Inquizitivity – Quiz 18 ‘Fun’ Edition

Question 1:

Identify the second footballer. Find the ‘Connect’ between these two footballers. Hint – ‘Tactics’.

Question 2:

Andy Cole, Dennis Bergkamp, Stan Collymore.

Find the ‘Connect’ between these footballers. Hint: “95”

Question 3:

“Jimmy Greaves has done it twice the number of times Gary Linekar has done it”

What am I talking about?

Question 4:

Arsenal lost the first leg 1-3 away. They won the second leg at home 3-0 and thereby lifted the trophy.

Which very famous win of Arsenal am I talking about? Hint/Trivia: Their opponent scored a massive 29 goals (in 5 matches) on their way to the Finals.

Question 5:

Fill in the blanks. And how are they connected?

Platini, Rossi, _____

Hint: ‘Night Beauty’.

Question 6:

What is so unique about Benfica (1961, 62’), Real Madrid (66’) and Celtic (67’) winning the European Cup (The UEFA Champions League as it is known now!) in those years mentioned? Hint: Celtic’s achievement is even more unique than the others mentioned.

Question 7:

Identify the footballer. He has achieved something that no other footballer has.

Hint: Paolo Maldini comes close.

Question 8:

Identify this “infamous” stadium. Connect the clubs to the stadium. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus

Question 9:

Wes Brown, Jamie Carragher, Rio Ferdinand, Emile Heskey, David James, ___

Identify the missing footballer’s name? And thereby, the ‘Connect’? Hint: International Football.

Question 10:

Connect these musicians. Trust me, there is a football link somewhere. Identify it.

PS: Correctly answering Q.10 will give you 100 ‘Brownie Points’ which will get added to your Inquizitivity-Chain-Quizzing Points Tally.

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  1. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Martin Keown and Claudio Gentile. They’re man marking defenders.
    B) They broke British transfer fee records in succession. There is one more connect- they have shared Player of the month awards with other people
    C) Winning the FA cup with Tottenham.
    D) Arsenal’s European exploits in the Inter- cities fairs cup vs Anderlecht.
    E) Zbigniew Boniek- who formed a lethal partnership with the other 2 at Juve during one of their most successful eras. All 3 were selected to the Pele’s and FIFA’s list of great players.
    F) Victories by squad players of the same nation. Celtic’s was most remarkable as all of them were home grown- the Lisbon lions famously came from within 30 miles of the club.
    G) Francisco Gento- he won 6 European cups. Maldini has won 5.
    H) Heysel stadium- the 3 clubs won European cups at the venue.
    I) Frank Lampard- all of the players have played for England over 3 decades- 90s, 00s and 10s.
    H) Liam Gallagher of Oasis, Brian Johnson of AC/DC and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden- besides being music stars, they are supporters of EPL clubs- Man City, Newcastle and West Ham. One more connect rings close. The Goal series has featured all of them in one form or the other (I’m not sure about the Maiden guy).

  2. V S Sankar Raj says:

    1.Martin Keown & Claudio Gentile -> Regarded as best among Man markers

    2.1994-95 season, Player of the month award was introduced.
    Andy Cole, Dennis Bergkamp & Stan Collymore have shared this award.
    [The list being :
    Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton,
    Robbie Fowler and Stan Collymore,
    Kevin Davies and Andy Cole,
    Dennis Bergkamp and Edu, and
    Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane]

    3.Three goals or more in a single match playing for England.

    4.1969–70 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup [Arsenal vs Anderlecht]

    5.Zbigniew Boniek aka Bello di Notte” (Night Beauty)

    6.Teams to win the European Cup with all players in the club belonging to the same nationality
    [home country].Celtic were the first British club to win the trophy and remain the only Scottish club ever to have reached the final till date.

    7.Francisco Gento – He has participated in nine European finals, the maximum for any footballer till date
    [ 8 UEFA Champions League finals and a Cup Winners’ Cup final]

    8.Heysel Stadium, Brussels
    Fans of the clubs Bayern Munich & Juventus were at the receiving end of brute violence at this stadium.
    Juventus fans by Liverpool fans& Bayern Munich fans by Leeds United fans.
    Santiago Bernabeu hosted the European Cup final in 1957 preceeding Heysel in 1958. :)

    9.Frank Lampard
    Connect: Appearances for England national team in three separate decades of [1990s, 2000s, 2010s]

    Pic 1 – Liam Gallagher[Vocals – Oasis] -> Manchester City fan
    Pic 2 – Brian Johnson [Vocals Ac-DC] -> Newcastle United fan, even tried buying the club
    Pic 3 – Steve Harris [Guitarist – Iron Maiden] -> Westham United fan
    Connect:Rockers who are fans of premier league teams.

