Arsenal – The Beautiful Game Sans Purpose

Football - Wigan Athletic v Arsenal Barclays Premier League

From a team fighting for the championship, to a team finishing just above the teams fighting for the last European place. THAT has been the fate of Arsenal football club lately.

We can hand over the culpability to the medical team, who has not been able to deliver fit players throughout the season. We can curse our luck for the fact that we had to go for a trip to the world’s most feared football stadium, Camp Nou, without Cesc Fabregas, Andrei Arshavin, Robin Van Persie, William Gallas, Alex Song and a sane goal-keeper. But we cannot come out with a logical justification for a defeat at the DW Stadium, when we are cruising at 2-0 with ten minutes to go for the final whistle. For a club like Arsenal, that is simply unacceptable.

With a chance to inch closer to the two other title-contenders, Arsenal needed to stay focused and come up with their best game against the Latics on Sunday; instead, they thought that just appearing for the match was good enough for them to secure three points. The Arsenal team looked like an outfit without a mission, trying to stroll around a park in Greater Manchester, sharing greetings with old ladies and young children.

For most parts of the match, Abou Diaby was seen trotting around the green searching for water lilies in a desert, clueless and hallucinating. Though Theo Walcott scored a very decent goal, he was imperceptible for the majority of ninety minutes. Tomas Rosicky and Samir Nasri roamed around the green, trying hard to make an impact, but failing to do so owing to their ‘tired legs’. Craig Eastmond, the young kid with loads of ‘potential’ did his bit, nothing spectacular and yet nothing stupid that is worthy of any flak. With Mikael Silvestre, a Manchester United discard, Arsenal fans have their hearts in their mouth every time the French senior citizen tries to outrun a forward, or does an implausible One-Two with Lionel Messi, much to the amazement of his own team-mates.

Finally, our keepers, Lukasz Fabianski and Manuel Almunia, are like laboratory specimens for cultivating young goalkeepers with ‘101 ways of conceding goals with ridiculous positional sense and retarded ball-clearance’. When we get to watch the above mentioned personnel trying to simply complete participation for a football match in utter indolence and aimlessness, we are left to believe that this team is still not ‘good enough’ to compete for England’s top football honor. These are, sadly, not the right components for winning the much coveted Premiership title.

Time and time again, we have seen this Arsenal team fading into mediocrity, fashioned either by their over-confidence or simply due to a lack of motivation to perform. For a common Arsenal fan, it is quite difficult to comprehend as to what could be more motivational than wearing an Arsenal jersey, what is more purposeful than playing for the millions of Arsenal fans worldwide, and what is more inspiring than emulating the distinguished Arsenal sides of the past.

Over the last two years, this Arsenal team has been at the receiving end of such denunciation, and yet they commit the same mistakes over and over again. Is it because of the ‘relative’ inexperience of this team compared to the Arsenal teams of the past? Whatever it is, Monsieur Arsene Wenger is left with a Herculean task of lifting this team and getting it equipped for yet another title challenge in the coming season. If we see a recurrence of this season again, there is a danger of Wenger’s current team being branded with a football style, which will be labeled ‘The Beautiful game sans purpose’.

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  1. sad says:

    They should have played better post Christmas, had they played to their full potential this year they would have been crowned the champions.

  2. nasalGooner says:

    Hoping Wenger wakes up to the need for a decent CB and a goalkeepeer who’s meant to keep the goal.

  3. sounak says:

    @sad: That’s the problem, the last time they played close to their potential was way back in 2004-05.

    @nasalgooner: Not a decent CB for crissake. A good CB and a good Goalkeeper! We have had enuff of potential stuffs, its time to have some finished products and lift the frickin’ trophy!!!

  4. sad says:

    @sounak: I think arsenal play the best free flowing football in england (the way the beautiful game should be played).They just lack d never say die attitude which MU and to a certain extent Chelsea possess, that for me is the difference. Now I could be wrong as i am not an avid fan of any English club but this is what i think as a neutral

  5. haha says:

    I think Wenger wants to prove that he can win a trophy with ‘KIDS’…no doubt that can be done as shown by Sir Alex…but he had a leader in Cantona and that is what is lacking in the Arsenal team…a strong leader…fabregas is undoubtedly a great footballer…but he is too young to lead, as proved by his reactions towards the tackles on Eduardo and Ramsey…his face really told a story in both cases…after all he is still s 21 yr old kid

  6. Howard Roark says:

    Wenger desperately needs to BUY this summer if his and the club’s aim is not just to compete for major honours but win one in reality.

    According to me, Cesc Fabregas is going nowhere, so they need not worry about that.

    They need to offload Fabianski and Aluminia, and replace them with a good quality goalkeeper like Lyon’s stopper Lloris and Manone should be the second choice.

    It’s time they they reduce their dependencies on Gallas and get some reliable centre-back to partner Varmalaen – A wonderful and smart buy last season. Probably their best in years. Fullbacks are goo enough.

    With Yaya Toure been over-looked at Barca in favor of Busquets, they can try to sign him. He would be a perfect foil for Febregas in the centre of midfield.

    I’m not too sure about Chamakh’s situation, if he is coming, and with RVP remaining fit, they are good in this department.

    @Gunners – Do you agree?

  7. IAWT says:

    The goals by vermalen has just overshadowed the fact that he is a poor defender..he has been found wanting so many times..which is clear by the fact that arsenal has conceded more goals this season than in the last season..buying silvestre was a joke in itself…how can a 5th choice CB of a gud team can be bought by another team fighting for the title…

  8. kripky says:

    @sad: I’d agree to that. They have been lackada’scl many times ths season.
    @haha: Cesc is almost 23, 7 yrs in Arsenal, good enuff experience more than your Cantona when he was leading United in the early 90’s. But, yeah, he needs to be even more stronger. Sadly coz of the injuries, we cudnt see enuff of him this season.
    @Howard: Abs agree with ur analysis. Exactly what we need. And yes, Chamakh is indeed coming!
    @IAWT: its a shame, no further comments! 😐

  9. @Howard: Your suggestions are spot on. Goalkeeper and Center backs are the highest priority. I wouldnt wanna wait on Gallas to sign a contract, and Silvestre should be offloaded at the earliest. Vermaelen has been poor in the second half of the season, but given it is his first exposure to the premier league and that he had to play with 3 different center backs due to injury meant that important understanding between center backs was lacking (cue the Barca game in both legs).

    Chamakh is confirmed, and if RVP can remain fit, we have a potent enough strike. Song has been doing admirably well, but we need a more experienced DM to rotate with him. For God’s sake, Wenger please splash the cash! Cesc deserves better players in the midfield, players who will release him of defensive responsibilities and make him play with more freedom.

  10. Red Devil says:

    In Arsene We Trust…especially being United Fans :)

  11. sounak says:

    “Cesc deserves better players in the midfield, players who will release him of defensive responsibilities and make him play with more freedom.” – @crazygunner: I think thats the key! And if we have Chamakh and RVP up front, goals are bound to come!