‘nuf of the Beautiful Game already. Get me a trophy alrite!

The Obsession with The Philosophy:

Arsene Wenger, with all his beliefs and ardor for the ‘Beautiful Game’ intact, has reached a certain threshold of obduracy from which, sadly, there is no coming back. There has been a massive fixation towards playing the perfect game and winning in the most impeccable manner. It has not only been the conceited Frenchman but even the fans, the ‘Gooners’, who have been living in this ‘ideal world’ and are made to believe that perhaps, ‘The Invincibles’ can be emulated, after all.

It has been almost impossible for Wenger and his aficionados to ‘come out of that obsessed mind-set’ of winning faultlessly. Perhaps, in the land of Football Utopia, it would read ‘Played – 38. Lost – 0, Played the Most Beautiful Football. Scored the most number of Goals. Redefined the Theory of Perfection’, but, in an ideal world, football scripts are not written in that manner every time. The danger of being an Arsenal fan right now lies in the fact that Wenger would not resort to a different viewpoint and would indubitably carry ‘his philosophy’ to his grave.

The Invincibles - Can they ever be emulated?

What exactly went wrong?

In the highest echelon of English Football, the ‘game’ has changed, it has moved to a ‘more physical and more competitive’ genre. Teams don’t rely on their strengths only, they ‘study opponents’, they devise ‘Plan B’ for ‘difficult adversaries’, they try to grind out victories even if their football doesn’t look ‘eye-candy’. Arsenal, after achieving the ‘Ultimatum’ in 2003-04, progressively replaced ‘experienced and proven heads’ with ‘highly talented youngsters’. While, the ‘brand of football’ was kept intact, well, almost, the ‘steel and determination’ to win ‘Trophies’ kept fading away.

Cesc Fabregas and his fellow-men are extremely talented individuals who can mesh together and form the most beautiful pattern in World Football with their mesmerizing interchange of position-n-passing. These men operate at a very high level of endurance and work-ethic. They are almost unrivaled in the league as far as their work-rate and resilience are concerned. But, they lack the ‘killer-instinct’; they are so engrossed in stinging the enemy with little irksome ‘bites’ that they forget the significance of a ‘knock-out punch’.

Time and time again…

Season – 2009-10’

Stage – Stamford Bridge

Result – 0-2

Summary – A brace from Didier Drogba, of course, who else, was enough to secure three points for the West Londoners. Arsenal, dominated for most of the game, tried their best to claw their way back into the game, but failed to convert chances.

Season – 2010-11’

Stage – Stamford Bridge

Result – 0-2

Summary – A clever back-heel shot by Drogba and a fine long-range scorcher from Alex snatched three points away from Arsenal. The visitors dominated for most of the match but failed to capitalize on decent chances.

The last two ‘Title-Aspirant London Derbies’ have been so similar to each other that you really begin to wonder…’Do Arsenal learn from their mistakes? Was there any significant improvement in tactical play? Did they have a top-class striker up-front? Did they come up with a methodology to handle the might of Didier Drogba? Were the defensive shortcomings of the previous encounter rectified in this one?’ The rather shocking revelation – the answer to all the above questions is in the negative.

Arsene: Give me one last chance!

The One Last Throw of the Dice…

After five years without the slightest smell of any sort of silverware, the ‘Expectations from an Arsenal side’ has reached its nadir. The flaws in the team which is quite evident to a football fan, has been camouflaged by Arsene’s obstinate nature and unwavering ‘belief’ in his ‘young team’. All said and done, ‘on their day’, Arsenal are capable of destroying any team in Europe. Sadly, ‘such days’ don’t win you the Championship. Matches against Chelsea, Manchester United, and Barcelona et all define your character, strength and ambition towards winning silverware.

If Arsenal wins the Premiership this season, it would be with Arsene’s ‘determination’ and continual belief of his troops. It certainly won’t be with a sudden change in strategy leading people to comment on the lines of ‘Ahh, now he realizes it!’ The players and fans of Arsenal Football Club are in a state of an ‘Unpleasant Predicament’, though the ‘picture of a bright future’ is quite perceptible, the hunger and the craving for a trophy are making them increasingly restless. Come Season End, either Arsene Wenger would be rejoicing his steadfast outlook towards the game of football winking with a ‘See, I told you so!‘ statement or lamenting at the ‘Curse of the Beautiful Game’.

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  1. Raj says:

    arsenal dominated the game as you have mentioned, what exactly constitutes domination? for you can have the ball all you like but was it really threatning? answer to this question should b what arsenal need to look at. Chelsea more often find a more easier route goal and that my friend is a fact!
    nice read btw! :)

  2. nasalGooner says:

    I fear the lament again :-\

  3. Vikas says:

    I don’t understand why Mr.Professor won’t buy a world class center back, a world class goalkeeper and a lethal finisher (Van Persie is too much injury prone)…Chamakh is decent, but I don’t think he’s as lethal as a Drogba, or a Torres, or a David Villa. I am fine with Wenger’s philosophy of “winning it in style”..but you need to have the right resources for that…Barcelona too want to play and win in style and they do…because they have the resources to do it…Valdes is great, Puyol-Pique is world class…Villa is world class, Messi is the best…

  4. Chelston says:

    Whats wrong Mr. Wenger?
    Can’t find any young good goalkeeper to poach from another club?! 😡

  5. sounak says:

    @Vikas: I completely agree with you. But the catch is…Wenger wants to balance the ‘winning in style’ with ‘promoting youth’ and throwing in a bit of ‘keep the financial state of the club healthy’.

  6. Vikas says:

    @sounak: i think he’s trying to keep the financial state of the club too healthy…:D

  7. XXX says:

    Loved this fascinating post. So glad I signed up to your blog only 2 weeks ago, and I would suggest that other people reading this now do the same. I’m sure, you will love it.

  8. neeraj says:

    There was change in era of EPL 5 years, as the article clearly mentions, there was a huge influx of African players in the BPL. They have added to the pace and strength, but somehow the playing standard of the BPL has come down. I still remember the game 8/9 years back when SBR was at SJP, and it was more about keeping the ball on the ground, and after 2/3 years of gap, i was surprised to see the no. of hoof balls.

    Having said this, the biggest enemy of Arsene is his ego, he wants his team to play a perfect game in not so perfect football football league and he has gone so far ahead with this point of view that there is no returning back.

    As for the current Arsenal team they badly need a Goal Keeper and a Striker(considering RVP is always injured and Arshavin not playing well)