Inquizitivity – Quiz 19

Chain-Quizzing (c)TheHardTackle is back with its normal version. Score 10 points for every correct answer till Q5. After that earn 50 points for every name you guess. (No points if you can’t find the connect). Answering ‘J’ will give you 100 points. All the best.

Question 1:

‘A’ is his country’s all-time top goal-scorer and also their ‘top-assist man’. He is the highest scoring footballer in World Cup history for his country. He has played most of his football at the local league of his country though he has played some years in the Bundesliga too. Currently, he is on loan to an English club. His country topped the group at the end of this World Cup Group-Stage.

Question 2:

‘B’ is A’s club-team mate while the latter is on loan at this club. A top-class performer for his club over several years, he has never played for his national team. He even wanted to change nationality to play International football. He played 3 years in the Barcelona B side. He was the most fouled player in the league last year.

Question 3:

‘C’ was an idol of ‘B’ when the latter played in Spain. ‘C’, one of the most prolific defensive midfielders of his time, manages a successful club in Europe right now. He was once tested positive of a banned substance while playing in Serie A. All such charges were cleared only three years back.

Question 4:

‘D’ was offloaded to an English club when ‘C’ became the manager of this particular club. After spending two loan spells, ‘D’ is back into the English club. He played every match in the recently concluded World Cup, being an important figure for his country. His father and all his brothers are footballer players.

Question 5:

‘E’ was D’s competitor for a particular award in the World Cup which finally went to the former. He has represented his country in 5 different levels (Age Groups) including the senior side. He plays in the local league of his country as an attacking midfielder. A prolific player alrady, he is just 21 years old.

Question 6 & 7:

Identify ‘F’ and ‘G’. Find the Connect.

Question 8 & 9:

Identify ‘H’ and ‘I’. Find the Connect.

Question 10:

Identify ‘J’.

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  1. bob says:

    . landon donovan
    2. mikel arteta
    3. josep guardiola
    4. giovani dos santos
    5. thomas muller
    8. i = renus michels
    10. johan neeskens

  2. 1. Donovan … he isn’t currently on loan
    2. Arteta
    3. Pep Guardiola
    4. Giovanni Dos Santos
    5. Thomas Muller
    6. Matt Busby 7. Duncan Edwards Connect: The Busby Babes
    8. Jack Reynolds 9.Rinus Michels Connect: Total Football
    10. Johan Neeskens

  3. V S Sankar Raj says:

    A – Landon Donovan
    B – Mikel Arteta
    C – Josep Guardiola
    D – Giovani dos Santos
    E – Thomas Müller

    F – Sir Matt Busby
    G – Duncan Edwards
    Duncan Edwards was part of the famous Busby Babes at Man Utd and died days after the Munich Air disaster.

    H – Jack Reynolds
    I – Rinus Michels
    Total Football – The foundations for Total Football were laid by Reynolds.Rinus Michels, who played under Reynolds, later refined the concept.

    J – Johan Neeskens [Netherlands]

  4. avi says:

    1) landon donovan
    2) mikel arteta (finally a toffee)
    3) Pep Guardiola
    4) Giovanni dos Santos
    5) Thomas Mueller
    6) Juan Antonio Samaranch ??

  5. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Landon Donovan
    B) Mikel Arteta
    C) Josep Guardiola
    D) Giovanni dos Santos
    E) Thomas Muller
    F) Sir Matt Busby and G) Duncan Edwards – Busby’s babes and involved in the Munich air crash
    H) Jack Reynolds and I) Rinus Michels- total football
    I) Johan Neeskens

  6. A Spaniard in the works says:

    The web shows a contrasting set of images for Jack Reynolds. It appears that the one that you’ve put up is the one who was born earlier. I’m yet to get definitive proof, but it seems so as of now. Could you clarify? The Ajax coach images show a more Churchillesque gait to the man.