 7, Q 8 & 9 carry 50 points each. Q 10 carry 100. All the best.

Question 1:

‘A’ has won the Premier League medal twice. A fantastic player at Fulham, ‘A’ was bought by a big club. He left that club 4 years later to play at another English club in a ‘pay-as-you-play’ deal. A prolific header of the football, ‘A’ could not play the final of the FIFA World Cup due to suspension.

Question 2:

‘B’ started his senior football career at the same club ‘A’ started his. Though, born in Paris, he plays his international football for an African country due to his origins. ‘B’ plays for a London-based club now. Before which he played for a club for just one season and was also named that club’s best player of the season.

Question 3:

‘C’ has managed the country for which ‘B’ plays for. A defensive midfielder during his playing days, ‘C’ was a decent goal-scorer too; he played mostly for clubs of his country. He was part of the legendary football team in the early 70’s which won many European honors.

Question 4:

‘D’ played three years of his initial senior career for the club which ‘C’ once managed for 2 years. A very injury-prone player, ‘D’ moved to a famous club in England. He had a troubled relationship with his previous manager. He represented his country in this World Cup and was a solo-striker for them in almost all matches.

Question 5:

‘E’ was once famously ‘knocked down’ by ‘D’ leading to a red card for the latter. He has played 92 times for his country. The player, whom he replaced when he started playing for his country, is probably the greatest ever to play for his country. A very tall player, he has played 5 years each for Sunderland and Aston Villa.

Question 6 & 7:

Identify (‘F’) and Connect (‘G’) the footballers.

Question 8 & 9:

Bayern Munich, Feyenoord – 13

Reading, Panathinaikos – 12

What is the ‘Number Connect’ with the above clubs? (‘H’)

Hint: Below. (There is a similar connect between these two players and many others.(‘I’))

Question 10:

Identify ‘J’.

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  1. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Louis Saha
    B) Sebastian Bassong
    C) Arie Haan
    D) Robin Van Persie
    E) Thomas Sorensen
    F) Marc Vivian Foe and G) Cristiano Junior- both footballers died a tragic death on the pitch
    H) The clubs have retired these numbers for the supporters/ home fans- most commonly, it is the 12th man (hence number 12), but Reading and Pananthanaikos have retired 13.
    I) Similarly, Johan Cruijff (14) and Maradona (10) have their jersey numbers retired for their clubs Ajax and Napoli/ Argentina
    H) Peter Beardsley.

  2. Ranadip Chandra says:

    A Louis Saha
    B Sébastien Bassong
    C Arie Haan
    D Robin van Persie
    E Thomas Sorensen

    6 & 7

    F Marc Vivien Foe(cameroon) and Cristiano Sebastião de Lima Júnior(Dempo,India)
    G They died while playing in a football match, Manchester City retired the #23 Shirt and Dempo will retire #10 shirt

    8 & 9

    H Club Jersey no. dedicated to fans

    Bayern Munich, Feyenoord -12
    Reading, Panathinaikos- 13 ( for their fanatic supporters in Gate 13)

    I Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona- Jersy No. retired by their Clubs in their honours.
    Ajax retired #14 for Cruyff and Napoli retired #10 for Maradona

    J peter beardsley

  3. V S Sankar Raj says:

    A – Louis Saha
    B – Sebastien Bassong
    C – Arie Haan
    D – Robin Van Persie
    E – Thomas Sorensen

    F – Marc Vivien Foe [Lyon/Man Citeh]
    G – Cristiano Júnior [Dempo]
    Connect – Footballers who died while playing

    H – Squad numbers retired in the club’s supporters/fans honor
    Bayern Munich, Feyenoord – 12
    Reading, Panathinaikos [Gate 13] – 13
    I – Squad numbers retired in the player’s honor [Johan Cruyff[14], Maradona[10], etc]

    J – Peter Beardsley

  4. Karthik Palaniappan says:

    1. Louis Saha
    2. Sebastien Bassong
    3. Arie Haan
    4. Robin Van Persie
    5. Thomas Sorensen

  5. Rushi Vasani & Tuhin Guha says:

    Answers to few of the questions:
    A – Louis Saha
    B – Sébastien Bassong
    C – Arie Haan
    D – Robin van Persie
    E – Thomas Sorenson
    H – There seems to be an error in this question. The correct connect in our opinoin should be 12 for Bayern Munich & Feyenoord and 13 for Reading & Panathinaikos. These are reserved jersey numbers for club supporters for the respective clubs.
    I – Their jersey numbers were retired by their respective clubs. Ajax retired Cruijff’s jersey number 14 whereas Napoli retired Madarona’s jersey number 10.

  6. Sandesh says:

    1-Louis saha
    2-Sebastian Bassong
    3-Arie Haan
    4-Robin van Persie
    5-Thomas Sorensen
    6-Marc-Vivien Foe and Christiano Junior
    7-The connect: Both players died on the football pitch.
    8-The clubs have retired the respective jersey numbers and are reserved for the fans.
    9-Both players have had their jersey numbers retired.
    10-Phil Beardsely

  7. sounak says:

    Job well done guys! Most of you have got correct answers.