Inquizitivity – Quiz 11

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Identify all the 10 footballers below.

Question 1:

A’ was the first player to score a goal for his country at the World Cup. He is considered the best player to ever play for his country. Though ‘A’ plied his trade at a lower division English club for six years, he now plays for a good English club where he has a ‘cult-hero’ status. He has a trademark celebration near the corner flag.

Question 2:

B’ plays for a club which is a major rival to ‘A’s previous club in which the latter played for 6 years. The two clubs’ rivalry is even depicted in a movie. ‘B’ played one year at another top club in London. ‘B’ has played for his country three times, each time while playing for different clubs. He is a 29 year-old Central midfielder.

Question 3:

C’ was bought in the summer of that one year (1.5 seasons) ‘B’ played for that top English club. ‘C’ has played in clubs of England, France, Italy and Portugal. In an infamous incident, ‘C’ had locked his club president in a toilet only to be rescued by the club captain. ‘C’ has represented his country 55 times.

Question 4:

D’ had played with ‘C’ when the latter came for a loan spell to ‘D’s current club. ‘D’ played two years at a top Spanish club. He once scored a stunning goal against Liverpool FC and thereby winning it for his team at Anfield. He scored one goal in the recently concluded World Cup. He is involved in the cover of EA Sports FIFA for his country.

Question 5:

E’ is a legend of the club ‘D’ played for two years. ‘E’ was a prolific goal-scorer of his time. In the history of the ‘league in which he played’, only three players have scored more goals than him. ‘E’ won five league titles with his club, all of them few years after the World War II. He was present in the 1950 World Cup squad of his country.

Question 6:

F’ currently plays for the club which was managed by ‘E’ for 4 years (not consecutive). ‘F’ has had 5 loan spells in his career. He has played a combined nine years in two top clubs in England. ‘F’ has a very famous hattrick on full league debut playing for one of those English sides. Now, 27 years old, ‘F’ has never represented his country in senior level.

Question 7:

G’ scored a hattrick in the same match in which ‘F’ scored a hattrick as mentioned before. A delightful player, ‘G’ is known for his ‘first-time finishing’ and his tormenting run down the left wing. In his final game for his club (where he is a legend), he was substituted in the 12th minute which was the saddest moment for all his fans. ‘G’ has a World Cup Winners’ medal.

Question 8:

H’ failed to convert a very famous penalty kick for his team in a Champions League semi-final. ‘G’ and ‘H’ played together for one year for that same team. Before joining this team, ‘H’ played one year at a famous European club of which ‘E’ is a legend. ’H’ had started his senior career by playing at his home club, where he played for six years. He has returned back to that same club and currently plies his trade there.

Question 9:

I’ is considered a legend at this club. Before joining this club, he had played one year at the same club where ‘H’ currently plays. He is the all-time top goal-scorer of his country. He has even played one season in second division of a league helping his club to get promoted to the first tier in the next season. The manager who was in the helm of things that season was also Chelsea’s manager for four years. He has played in three World Cups.

Question 10:

Identify ‘J’. Note: There is a bonus of 50 points for identifying this footballer.

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  1. Vijay says:

    A – Tim Cahill
    B – Scott Parker
    C – Tiago Mendes
    D – Simão Sabrosa
    E – Cesar Alvarez
    F – Jermaine Pennant
    G – Robert Pires
    H – Riquelme
    I – Gabriel Batistuta
    J – Chima Okorie

  2. Arvind says:

    1. Tim Cahill
    2. Scott Parker
    3. Tiago Mendez
    4. Simao Sabrosa
    5. Cesar Rodrigues
    6. Jermaine Pennant. Sorry to nitpick, but Pennant was on books of Arsenal and Liverpool for 9 years. He didn’t PLAY for more than three seasons at Arsenal, rest 3 were spent on loan.
    7. Robert Pires
    8. Juan Roman Riquelme
    9. Gabriel Batistuta
    10. Cheema Okerie the former East Bengal and Mohun Bagan player

  3. Sankar Raj V S says:

    A – Tim Cahill
    B – Scott Parker
    C – Tiago Mendes
    D – Simão Sabrosa
    E – César Rodríguez Álvarez
    F – Jermaine Pennant
    G – Robert Pirès
    H – Juan Román Riquelme
    I – Nolberto Solano [though he ain’t the all time top scorer for Peru] :(
    J – Chima Okorie

  4. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Tim Cahill
    B) Scott Parker
    C) Tiago
    D) Simao
    E) Cesar Rodriguez, although I don’t think he’s 3rd on the list.
    F) Pennant
    G) Pires
    H) Riquelme
    I) Batistuta
    J) Chima Okorie.

  5. sachin says:

    @sounak- u do realise u’ve given an easy pic for bonus point… anyone who follows indian football would get this… come on quizmaster.. make it a lil difficult for the extra points :)

  6. sounak says:

    @sachin: Just spreading the awareness! 😉