  3. numbnuts says:

    a. Noel Gallagher supports Man City
    b. Brian Johnson is a Newcastle United fan
    c. Steve Harris was an amateur West Ham player and remains a fan

  4. Raja Manepalli says:

    2. All three strikers joined a new ‘big’ club in 1995 Cole to Man Utd, Bergcamp to Arsenal, Collymore to Liverpool
    3. Scoring 4 goals in a match for england. Linekar scored once and Greaves scored twice.
    4. Inter-cities Fair cup final victory
    5. Boniek
    7. Francisco Gento. Has the most no. of european cup wins
    8. King Baudouin Stadium (Heysel Stadium).
    9. Micheal Owen…All of them made theri debuts in 98 under Hoodle

  5. avi says:

    1) Claudio Gentile : He and Martin Keown were the best in the art of man marking.

    2) Andy Cole was succeeded by Dennis Bergkamp who was then surpassed by Stan Collymore as the British Transfer Record in 1995.

    3) FA Cup

    4) 1969-70 Inter Cities Fairs Cup win vs Anderlecht

    5) Zibi Boniek : All three joined Juventus in 1982 (all are now a legend for the Old Lady)

    6) Benfica won the European Cup with a team full of Portuguese players and Real Madrid did it with Spanish Players. Celtic’s team was not only Scottish but all members were born within 30 miles of Glasgow.

    7)Francisco Gento : Played in 8 European Cup Finals, won 6 of them.

    8) Heysel Stadium :They all won the European Cup Final hosted at Heysel Stadium.

    9) :(

    10) All three supports a Premiership side ? Gallagher->Man City , Johnson -> Newcastle United ,

    Harris -> West Ham United ???

  6. avi says:

    9) Beckham/Barry : Played under 5 different Managers and appeared in atleast 1 World Cup ????

  7. Ranadip Chandra says:

    Crumbs ! JESUS CHRIST!

    All are answered :(

    1)Claudio Gentile .(Martin Keown and him best known for man-marking.
    3)Hat-trick for England NT.
    4)Inter Cities Fairs Cup
    6)European champions with homegrown player.
    7)Francisco Gento(Played in 8 European cup finals, has a better record than Maldini).
    8.Heysel Stadium(Belgium).
    10) All are Patronages of famous football clubs.

    Liam Gallagher(Oasis)-Supports Manchester City.
    Brian Johnson(AC/DC) Supports Newcastle United.
    Steve Harris(iron Maiden) -West Ham United.(He even has the crest of West ham United in his bass Guitar).

  8. sounak says:

    1) Martin Keown, Claudio Gentile. They are legendary Man-Markers.
    2) Costlier Transfers in the year 1995 involving a British Club.
    Andy Cole – 7 Mil (Newcastle to Manchester united)
    Dennis Bergkamp – 7.5 Mil (Inter to Arsenal)
    Stan Collymore – 8.5 Mil (Forest to Liverpool)
    3) Tottenham Legend Jimmy Greaves (58,60,62,63,64)was the league top scorer 6 times while Liverpool great Linekar (84,85,89)top-scored 3 times for his club.
    4) 1970 Inter Cities Fairs Cup. Arsenal beat Anderlecht FC
    5) Zbigniew Boniek. They formed the lethal striking partnership at Juventus
    6) Benfica – twice won the competition (1961 and 1962) with a team consisting entirely of Portuguese players. Real Madrid had all players from Spain in it. Celtic won the competition in 1967 with their entire squad born within a 30 mile radius of Celtic Park, their home ground.
    7) Francisco Gento (Real Madrid) was part of 6 European Cup winning sides with Real Madrid
    8) Heysel Stadium (King Baudouin Stadium). All these clubs have won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League at Brussels.
    9) Frank Lampard. These are the footballers who have appeared in all three decades (1990, 2000 and 2010) for England.
    10) Liam Gallagher (Oasis, Manchester City), Brian Johnson (AC/DC, Newcastle United) and Steve Harris (Iron Maiden, West Ham). Big Premiership Connect with famous Rock Musicians.

  9. A Spaniard in the works says:

    For a couple of questions, multiple answers are possible. What is the policy on that matter?

    For instance,
    Greaves and Linekar both have been topscorers but the no. of FA cups is correct as an answer.

    Similarly, Collymore, Bergkamp and Cole have been costly transfers but they’ve also shared player of the month awards.

    In other words, all these answers do hold good for the question asked. Shouldn’t they be considered?