Inquizitivity – Quiz 12

The Inquizitivity rolls on. The quiz wasn’t published last night due to some issues with the site.
This is the series of Chain-Quizzing (c)TheHardTackle as most of you are already aware of.
Identify all the footballers, All the best.

Question 1:

A’ is playing in the Premiership this season; he wasn’t present in the last season. The club in which he had an iconic status went to the third tier of English football not a long time back. In one of the most controversial transfers of all time, fans of his old club held banners which portrayed ‘A’ as ‘Judas’, considering his betrayal to the club. Till 2008, ‘A’ was the second most prolific ‘fouler’ in the league.

Question 2:

B’ provided the assist for ‘A’s international debut goal. At that time, ‘B’ was ‘A’s club team-mate. ‘B’ has represented his country only once and he played 3 years in the club ‘A’ is playing for now. In those years, the most amazingly shocking incident of a ‘brawl with his team-mate’ made headlines all over. ‘B’, born in London, is famous for many off-the-field incidents.

Question 3:

C’ is a legend of the club which was at the other end when that ‘brawl’ happened as mentioned in the previous question. ‘C’ was like ‘GOD’ to his fans at this club where he played 252 times. Throughout his career, he had several knee injuries. Always considered as one of the ‘purest defenders’ of the game, he represented his country 83 times and is easily one of the greatest players to play for his country.

Question 4:

D’ was ‘C’s country team-mate and part of that legendary team which is considered to be the best in their country’s history. ’D’ captained his country in a World Cup and managed to commit the most number of fouls in that tournament. ‘D’ is a manager of a club playing in the Premiership now.

Question 5:

E’ is the greatest ‘figure’ in the history of the club ‘D’ is managing now. ‘E’ was the manager in the ‘golden era’ of this club. There is a stand named after him in the club’s stadium. In his 16 years at the club, his team has finished thrice in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions each in the league. He is also famous for a ‘Nazi Salute’ he performed for which he was dropped from his international team before a match against Germany.

Question 6:

Like ‘E’, ‘F’ is also an inductee to the English Football Hall of Fame. Between two legendary spells at his favorite club, he spent one season at Juventus, which people believe was to ‘calm down the tension’ between the two sides after an infamous incident. ‘F’ scored 229 goals for his favorite club. Like Ryan Giggs, ‘F’ never played in an international tournament like the World Cup.

Question 7:

G’ famously scored two goals in the final to win the League Cup in the same season when the league winners lost to their team, thanks to a hattrick by ‘F’. In between spells for two English clubs, ‘G’ played 4 years at a Spanish club. He is the first English footballer to win the Champions League with a foreign club. He was once involved in the most controversial Bosman Ruling transfer of all time, making him the highest paid British player in the history of the game.

Question 8:

In his last 2 years at his last club, ‘G’ reunited with a former club team-mate ‘H’. ‘H’ was once called with the name of a comic strip character because of his blunders in front of goal. ‘H’, who stands at 6’5”, twice held the record for consecutive Premiership appearances, the second one shared between two clubs. ‘H’ is the only black player of his ‘position’ to represent his country.

Question 9:

In a very famous match, ‘H’ played in attack and his team needed to win that match to qualify for the UEFA Cup. The strange tactic almost worked as a cross aimed at ‘H’ was handled by ‘I’ in the opposition penalty-box. Sadly, the penalty was saved and ‘H’s team failed to qualify for the UEFA Cup. ‘I’ never played for his country but played in their league in his starting years. He once scored a famous goal against Arsenal to take his team to 3-1 at Highbury. Arsenal won that historic match 5-3.

Question 10:

Identify ‘J’.

Points System Reminder: 10 points for all correct answers. 50 Points Bonus for correctly guessing ‘J‘.

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  1. Not a Devil says:

    hahhahaha… the image says Coutinho….
    i get 50pts. 😛

  2. Not a Devil says:

    anyways dat was Vijayan 😀

  3. Vijay says:

    A. Alan Smith
    B. Lee Bowyer
    C. Paul McGrath
    D. Mike McCarthy
    E. Stan Cullis
    F. Ian Rush
    G. Steven McManaman
    H. David James
    I. Franck Queudrue
    J. Bruno Countinho

  4. Arvind says:

    A – Alan Smith
    B – Lee Bowyer
    C – Paul McGrath
    D – Mick McCarthy
    E – Stanley Culis
    F – Ian Rush
    G – Steve McManaman
    H – David “Calamity” James
    I – Franck Queudrue
    J – Bruno Coutinho former Indian/Goa Captain

  5. A Spaniard in the works says:

    A) Alan Smith
    B) Lee Bowyer
    C) Paul McGrath
    D) Mick McCarthy
    E) Stan Cullis
    F) Ian Rush
    G) Steve McManaman
    H) David James
    I) Frank Queudrue
    J) Bruno Coutinho

  6. Ranadip Chandra says:

    A.Sol Cambell
    B.Joey Barton
    C.Paul Mcgrath
    D. Mick McCarthy
    E.Stan Cullis
    F.Ian Rush
    G.Steve Mcmanaman
    H David ‘Calamity’ James
    I. Franck Queudrue
    J. Bruno Coutinho

  7. V S Sankar Raj says:

    A – Alan Smith
    B – Lee Bowyer
    C – Paul McGrath
    D – Mick McCarthy
    E – Stan Cullis
    F – Ian Rush
    G – Steve McManaman
    H – David James
    I – Franck Queudrue
    J – Bruno Coutinho

  8. sounak says:

    Most of you, as always have got it right.

    A – Alan Smith
    B – Lee Bowyer
    C – Paul McGrath
    D – Mick McCarthy
    E – Stan Cullis
    F – Ian Rush
    G – Steve McManaman
    H – David James
    I – Franck Queudrue
    J – Bruno Coutinho

    The Points Tally will be mentioned in the next quiz. Thanks for your participation. Spread the word.