Gunner Issue: A Happy ‘Good’ Footballer Or An Unhappy ‘Excellent’ Footballer?

It’s a bit mental out there, isn’t it? You really cannot concentrate on anything. If you try to play ‘Blowing in the wind‘ on the guitar, you end up playing ‘You dirty Catalans‘ or something on those lines. If you try to explain the basic concepts of ‘Beautiful Football‘ to somebody, you end up explaining ‘Why Argentum and wares are a sickening concept when mixed together‘.

Sports - September 15, 2007
Fabregas: victim of psychological warfare?

When all these stories float around on the Internet, you feel like keeping yourself shut in an igloo till the 31st of August, and come back to see what has really happened without having to go through all the madness. Will he go? Will he stay? Will he be happy? Will he be able to run behind racist tribes? Will he drink Gostala Xavitessi at Barchelena? Will he…nevermind! Its mental, as I told you.

In these crazy situations, do we think about the player involved? What’s going on in his head? Is he sure about what he is supposed to be sure or is he trying to be sure about the possibility of a sure future?

The point that I am trying to make today is, the player is never happy when such things happen. Even if Cesc stays back saying all the fancy stuff like, ‘I am committed to the club’ and all that jazz, the truth is ‘the player is never happy’. There are doubts in his mind, there are people whispering in his ears all the time about ‘what ifs’. Its all psychic and leaves one highly baffled.

The strategy that Barcelona and Real Madrid – the Spanish ‘giants’ implement does actually work. It is brilliant if you think from their perspective. Lets analyze how a player’s words are misused, twisted and purposely mis-interpreted in the media world. Cesc: “I love my mom, I miss ’em at Barcelona
Media Interpretation..
Marza Cupiota News Daily: “Cesc has confirmed his love for Barcelona. He wants to return to his childhood club”
Copa Santiaga Weekly: “Cesc wants a passage back to Camp Nou Cesc: “I am totally committed to the club. I might play at Barcelona in the future, but for now am under contract at Arsenal
Media Interpretation..
Marza Cupiota News Daily: “Cesc wants to play at Barcelona. He is not happy with his contract
Copa Santiaga Weekly: “Cesc to Barca evident Wenger: “We haven’t spoken to the player yet. We’ll sit and sort out his future. He is an Arsenal player now
Media Interpretation..
Marza Cupiota News Daily: “Cesc wants transfer. Sits with Wenger
Copa Santiaga Weekly: “Barcelona with a 40 Mil bid for Cesc

and so on, till they have nothing to report on…

Marza C N D: “Cesc can’t get his favorite ice-cream at North London. Wants transfer asap
Copa S W: “Insane Transfer talk. Cesc for Iniesta+Xavi+Messi+Ibra+25 Mil

When this happens, the player has multiple thoughts in his mind, the devil plays around his psyche and it makes him crazy till he finally wants to get out of the mess and stop all the madness once and for all.

I’d really want him to stay. You’d really want him to stay. The Premiership would want him to stay. But at the end of the day, it’s the devil who will call the shots.

I’d a prefer a happy good footballer than an unhappy excellent footballer at my club. What about you?

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  1. shyam says:

    Just thinking out aloud randomly:

    Nightmarish situation is what would least describe Fabregas’ situation. I see no harm in someone saying he loves his boyhood school. Now that’s the kind of ‘statement’ (was it?) the frenzy was expecting. Pounce on it, build it up so much. Arsenal strategize by pushing the price high. So now what do the Catalans do, they mock Fab, hey you I can’t pay more than 35m, are you crazy? Fabregas goes into depression. Outside he is being mocked at, hated etc. He will surely lose the captaincy as well if he stays. So there goes the morale of a player who is left out in the cold, neither here nor there.

    Very few players earned fans’ verdict that they are ‘captain material’, and Cesc is one of them.

  2. crouchey says:

    If a champions league club is finding it difficult to hold onto players, I am worried about Liverpool’s stars…

  3. kripky says:

    @Crouchey: Dont be worried. They’ll be all gone! Yossi almost out, Gerry and Torres left to go! 😛

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  6. Sounak says:

    @Percy: Of course, you can!

  7. Sriram says:

    nice article, this is the business of football, you upset a club and unsettle its player unless and until they have to give in!

  8. nasalGooner says:

    *Good morning Barcelona FC*
    *fork off*