Inquizitivity – Quiz 21

Chain-Quizzing ©TheHardTackle is back for another edition. The rules and points system are the same as in the previous quizzes. All the best.

Question 1:

‘A’ was injured by a knife thrown at his head by an opponent supporter. He played seven seasons at this particular Italian club, a legend there. He has a very famous namesake. He played for his country as a defensive midfielder. ‘A’ spent a season on loan in a Premiership club for one year.

Question 2:

B’ was the manager of the club when ‘A’ spent a year of loan spell there. ‘B’ is the former captain of a very successful team in the history of football. He had a stint with managing his national side too, doing so for 12 years. He plies his trade with the media nowadays, being a part of multiple broadcasting channels.

Question 3:

C’ had his longest spell of club football at Southampton Football Club. He currently plays for the side where ‘B’ finished his club ‘playing’ career. Everton once paid their highest ever transfer money to secure his services. He was involved in an infamous head-butt incident playing for the Merseyside team.

Question 4:

D’ was part of a deal that involved ‘C’ in a club-to-club transfer. ‘D’ is a very important player for one of the Premiership sides, the tactics of the club revolving round his style of play. He recently became the oldest debutant for his country, coming on as a second-half substitute.

Question 5:

E’ won the ‘Golden Shoe’ in an international football tournament that happens every two years. The year, ‘D’s team lost in the finals of that particular tournament, ‘E’ was on the winning side. A powerful shooter of the football, ‘E’ has represented his country 79 times. He currently plays for a very successful club side as far as recent league-winning history is concerned.

Question 6 & 7:

Find the Connect and thereby the missing club (‘G’) and number (‘F’)

121 — Real Madrid

? — ?

92 — Nantes

Question 8 & 9:

This football stadium is named after a famous football manager. Identify the stadium and thereby the manager (‘H’).

‘H’ – Ottmar Hitzfield – ?

Find the missing manager’s name (‘I’) and thereby identify their unique record.

Question 10:

Identify ‘J’, a famous football manager.

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  1. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Dino Baggio
    B) Graeme Souness
    C) James Beattie
    D) Kevin Davies
    E) Kim Kallstrom
    F) and G) It is the no. of consecutive games a team has been unbeaten at home.
    2 teams come in between:
    PSV with 93
    Crvena zvezda with 96.
    H) Ernst Happel stadium. Ernst Happel, Hitzfeld and Jose Mourinho (I) are the 3 managers to have won the UCL with 2 different clubs.
    J) Helenio Herrera.

  2. Ranadip Chandra says:

    A Dino Baggio
    B Graeme Souness
    C James Beattie
    D Kevin Davies
    E Juninho Paulista

    6 & 7 Longest unbeaten run at home

    G PSV Eindhoven F 93

    H Ernst Happel Stadium
    I Ernst Happel-Ottmar Hitzfield-Jose Mourinho ( won the European Cup with 2 different clubs).
    J Helenio Herrera

  3. V S Sankar Raj says:

    A – Dino Baggio
    B – Graeme Souness
    C – James Beattie
    D – Kevin Davies
    E – Robert pires

    Connect: Longest unbeaten run at home stadium
    G – Missing Club: PSV
    H – Number : 93
    [121 — Real Madrid,93 — PSV,92 — Nantes]

    H – Ernst Happel
    The Praterstadion in Vienna is named after him.[post 1986]

    I – Jose mourinho
    Ernst Happel – Ottmar Hitzfield – Jose mourinho,
    Only managers to win the European Cup/UEFA Champions League with two different clubs

    J – Helenio Herrera

  4. sounak says:

    “A Spaniard in the works” have got all answers correct.