Inquizitivity: Quiz 2

To begin with I sincerely thank all our readers for their comments.

because ignorance is bliss, knowledge is divine.

Before we get started with our next question, i would like to quickly quote the rules of the quiz again:-

  • One question per week.
  • Answers to be given as comments.
  • Multiple attempts are allowed.
  • One point for each correct answer.
  • A monthly winner will be announced – score out of four.


The following question should set the tone for the kind of questions to follow.

Connect the clubs indicated below.

[Hint: All questions do not have happy answers…]


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  1. sarad says:

    FC Turin team had a crash similar to the Munich Disaster of 58 similar to 93 plain crash of Zambia. And they were very strong teams at the time of the disaster. Turin had won Serie A, Zambia was twice into the ANC finals and Utd – what to say about the Busby babes? Is this answer correct?

  2. sarad says:

    Plane I meant. So bad of me for the typo.

  3. Prasanna says:

    All 3 lost most of the squad and staff in air craft tragedy

  4. Prasanna says:

    All 3 were returning home after playing away tie.

    • Marquee11 says:

      Zambia was enroute to a World Cup qualifying match against Senegal in West Africa after playing the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius in Port Louis, Mauritius in an Africa Cup qualifying match. They (Zambia) won that away match 3-0, and the team flew to Gabon and had taken off for Ivory coast in Libreville, Gabon when the plane apparently exploded in midair over the Atlantic ocean killing all 30 person abode. It was todate Zambias finest team and at the last hurdle needed only an away point (a minimum draw in Casablanca, Morocco to qualify for their first world cup finals…a newly reconstituted team almost made it . At the time of the plane crash the Zambia team was ranked Africas #1 team. A year later the new team went all the way to the final of the Africa Cup in Tunisia 1994.

  5. Somnath says:

    Plane crash.

    La Grande Torino (Superga tragedy)
    Busby Babes
    Zambia NT

  6. punyadeep says:

    All the 3 teams were involved in plane crash.

    Torino FC

    Bubsy Bbes of MAN UTD,AND

    Zambia national team

  7. QuizMaster says:

    EXCELLENT EXCELLENT quizzing there by Sarad, Prasanna, Somnath and Punyadeep.
    Answer to the connect is brilliantly put by Sarad.
    All the 3 teams were involved in plane crash.
    All names mentioned above get a point each for the week.

    happy quizzing.